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    Birthdays And Bathrooms. November 16th, 2011

    by , 11-17-2011 at 07:43 PM (403 Views)
    I think it's safe to say that my dry spell of dreams is about over. I even remember the order of most of the dreams. Also I'm feeling better, so I will try a WBTB next night.

    I also did a reality check, and I may have been lucid for a few seconds. Unfortunately, on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the most lucid, I'd say I was around 1 or 2, but since I'm not sure if I was actually lucid, I'm not going to mark this down as a lucid dream.

    First, I was at Alec's house. It was set up differently in that it was a lot bigger, and it had a lot of winding hallways. The overall look of the house was different, too, with all the walls having this old-looking wall paper, and the floors were carpeted with antique carpets. Anyway, Anthony was there as well, and we all wanted to go get some pizza. The problem was that Alec's parents weren't home, so we couldn't leave because then his grandmother, who is very old and shouldn't be left alone, would be left alone. This was immediately apparent to us, so we considered leaving, but then the subject of her medication came up, and we figured that if we weren't there, she would "probably die." Somehow that was supposed to be a joke, and it came off as a joke in the dream, but I don't remember who said it. I know either someone said it to his grandmother, or his grandmother said it about herself.

    Then, I was in the car with Brian and Ashley's baby. There were other people in the car, but they were faceless dream characters. The car was not my car, also. The seats were leather, and everything was colored grey. The baby's car seat was somehow in the same spot that Brian was sitting, which was in the middle seat in the back. I was in the seat by the left window. Every time I picked up the baby (Seth), which was by his armpits, to put him in his car seat, Brian would yell at me asking me what I was doing. I didn't know what he meant, and I ignored him. Then I picked up Seth again, who, by the way, looked like a newborn rather than the six-month-old he is, and I put him in the car door compartment. You know, the place where you usually put an umbrella or something. The compartment was just big enough to fit Seth in a standing-up posture, and he fell asleep. Brian yelled at me again, but I figured it was only because Seth would be uncomfortable in the door compartment. I figured I'd let him go until he woke up and started crying, and when he did I picked him up again to put him back in his car seat. This time when Brian yelled at me, I said back to him, "You're telling me I'm holding him the wrong way, but you aren't being specific! How am I supposed to know what you mean?" After I said this, I realised that I was yelling at him the same way I would yell at one of my friends if I was mad at them. When I said this, all the characters in the car turned to look at me, and I think my mom was driving. Anyway, Brian told me, "You can't just pick him up by the armpits, you have to support the rest of his body." To demonstrate this, the baby morphed into one of our cats, and was laying sprawled out on Brian's hands. The cat's head was on his right hand, and his body was on his left. Brian's hands were slightly apart, so that in the space in the middle, the cat's body was sagging down.

