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    Casting Shroud (LD)

    by , 10-11-2023 at 10:54 PM (221 Views)
    I look back at the group as my awareness begins to stir. This seems…dreamlike.
    “I’m dreaming”. I take a few steps as my awareness raises more, and I’m lucid. I quickly phase through the blinds and window and pop out the other side, floating outside the second story window in the back of the main house in Meadow. It’s night time and I feel a sense of complete freedom.
    This is why I lucid dream.
    I hear a short clip of a peaceful, yet mysterious melody as I have this thought. I take in the scenery in the dim of night. Where should I explore? I look left and consider exploring a bit further into the unexplored fields area. I decide against it as I worry that it may cause the dream to fade currently. I turn around and begin to raise upward, gaining a view of the roof. I think back to a lucid many years ago in which I had a similar view. I decide not to fly over the house, and decide against heading into the neighbors yard as well. Suddenly, I enter a void state and hold my awareness. I do this for a short moment and suddenly appear back in the second story in my room in Meadow, facing the window. Visuals are still a bit poor, so I continue rubbing the walls as I head into the hallway. I end up in the void once again. I quickly visualize two palm trees, yet shift quickly to visualizing Nocturnia instead. I hold the visualization for a short while and suddenly appear on the second story next to a railing overlooking a lobby. The central area appears to be the lobby of an office building. It slightly resembles the shape of the main house in Meadow. The room is essentially square shaped with a vaulted ceiling as well as a central area that descends via a wide staircase to an area below. The staircase is bordered by a small stone wall on either side. I hear my boss chatting in the room below and to the back. She’s talking to another one of my co-workers. My boss is talking about getting someone in for a date or an interview. I do a slow fall from the balcony.
    I decide this is a perfect time to cast invisibility. I snap my fingers on my right hand to cast it. I then do a shroud mudra to conceal myself from ‘dream character sense’, testing it. Next I cross my arms in a X in front of me, casting invincibility. I begin to descend the staircase. The dream character walks by me, and instead of picking up on the fact that I’m there, simply walks right by me. I continue to hear people chatting about business matters. I begin to turn to the left and notice an area that extend to the left as well as straight forward. There are many glass walls situated throughout the area, bending in wave-like patterns, leading in either direction. I get the sense that the area ahead is where the ‘leader’ of the building resides. There’s a stack of blue books in the area where both passageways meet. I look at the title and notice that it’s “The Davinci Code”. I continue farther into the hallways ahead, next to the wavy wall of glass. As I curve father to the right, the glass walls persist and fork once again to the left as well as the right. I see blue sofas in the area beyond and to the right behind the glass. I decide to do some full transformation. I go for dragon form, but decide against it a shift into bird form, raising into the air. The dream begins to fade and I begin to rub the walls next to me. I then decide to try to stabilize by drinking something. I’ll get some hot cocoa. I imagine hot cooca being on the floor in front of me and quickly feel a mug! I begin to sip and taste a sugary drink, yet closer to a marshmallow flavor than chocolate. I begin to imagine a chocolate bar, yet as I begin to reach, I feel that I’m beginning to wake up.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Nice lucid! What's Meadow? Persistent realm? Dream Palace?
    2. Oneirin's Avatar
      Thanks! Actually a persistent realm that started from my 2nd lucid (1st after knowing what LDing is). It's basically by childhood neighborhood recreated in the dream world, yet the fringes transition into some interesting areas that I'm still exploring! The cool thing is that even times when things get altered in NLDs, I see the changes in the realm. People sometimes thing re-creations of real life areas can be boring, but I actually really like the place. My family is sometimes there too so I get to have funny interactions with them sometimes.