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    Tales of hydroplaning and the haunted rocking chair. Also, a lucid.

    by , 05-29-2011 at 05:40 AM (732 Views)
    Getting back into lucid dreaming as of last night. some dreams I had

    1. I was thrust into driving for some reason. I don't have a permit in real life, so I was terrified. My driving was terrible, and I was all over the road. I hit several cars and buildings and such, but like a video game, it seemed mostly cosmetic damage. Then I picked up my friend to drive him somewhere (it's funny because we do the opposite a lot). He was making fun of me for being a bad driver. then it started raining, and I was flying all over the road. He bragged about knowing how to hydroplane (another conversation we'd had). We somehow made it home safe.
    I dunno. maybe I'm stressed about taking my driving tests.

    2. I'm with some sort of group of people. My teacher and some friends are there. I talk to the teacher and exchange some nonsensical words before she gives me some consent to leave. I open a gate and fade to black for a few seconds, leading into....

    3. I'm in a room now, with my little brothers. I have the knowledge that this is my grandmother's house. I feel like she's alive, but there's some foreshadowing to her death, adding a level of creepiness. I see notes and letters that have been written from years ago. I tell my brothers not to touch anything. I look around the house, and then hear a door creak. i look over and see them opening a big cabinet with clear doors. They go to pick up a little figurine. I yell at my brother and take it back. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something edge around a corner. But it stops, so I can only see the edge of the object. Outraged at his incosiderance, I start attacking my brother, hitting him and yelling at him. By the time I finally stop, I see the object has come fully around the corner. It is a rocking chair. I feel that it is somehow upset by our violence, and is coming at us with full intent to harm us. It moves in hopping motions. I can see it through a door with a clear window in it. I'm filled with a sudden dread that it has blocked out the only escape and is coming with us. I feel it has full potential to harm us.

    4. Before I went to bed, I left myself a note saying "I will have a lucid dream tonight". I wake up in the dream, standing in my hallway, looking at my mom's chihuahua. I ask her if she wants to go out, she runs away, and suddenly I'm hit with the realization that I'm dreaming. There is something about the atmosphere that tips me off. My dreams are dark, dimly lit, and grimy. Very depressing when indoors. Anyways, I know I'm dreaming, so I take a second to stabilize. I look at objects, feel them with my arms, focus until they sharpen in my vision. I go outside, and find it cloudy, but filled with a luminosity. It's suddenly raining and windy, but the whole thing is filled with a certain brilliance. there's a power and sharpness to it that makes me feel awesome. I run and feel it, and it feels chilly, but only as much as I please. I feel as much rain and wind as I need to to get the effect, but am never uncomfortable, only thrilled. I decide I want to go up and join the storm in the sky. I run and jump, to no avail. I try jumping and flapping my arms, as well as holding my breath to inflate. I don't have the willpower to accomplish any of it. So, instead, I tell myself that behind a bush, I will find a jetpack. I look behind the bush and find it laying there. As I'm strapping it on, however, a man comes over to me. He informs me he is the head of some dream committee or something. he then tells me they don't like it when people mess around in their dream world, and that I should hand the jetpack over to him. I continue to try to strap it on and he threatens me, and tells me he'll give me one last chance to hand it over. not wanting to spend the rest of the dream fighting, I decide to give it to him and find some other way to fly. Instead, I wake up.

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