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    1. 1. Turtle Ruin Islands (LD) 2. The Mansion Walls (LD)

      by , 07-20-2023 at 10:31 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Turtle Ruin Islands (LD)
      I aware as hypnogogic images on a screen appear. I'm looking at a square screen with a figure of a dark skinned man in a yellow outfit dancing around. I want to hold this scene until I feel the dream is stable enough to transition into. I remain aware and begin to feel that I can move my dream body. I stand up in the area to my right, take a step and feel that I'm ready to begin exploring. I make my way to the foot of the bed and there's a circular mirror in which I see my reflection, in my periphery - as I'm still looking at the screen - and see a portion of my body as well as the device I'm holding. I look my my body is compressed toward the midpoint and I have a slight short mohawk. It looks a bit strange, so I turn to my right, toward two windows, and decide to phase through and begin exploring. I realize I'm in The Meadow. I fly down to the concrete area below and turn to my left, considering where I want to explore. I see pale rocks which are stacked up in a triangular fashion, in perfect balance (1). There's a small plant next to the formation as well. I make my way past this area, around the edge of the house and through the gates. It seems that the entire landscape of the meadow changed, however. Instead of the typical M Street with the large house and 'treehouse' area beyond, the entire area is simply a wooded landscape in broad daylight, with leaves on the trees being quite sparse. I decide to try one of my dream goals: element manipulation - specifically conjuring a tornado. I wave my right arm, yet nothing happens. I wave both in a circular motion, yet nothing happens once again to my surprise. I then decide to try to throw a fireball, and nothing happens. I conclude with a trying to try lightening, and this doesn't work either (2). I continue a bit down the wooded slope and decide to try to head to the persistent realm I incubated: The Forest (3). I see a large tree with a very thick trunk and phase through easily.
      --In the black void, I imagine music playing, and a soft fantasy melody begins playing. I imagine an area with greenery in my visual field.
      I suddenly appear in an area with a concrete floor with building surrounding me which are roughly two stories high. One of the building has a Bowser marking on it. I have the though: what the f***? I don't know why I would have popped up in such a random scene after imagining the forest area. I decide to explore anyway and begin flying upward. As I ascend, I see that there are actually many floating structure beyond the area I'm in. All of these structures are in the middle of a massive body of water, possibly an ocean. I fly further upward and continue forward, viewing a large floating black inflatable structure filled with more Bowser symbols (4). I fly to the edge of this area and turn right, trying to find a cooler area to explore. To my right, I see two large islands, in shapes that somewaht resemble dagger blades. The islands are covered with dense, dark green foliage as well as the bones of some massive turtle creatures. The area essentially resembles ruins. I think that this would be an awesome place to have a persistent realm in, although it's not quite the forest I imagined. I curve around in flight and begin heading toward the back end of the second island. As I get closer, I soon end up in a false awakening in which I'm drying to DEILD using head vibrations.

      2. The Mansion Walls (LD)
      I'm lucid outside of a large building resembling a mansion with two stories. It appears to be situated on an elevated piece of land with a cliff roughly 30 meters ahead of me. It appears to be just before sunrise, and the scene has a slight amount of sunlight in it. There is a young boy, roughly five years of age in front of me. He has blonde hair and reminds me of my nephew. I have the instinctual drive to teach him some dream yoga skills while where in the scene together. I walk up to him and tell him I'm going to teach him some dream yoga. I turn toward the mansion, and tell him, "First, we're going to practice phasing". I explain that you simply have to fully expect that you can walk right through it, and you simply shouldn't think about it. I phase right through the wall and end up in the first room within the mansion, which is dimly lit, containing antique furniture. The boy follows me. I continue into the second room which has a large glass door to the right which seems to lead downward. I explain to the boy that we're going to practice phasing single body parts. I raise my hand and slowly stick in through the glass, moving in slowly downward. I continue into the next room by phasing through the wall to my left. I end up in an office area with brown furniture along with a lamp and a desk in the center. I explain to the boy that we're going to practice transforming objects next. I decide the chair is too big and head toward a shelf in the back of the room. On a dark, mettalic, rounded tray sits roughly eight to ten silver Hotei Buddha figurines facing the wall. I decide to try to transform these. At this moment, the dream fades and I'm in a black void. I imagine my hands grabbing ropes which support a wooden bridge. I imagine that this bridge is in the treetops of The Forest. As the imagery extends, my lucidity drops and I slip into a non-lucid in which my body slowly descends via a rope.
      (1) The rock formation seems to be a re-creation of images from the book 'Yumi and the Nightmare Painter' that I just started, it which Yumi stacks rocks as a part of her rituals.
      (2) Possibly I need to try the tornado outside of this realm.
      (3) No official name yet - I plan on learning it once I get there.
      (4). The imagery was probably influenced by a podcast I listened to the day before in which a lady was talking about Mario chasing her in a NLD

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