    The next thing I know, I'm at school. So far in the dream, the school looks almost exactly as it normally does. I'm at the hallway intersection by the nurse's office, and the stairs are behind me, and everything is where it should be, although the walls are orange.. I'm about to go somewhere when this kid, who looked a lot like Alaric, but slightly off, like he could be his younger brother or something, pulled me aside and said, "Hey, I lost my Gameboy Advance in the other classroom, could I borrow yours?" I said that I didn't have one with me, and he said, "Don't lie," while nudging me with his elbow. I could tell this was a joke; a way of saying, "Hey, we all can't stand these boring classes, so we all carry around Gameboys to keep ourselves occupied." For some reason though, in this dream I was socially awkward (more so than usual ) and instead of making a joke back, I kind of just said, "I'm not lying." I felt pressed for time, however, and I had to go. This kid was interesting though, and I felt that we could have been great friends. Anyway, I walked off down the hallway that leads to the cafeteria. This is where the architecture of the school goes a little off. Instead of leading to the cafeteria, I could look down the hallway, and see that it just kept going forever, the orange hue of the walls leading the way. However, when I started walking down the hallway, I immediately ended up in this other hallway. This hallway was completely blue and there were boilers and such all around the place. I saw a person in the distance, who waved at me. I thought it was my old math teacher, but as I got closer, I realised it was this girl, Kristen, who had a crush on me. She was with her friends, who I happen to not like. It's worth mentioning that this particular dream is the only instance in which her friend, who is also named Kristen, was attractive. Then I was suddenly in this other hallway. This one was a lot like the unnecessarily wide one in most of my school dreams, but it led to the gymnasium. And instead of a door to the gym, the hall just opened up, and there it was on the right. Also, the wall on the right didn't reach all the way up to the ceiling. If you wanted to, you could feasibly climb the wall and climb over the top and get to the bleachers in the gym. As I was walking up to the gym, Donovan was with me, and I was trying to make a joke but he didn't think it was funny. A basketball from the gym fell over the top of the wall and bounced towards me. I could see the ball bouncing towards me in third person, and I knew it was going to hit me in the head. It did. Then I walked around the wall to get to the gym, and I saw some kid on the bleachers playing with a basketball. The bleachers were tiered, but not in the normal way. I would say that normal bleachers were tiered horizontally. These ones were tiered vertically, and there were no seats on them. It was more like they were just steps, and I was walking on the edge of the wall that these bleachers made. As I was walking on the wall, I could look down and see the hallway from where I came. Suddenly I was sitting by these lunch tables on the other side of the gym, and I could still see the kid with the basketball from where I was. There was a basketball hoop at the bottom of the bleachers and in front of it, there were also a lot of hard, plastic benches. As I watched the kid with the basketball, he would jump really high on the spot where he was, and aim for the hoop, and make it. Then he would move up a step and do the same thing. Eventually, he was at the top, and I had a feeling he was going to fall. He jumped up really high, and the ball when in the hoop, but he took a nasty spill and fell face first into this metal bar and the plastic benches. Somehow, he managed to get up and walk this off, and the whole gym was amazed that he mad the shot. I turned around and I was suddenly in this room with Tom and Kyle. The room was dark, and there was a couch, where Tom and Kyle were sitting, and there was a small rug on the floor where I was sitting, and there was also a TV. This class had something to do with music theory because Mrs. Gunther-Brown, my music theory teacher, put on a video for us to watch. The video had a Caterpie from Pokemon trying to climb these vines, but things were shooting at him. In the background, Daisy Bell was playing, but it was in an, 8-bit style. For some reason, it was DE that church was relevant to the song and the video. I made a joke saying that this was "Super Church" or "Super Sunday" in reference to Super Nintendo. Tom and Kyle didn't think these were funny, and I continued with, "Church 64." It was like, in this whole dream, everyone thought I wasn't funny.

    I woke up at this point, and forced myself to write down some dreams.

    Next, I was at a relative's house. It may have been my aunt Sandy. The place was very run down, and the wooden floors and walls were getting torn up. I was on the computer for a little bit, but then I walked to this one bedroom. This room was very nice looking. The place was very orange, but it wasn't torn apart like the rest of the house. There was a bed to my right, and a support column to my left. I don't know what was on the other side of the support column. There was a small TV to the left of the bed. Anthony was there, and so was this other kid. They made a comment about how this Metal Gear Solid game sucked, and was a "bad game". I turned it on and realised that they came to this conclusion because his gun was shaped weird. Snake's gun was a marshmallow gun, and it was very small where he held it, and giant on the other end, with a yellow tank on the side. It actually looked pretty awesome now that I think about it. I mocked them, and they agreed with me, saying that it probably wouldn't affect the game. I turned it off, but then the other kid mentioned that there were other things wrong with the game. I turned it back on, and I started playing for a little bit. The setting of the game was this small military camp. Snake was wearing khakis, a wife-beater, black boots, and he had camouflage face paint. As he ran, the game was glitchy, and his arms folded back behind him. It looked pretty funny. I turned off the game. Suddenly this girl from school, Coralis, was in the room with us, and she was wearing this bionic suit, and it was DE that it was her birthday. She was playing Yu-Gi-Oh with some other person. There were two a big stacks of cards on this table between them with a magic card on top of each, and I realised that she needed to get magic cards back. I asked her if she had any cards that would bring magic cards back. Then I was sleeping. It was night, and I was sleeping in the bed that I saw when I walked into the room. The room was empty except for me, and I think I had a false awakening. I woke up, and it was still dark, but it was morning. I had morning wood, and my dick was pretty huge, and I marveled at this for a while. I got up and left the room though because I didn't want anyone finding out. Suddenly I was in this really large, walk-in bathroom complex. The whole place had bathroom tiles on the floor, and all the walls were like the walls to a bathroom stall. There was a giant window that spanned the main hallway. I walked down this hallway as I passed by paths I could have turned down in order to get to other bathrooms and showers. From a top view, the place was probably shaped like an "E", with the last hallway turning into a large room. There were a lot of celebrities there, but the only one I remember is Mila Kunis. I passed her as I turned down the hallway towards the big room. She was sitting on the window sill reading a book. Michael Richards may have been there as well. Anyway, as I walked past Mila to get to the larger room, I looked back and Sean and a bunch of mutual dream character friends replaced Mila. This new kid was with me, and Sean was yelling out to this kid, "Call me fatty," like that's the nickname he wanted. Recognising this as a really bad joke, I turned to the kid and tole him not to call him fatty. I knew it would just encourage more bad jokes from Sean. Anyway, this kid was new, and we were hazing him or something, but I was being nice to him. Then he turned to me and tried to show me his secret handshake. It started out with this constant and rapid high-five, and I suggested that instead, we could just shake hands. I demonstrated with a normal handshake. Then he insisted that his was more fun, so I let him continue. He mentioned that the shake then goes into this dance, and this is where he lost me. The dance involved waving both of your hands, one at a time, and then doing a pirouette. I mocked this stupid shake, by going along with it until it was my turn to do it. Instead of doing what he did, I punched him in the face twice, once with each hand, and then spin-kicked him in the jaw. One of the people from the group of friends came over and I told his about it and he said he did the same thing. We laughed. As I left, the placed was suddenly empty, and I saw Coralis by one of the bathroom stalls. I went out on a limb and asked, "Wanna fuck?" To my surprise, she was like, "Sure," and we went into a bathroom stall, which had a whole room, complete with a bed . I told her, "Just so you know, I'm a virgin." This discouraged her, and I said, "Well, then just give me a blowjob or a hand job." She said something about not wanting my dick to poke her or something. It was DE that dicks have this odd, poking, uncomfortable quality. I assured her that i didn't have this quality, and she would be fine. Dreams, man.

