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    AUG 2014 basic task 2 and advanced task 1

    by , 08-08-2016 at 01:29 AM (285 Views)
    Basic task 2
    Advanced task 1

    Back in bed after a WBTB, I got to induce a lucid via DEILD. Or at least what I thought was a DEILD... Turns out I never actually woke up. I had a massive false awakening in which the TV was turned on in my room and everything; the trippiest FA I've had in a while. After the "TV" woke me up (everything being a hallucination), I decided to induce a lucid via focusing in the hypnagogic imagery.

    A funny thing that happened is that, while I was trying to detach OBE style, I slowly rolled out of bed and fell. Again, just a hallucination. But, while in that state, I wasn't sure if I actually fell or not. Either way, I eventually completely detached and didn't think too much about anything except the tasks that I was set out to do.

    "Out of body" in my grandma’s house, and before going outside to do the tasks, I jumped around and did stupid things like a child for a little bit as the euphoria that comes with being lucid poured over me.

    After calming myself down, I went out looking for a dream character, hoping to find a female one (here it goes). It was dark out, as in early morning. Surprisingly fast, I saw the faint shape of a female dream character by the neighbor's house. All I could see was that she was tall and had dark hair. As I approached her, I willingly tried to make her shape appear "hotter."

    When I was close enough, as to see her clearly, I notice that she is girl a I used to know from high school. That was completely random, as I didn't even think about her (or any specific girl for that matter). But she was indeed good looking, so I permitted my libido to take over for a few seconds while maintaining a high level of awareness, as to not let blind desire completely consume me and to loose my lucidity as a result.

    When that was taken care of, I asked the girl to be my assistant for todays task and she kindly agreed without using any words (at least of the Verbal kind).
    I asked another dream character that was in sight where I could find a microscope and she pointed to a specific house close by.

    I was hoping for the house to be an awesome crazy scientist's place but it wasn't and there weren’t any microscopes to be seen. I really wanted to complete the task so I acquired a bunch of junk (including an empty glass of water, Energizer batteries, and a magnifying glass), jumbled them up together in my hands, really hoping to magically create the microscope.

    A part of me doubted my success, but I did it! I created a weird looking little microscope. Maybe the female DC beside me increased my performance. Anyway, I looked through the microscope to see something already in close up. It was something similar to what I saw in my BIOL class (chloroplasts). I decided to keep zooming in, not touching anything in the microscope, just using my will.

    I zoomed in and in and in, until I found myself looking at what I can only describe as a "dance of energy." A bunch of floating, dancing and hypnotizing atoms, or quarks. Whatever it was that I was seeing, it was very colorful.

    I wanted to show this thing to my DC assistant, but before I knew it, I lost myself in the now almost psychedelic "dance of energy" and off I went into non-lucidity (until I woke up, not long afterwards).

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