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    lee harvey oswald

    by , 12-15-2012 at 08:28 AM (344 Views)

    last night i had a dream i was riding a bike to a movie set for a new batman movie. i was going to be an extra. i sat down on a couch and talked with some of the actors. i received a script and saw that i was an extra henchman in a "vice gang". i introduced myself to one of the actors. he told me his name was "lee" and looked at me like i should know him. then he said his name was lee harvey oswald. i didn't realize who it was at the time but told him the name rang a bell. the dream transitioned into semi lucidity when i saw a piece of paper that told me to remember this dream when i woke up because i was dreaming. then i woke up. i feel like this dream is very significant but every time i tell someone they don't seem to care much. typical.

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