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    Alone in my Subconscious-The Night-time Meanderings of a Deranged Mind.

    A Trip to New York

    by , 04-25-2012 at 07:19 PM (671 Views)
    I was in a strange version of New York, possibly on holiday or living there with L. and J. We were walking around when we came to a large patch of land with a play-park erected on it. The play equipment was seemingly designed for adults as it was all rather high-up and I had to jump to reach the pull-up bars and rope swings. I remember feeling anxiety over L's rather vigorous use of a trampoline, believing it liable to break at any moment!

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    Tags: new york


    1. superchaz's Avatar
      Can you explain the surroundings, the cityscape and weather maybe?
      PolicemanFox likes this.
    2. PolicemanFox's Avatar
      Hey, thanks for your interest! I suppose I kind of could do but my recall of this dream is quite vague on that front. I'll take your suggestion to heart though and start thinking more about the fine details
    3. PolicemanFox's Avatar
      Also, superchaz I will be sure to look at some of your stuff when I can, but time for bed over here!