    Woke up here, too. I may have had a slight sleep paralysis at one point. Maybe not here, but some point. And I was still half asleep, but I recognised it, but it went away fast. It may have just been a dream sleep paralysis that could have occurred during my false awakening.

    The last set of dreams started out with me observing this one room (I wasn't there) with two characters from Star Wars. One was supposed to Darth Vader, but it looked nothing like him. The other was supposed to be a good guy, but not anyone specific. The room looked more like the set of Star Trek than Star Wars though. Anyway, this was supposed to be a Star Wars reunion special or something and this one guy was going to reprise his role as the anonymous good guy I saw. This guy looked like a mix of Mark Hamill and Pete Townshend from The Who, but was named Richard Keithson. It was DE that he was from The Who. After this, I was in Brian's truck. He was driving, and my mom was in the front passenger seat. I was in the back right seat, and it was DE that Brian was evil. There was some danger and fear surrounding him, and we drove off. This part of the dream repeated, and this time, this faceless dream character, who I felt a strong connection to, was sitting next to me. They knew what just happened, but I had to explain to them that he gets this way when _________ (I don't remember), or he gets like this every once in a while or something. Something about the situation came up a lot. Then they realised that this just happened recently, and they said, "Wow, already?"

    Then there was this really vague bit that may or may not have involved a desert, Frieza, and me being a doctor with super powers. There also might have been some research facility in the distance or something. After this, I was in this very vibrantly colored town, as if everything was made of candy. The sky was lime green, and the roads were brown, and the side walks were yellow, etc. Alec left with his dad to go somewhere, and I had to move their car. In this dream, Alec's house was a pink mansion with a yellow fountain out front that spewed out a pink, cartoon liquid. His car was a limo-van. I had to put it in neutral and push it into the spot in front of their house. I was getting frustrated because I couldn't get it straight. It was around this time that I performed a reality check. I noticed that I had six fingers on one hand, and nine on the other. I had to count them a few times because I thought something was off but I wasn't sure. I may have been slightly lucid for a few seconds, but it was like I decided there was nothing to do, so I let go. Also, I remember accidentally thinking about waking up during my reality check, but I never woke up, which is the main reason for me not thinking this was lucid. Anyway, I was suddenly hundreds of feet above the car, and then the dream shifted to this room with a bunch of posters all around. This part of the dream may or may not have including climbing, or a bunch of high places, but I get that vibe, like I think I was climbing on these stacks of posters, and I could see miles below me, even though I was inside this room. As I'm typing this, I remember that there were other people in the room. They weren't people, but they were into the same thing I was doing. Anyway, accidentally ripped down this one poster of Speed Racer. Then my dream cut to the set of Friends, with Rachel and Monica. It was DE that they were all playing a prank on me, but Monica wasn't in on it, so she was inadvertently being pranked, too.

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