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    1. Sparkling Lucid

      by , 03-07-2011 at 04:06 PM (Mytes fractaled mind)
      Have have a little one on 11months home, and decided to have a nap with him. I figured I wanted to try to have an a lucid. And it starts well. Just before I fall asleep I sorta wake up by the fact that I'm falling asleep, and notice how my body continues to it's "sleep"(?) but my mind stays awake. Btw - would that be a WILD or a regular lucid? Anyhow, I'm a mermaid. I've always loved the merfolk(?). Me and merman is for some reason in a sort of pool in a cave, and there are humans swimming amongst us. We're trying to avoid them, they musn't discover our existence. It's difficult, 'cause my skin and shells(?) sparkle from the little light that comes through the smell hole in the mountain. I l\decide to let myself sink down to the bottum, and there I lay, in the muddy, clayish ground thinking to myself how amazing it is to live such a life.. I swirl up to the surface again, happy that the humans now are gone. I get up to the ground, my tale is now legs, and I climb the rocks. My body is wet, but leaving no footprints!

      Then I go on to regular dreams which I can not recall at all actually :/