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    1. 1. The Dream Journal (LD) 2. The Rooftop (LD)

      by , 07-17-2023 at 02:56 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. The Dream Journal (LD) [Summer 2023 TotS: Basic i & ii ; Advanced i]
      I'm in a side room in a dimly lit building at night. It's near the end of the corridor, yet there is still a room on the edge. I make my way into the room by the bed and get the feeling that something is off. I glance at my hands in the dim light and it seems like I have six fingers. I go for a nose-plug, breathe right through, and say "Yes!" as I become lucid. I want to get my adventure started and decide to phase through the window. I glide through the window set against the far wall of the dimly lit room and out into a setting with a stone walkway roughly twenty meters wide with hexagonal stones. There are square black metal tables with tall lantern-style lights coming up from them, and the entire area resembles the outside of a cafe. I want the dream to be more vivid, so I begin shouting "Clarity now!...Increase clarity now!" several times. The dream becomes very vivid and stable and I'm really happy with how well it works. I make my way around the side of the cafe come around the corner and notice many five to six story buildings in the early morning hours. As I make my way between buildings, down a central walkway, several pairs of DCs are approaching my direction. I decide not to fly and simply to walk slowly as I want to take in the surroundings and see if the slow movement will aid with dream stability as I reflect that the onset of flying sometimes destabilizes my lucids. I slowly walk further down alongside a five story building appreciating the stability and begin thinking of dream goals. I think of a persistent realm for a moment, but ignore this as I decide it would be perfect to begin working on the tasks of the season. I consider going for the dream journal record first, but also consider going for an easier goal to start. I turn around, realizing that I need to find an indoor area with written records. I glide down the walkway and notice that the building to my left is filled entirely with white gym equipment. The windows are five foot and rectangular with curved edges. I progress to the next section, and there is even more gym equipment in this area. I rationalize that it would be tough to find written records in this area, and that it's possible that the gym extends to the second level. I make my way even further as the building wraps around to the right via an overhead walkway. I glide up and enter around the second or third story by phasing though the wall. I'm in a dimly lit area of sorts with a dark wooden decor. Stairs lead up to a half-story level. I notice two DCs standing at the top of the stairway - they're younger versions of JP and J. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to go for a basic task of the season. I ask JP "What's going to happen tomorrow" he responds "No" or "Don't know". I ask again and he responds "I don't know". I explain that I really need to know for the Dreamviews task of the season and he responds "JP is gonna kick you out of school - that's what's gonna happen" in a comical way. I find it funny since I'm clearly not in school. I decide to begin working on the next task of the season. I know that I'll need to find an area with written records I make my way further into the room and find a section that resembles an office with many desks positioned throughout. I begin glancing over all of the desks which are strewn with envelopes of various sizes and colors, none of which would suffice for a dream journal. I go to the next desk to my left, still finding nothing, then to a third. On the third desk to my left, I find a small, light orange colored notebook with a square, opaque section on the front, possibly for a a title or for something to be slipped in. I begin flipping though the pages to find a legible section. I read a word after flipping a few pages, and it appears to a a poriton of the word 'iguana' - I decide this won't count. I continue flipping and on roughly the sixth page I find a section beginning with the scribble, that eventually transitions to "Thank you... Tokyo 1954... toy". It appears to be a a dream journal entry about buying a toy in Tokyo in the past and a DC saying thank you for it. I'm happy that I knocked out another task and get excited for the next! I leave the office area and glide down to the lower level while thinking of going for the advanced task of stopping yourself from being born. My mind begins reeling about how the heck to accomplish that. Do I go back in time, find my parents, and stop them from doing it? lol. I decide to simply go for an easier task of building an improvised weapon and wonder how I'll do it. I come around a corner on the bottom level, turning ot the left and notice a large dark blue and purple stuffed alligator, roughly six to seven feet long, face down in a large bin the wall. Next to it is a long black vacuum cleaner shaft. I decide I can build a makeshift weapon out of the vacuum cleaner thinking back to the spear example on Dreamviews. I pull it out, find a black lever on the left side with a white line marking. I decide that flicking the lever will reverse the air flow and do so. The airflow is now strongly reversed outward. I continue down the walkway with the powerful blower and into an area that resembles and under-construction parking garage on the lower level, with a gravel/dirt ground along with many uneven patches. I see a DC in the distance and decide that I can use the blower to launch rocks at high speed. I grab a rock off the ground and shoot it at the DC asking him if this would count as a catapult for the Dreamviews competition. He responds that of course it would count as it's launching projectiles. I satisfied with this, and continue looking for rocks, I find a yellow colored rock and reflect that it looks like a sunstone of sorts. I see two guards/officers approaching in order to see what we're up to and stop us. I decide to mess with them and play dumb as they approach the DC I was interacting with. I simply float up and say "Duuuuuuuh" and they look at me confused. I laugh, then turn around and fly away, without them doing anything. I approach the edge of the campus area and several DCs are walking on a walkway on the outskirts. Their is a large grassy area on the periphery which leads down into a forest area. I wonder if this could be a persistent realm I could return to as it's very beautiful. I turn around and continue to to consider the advanced task and how I'll manage it. I look at the buildings raising roughly eight stories with light tan concrete and wonder where I should enter. I loop around more and notice a second building to the left. I fly closer and notice many rows of manikins in the windows. I contiue to approach the building on the right, flying slowly toward roughly the fifth level. I fly for quite a bit considering what to do upon entry, taking in all of the details of the manikinss' faces and the dream begins fading.

      2. The Rooftop (LD)
      *Semi-lucid transitioning to low lucidity at end
      I'm in an area which resembles a dorm-room and it's around lunchtime. I notice that I forgot my lunch and begin searching for a lunch bag. I find a black one, yet there's not much in it, only two small sandwiches and a small bag of pretzels. I decide I can find something to eat and tell myself "This is a dream" and simply fly through the wall. I fly to the balcony on the back of the building and begin thinking of how I should have practiced lucid dreaming more in college as I look at my reflection in the window. My lucidity begins to rise a bit and I get the impression that I'm in a dream. I notice two DCs and decide to phase through the window and begin talking to them. I get off of the green colored balcony, phase through the window, and begin asking the nearest female DC where she is headed. I then wake up.

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