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    dream fragment

    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Not much

      by , 11-24-2011 at 10:40 PM
      Dream 1: In a car with my girlfriend. It is dark outside -- very dark. She is driving, and I notice her speedometer go from 60 to 80 to 110 to 143. She is going so fast and still we can't see very far, even with her headlights. All of a sudden, a corner comes up, and she screams and turns really fast. We enter the grass, and she tries to turn the car back the other way. It starts to tilt while we slide, and then it begins to roll. As my door is about to hit the ground, I realize the impact would most likely break my neck, and I wake up as the door touches the ground.

      Dream 2: just remember being in a school, something to do with some sort of obstacle course or something, and lots of my friends around me. They all seemed to be surprised to see me.
      dream fragment
    2. SP and a lucid

      by , 05-31-2011 at 05:14 PM
      Had some weird things going on last night. I'll explain them the best I remember them.

      1. I had previously been in some course about Marine Science or something. Whatever it was, it was relevant to whatever happened next. I'm with my friend Emily, and I look out the backseat of the car, and there's a woman out in the water fishing. She's only about knee deep in the water. All of a sudden, a very large manatee surfaces and starts playing with her and rolling around on her and all that. It's got a baby with it. Within minutes, there's also a shark, a dolphin, and several other marine species. I can't figure out why. We watch for a while and then drive away. As we're driving off, a giant bald eagle comes to join in.

      I return later and find nothing but an old shark.

      2. After waking up from number 1, I decide I want to have a lucid dream and try to DEILD. I don't know why, but for the first time ever, I hit Sleep paralysis. I feel a vibration start at my feet and go up my body. I imagine a dream landscape that I want to go into. All of a sudden, I'm interrupted by HA. I hear a clangor of horrible bells, and a word starts bouncing around the screen of my vision (my eyes are closed). The word starts with the letters FIN, but that's all I can make it out. It's made of a fluorescent green font, and very jagged. Every time it hits the corner of my vision, it sends a shockwave. I open my eyes and am gasping. I then try again and hear a low, loud voice slowly say my name. I'm too scared to try again.

      3. Something about being in a restaurant or pub or something. Somebody wheels in a really old racing car (from the 50's, maybe) and are looking at selling it to the owner. I then see a miniature classic car driving around the store.

      3. I see a little prologue about GIR (the robot dog from Invader ZIM) talking about how humans have to go through a trial or have already failed it or something. He flies away, up to space, as behind him, a cloud of yellow gas or dust starts spreading out. I join the dream in an abandoned apartment, or multi-level house. There are no doors. I run through a doorway and a man behind me seals the door off with some kind of clear wrap and some tape. I go into the next room and find a couple people there, discussing what they will do next. As they discuss the plans, I look over and see the room I was in is already filling with yellow gas. The door to this room is now sealed off as well, but poorly. I run to my right and try to leave through the other main door, but find all of those hallways also blocked off with the gas. I hear them yelling about how it will suffocate everybody. Thinking on my feet, I break a window, and prepare to jump off the second story balcony into the pull. As I'm hanging from th e balcony, I suddenly realize I'm dreaming. I jump down and look around me. It's dark outside and I don't like it. I clap my hands and a beam of light appears. I try everything I can think of, including yelling at the sun and the sky to light up, but to no avail. I then go over to a tree and, for some reason i still don't remember, decide I want it to be red. I yell at it to turn red, I point my finger at it, I snap my finger, nothing works. So then, I place a hand on either side of it, and expect my hands to create red. It does nothing, but when I pull my hands away, they are both red. Then I start losing the dream. I remember then that my goal was to ask a dream character what happened to them when I woke up. I bent down now to feel the grass and try to remain awake, as well as spinning. Just before waking up, I could feel myself spinning, as well as myself laying in bed, at the same time.