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    Maybe I'm Dreaming

    Dild 1

    by , 04-05-2013 at 10:55 PM (553 Views)
    Walking out of a store, suddenly becoming lucid. No recall that night, this was in the morning off a WBTB. A DC jumps in front of me and piteously begs for a drink of water. I notice that I'm holding an icy glass of water, so I give it to him and he drinks most of it. I hesitate to drink the rest, but I tell myself it's just a dream and drink it all.

    Remembering the basic, I reach down and pick up a dead leaf off the sidewalk and eat it. It tastes like a potato chip. I explore the dreamscape for some time.

    With Advanced I in mind, I visualize two pieces of coal and ask a DC friend if he had some. He points to a table where the pieces of coal are there..but they're white.

    WHAT?! oh come on....

    Anyway, I take the tow pieces, stack a Sacagewea dollar and a Susan B. Anthony silver dollar on top of the two pieces of coal, and prepare to make jewelry. I effortlessly smash them into a pancake the size of a Frisbee.

    DC: Noooooo!! I bought that Yosemite Nation Park!! How could you?!

    "Well, you were ripped off!", I snap back at him and the dream ends.

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