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    1. Void / geometric shapes

      by , 02-14-2016 at 12:24 AM
      Hello lucid dreamers,

      So early this morning, I was attempting a WILD, when suddenly I was transported to a realm where I saw rows and rows of triangle shapes superimposed on squares. Hues of orange and Yellow lines filled the dream space. I tried to move my hands and for the first 20 seconds , it felt pinned down. So I let it go and concentrated on the dream scene ahead of me. I tried to close my eyes and change the dream scene , didn't work. When I got my hands free, I tried to do a reality check. Which was successful but then again I tried to find a door or something so I could go to a more understandable dreamscape. It was then that I lost lucidity.

      What went wrong? What should I have done ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.