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    Harry Potter and two dimensions

    by , 03-11-2017 at 10:30 PM (330 Views)
    I'm standing in a circle with ca. 15 people. Among them is Harry Potter, Ron, Malfoy and a minister. We all use a spell and 3 of us are using the dathspell (which is a part of the howl thing and I think no one dies). Some dark, thick, shiny liquid appears. I see the liquid flowing over there faces. I know they day. Again I see the liquid in another dimension. There faces appear and they start living. It's kind of like yin and yang. If they die in one dimension they will live in another. Again everyone's standing in a circle. Malfoy is getting nervous. He kills the minister with a spell. Telling us that the bond was to strong. Now he's getting really nervous because he realizes what it means to die in this dimension. Ron tells him that it's his fault.

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