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    Back at it

    by , 11-20-2011 at 07:58 PM (398 Views)
    Decided to give lucid dreaming a try yet again. I had some weird dream fragments last night.

    1. I remember there was a lot of back story, but I only remember a small fragment. I entered a big, dark building with double doors up through a stair case. There were some people with me, and I remember looking ahead at my dad. he said something to me, and I argued, and he said something like "oh, really now?" or "is it really, now?" and I suddenly felt that was my hint to become lucid. Some part of me recognized I was dreaming, but I felt as if I was being fought, and eventually that part of me was repressed.

    2. Something about coins, a laptop, a big dark field (my dreams are very dark), and pokemon.

    3. In a school setting. I don't remember why I'm there. My friend's band is there, and they're getting read to play a big show that they're going to play in real life. I'm wandering around the school, and I have a feeling I'm not exactly supposed to be where I am. I come down from some stairs into a classroom just as my friends from the band (all years past high school) are sitting in desks and get called up over the PA to leave to play their show. I'm wandering around the school now, and for some reason feel that I'm now a girl and have access to girls-only parts of the school. one of these is a very weird almost obstacle course type area where you have to go through to reach a certain classroom. I start this and decide I'm too scared because you have to shimmy along a wall while standing on a very narrow ledge. I get down, and some girl comes to me and tells me not to touch "The silver maiden" or else I could get suspended. I look over and there is a picture of a young girl cartoonishly spray painted on the wall in silver. Somebody has added very large male genitals to her. The school has apparently protected this move as a freedom of speech and expression, and even touching that spot on the wall will be considered vandalism and we will be automatically suspended for it. Completely uninterested, I walk on to meet a friend I apparently know. I ask her if I can have a ride home. She gives me several excuses about why sh ecan't, such as not knowing where she lives and saying that it will compromise her security. She then offers me to ride the bus home with Nosepass (a pokemon...). I vaguely remember something happen allowing me to get a ride home, and that was about it.

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