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    1. 06.14.2010 Morning

      by , 06-14-2010 at 10:22 PM
      06.14.2010 (Non-lucid)



      Alright, I didn't write anything down last night because I was in a really shitty mood and didn't feel like it, and because I was in a shitty mood, I was not feeling the urge to attempt a WILD. I left my alarm on though, but it was too quiet and didn't wake me up. I am still working on my recall, and I remember few parts from my dream(s).

      - Highschool bathroom with a sink in each stall
      - Fat person walking down the street, wearing a shirt that resembled
      a bare upper body (GROSS!)
      - A pregnant male o.o
      - Sitting in an isle of a grocery store, talking to the strangers that
      walk by
      - Having wings, floating in the air, surrounded by two arcane circles.
      one of them spawned me a gun, and the other just looked cool