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    1. The Three Cities

      by , 06-15-2012 at 12:57 PM

      I'm at a camping center with some friends. There are also children there. Outside there is a small cottage, very old with gray, slightly rotten wood. Some of the us sleep there and there is a stove. I guess I'm looking for something or cleaning, I'm going trough stuff there and putting them in their place. There is a stove and there's flames coming out of it every now and then. When I look around I see three other fireplaces that are leaking flames and smoke. I'm surprised the place hasn't burned down long ago.


      I'm walking from the center of a city, down some stairs and towards another neighborhood. There is a Hindu monk riding a bike past me. He smiles and I recognize him and smile back. He is from a monastery where i sometimes go and have some philosophical talks or something. We happen to pass some Christian monks at the same time, carrying coffin. One of them reminisces about when they were a small order like the Hindus are now, and he had to carry coffins by himself up the stairs.


      I'm at home in a room with my wife. My parents and brothers are in the living room watching TV. They are watching the lottery. My father gets excited and proclaims he has won 30 000. It's not the biggest price but it's pretty good. They start watching a movie. It's some scifi from a food author so we decide to watch it, too.

      I'm in the movie, I'm a young man who lives alone but seems to be pretty sociable. It's a small settlement on an otherwise uninhabited planet. An old man has just died next door. Apparently everybody knew him, but they were all expecting him to die pretty soon anyway.

      I'm walking with a bunch on guys close to the border of the settlement. We are wondering about the slow progress of the habitation endeavor. There's a lot of technology that should have arrived by this point. First we think we should investigate outside the settlement area. I tell the others it would be dangerous and there is some rule forbidding it. They abandon the idea and leave, and I go look outside the settlement alone.

      There is another city just like ours. It's almost exactly the same but some of the people behave a little differently. A woman who is shy in my city is very loud and talkative in this one. The old man has just died here, too. I continue to the same direction and come to a third city, also identical. But here, the old man is still alive, but just about to die. People are gathered to a center square to see him for the last time.

      Then I remember the story, I've read the book the movie is based on. The cities are actually on a planet that is completely livable. They are there for studying how much of peoples personalities are coded in genes. The people in the three cities are genetically identical, but they have been incubated in different laboratories.
    2. Excerpts from the past week

      by , 06-14-2012 at 08:43 AM
      I've had a lot on my hands lately, and haven't given much thought to dreaming. I only remember a couple of dreams from the past week.


      There is blue, and I decide to make it the sky. I fly over the earth and look down on it. It looks plastic, painted on. I decide on a spot and fly down. I wish to meet a guide there.

      There is a man and a woman. The woman is around my age and the man is a bit older. He is explaining things and we are listening. I don't really get anything new out of it.

      This relates to a sense that I'm having at the moment, of moving forward quickly and effortlessly, and not getting anywhere.


      Back as a University student, waiting for the time to go to a lecture, playing a game with some friends.
    3. Ants in my Bed

      by , 05-25-2012 at 09:22 AM

      I'm in a library, at the magazines section. On of the clerks there suggests that I'm not wanted there. I say that unless they wish to throw me out I will come there every now and then to check out new articles in a couple of science magazines. The clerk apparently cannot do anything. I check the articles and look for the exit. There is a small tunnel, meant for kids. On the other side of the room I find a door and then stairs leading down.


      I find myself in a large hall, surrounded by what seem like doors to hotel rooms, numbered, on two floors. It's a dormitory, all the guests are about my age, students. My wife is there and she is changing rooms with someone. Many people are changing, because one is leaving and they all want a slightly better room.

      I go to my room. There are ants on the floor, they form a path that leads to my bed. There must be something sweet on the bed, although I don't remember leaving anything there. I kick the bed a little to scare them. They start running away very quickly, and they are carrying something. I look more closely and it looks like pieces of a nest, with huge eggs, about half the size of a chicken egg. Apparently they thought the warmth under the blanket would be a good place for a nest. Some of the ants are still panicking around the bed, and there are some pieces of the nest left. I expect them to move, so I don't touch anything yet.


      There is some even going on, that we are all attending. It's about an art, maybe writing, possibly painting. There is a practice session going on, but I leave early to go to a diner before it closes. I get back the session ends.
    4. Babies

      by , 05-21-2012 at 09:27 AM
      Someone in my family, probably my brother, has had twins. The babies are small and very fragile, weaker than babies usually are. My brother is holding one, covered in blankets. The mother comes into the room with the other one and gives is to me while she goes to do something. I sit on the edge of a bed holding the baby carefully, and cover it partially with a blanket.
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    5. Spy Stuff and Throwing Balls

      by , 05-19-2012 at 08:53 AM

      I'm with my wife, and we are breaking into a building complex. The door is actually not locked, but we are not welcome. We find our way trough a complex of corridors and stairs, ending up to a laboratory room with three people in it. As we enter the alarm goes of. The doors of the laboratory start closing very slowly, and gas starts pouring in. One of the people in the room says something sarcastic to us. They don't seem to be scared of the gas at all.

      My wife rummages trough some drawers and finds a paper. The other people don't do anything to stop us, just offer snide comments. We have more than enough time to leave the laboratory before the doors are finished closing. After getting out of the building we start running.

      I think if I was dreaming we could just fly away. Or then again, probably I couldn't fly very well, but jump at least. Then it crosses my head, I am dreaming. I'm not exactly sure so I try jumping. I get a lot higher than I should. Then the scene faids, and is replaced by the blackness behind my eyelids.

      There is a feeling of vibrations and some imagery, quite clear but not realistic. I think I should try just going with it, waiting for the vibrations to disappear before trying anything. I don't do any formal technique. At some point I drift to sleep.


      I'm in my kitchen with my wife. She is throwing balls up to the ceiling. The ceiling is not solid, it makes a splat and the balls get stuck. I want to try to make the ceiling completely liquid, so that the balls would pass trough. But they just keep splatting, and getting stuck. I jump upward, putting my head trough the ceiling, which offers no resistance. I come down again and ask her to try one more time. The ball, again just splats to the ceiling, maybe a bit deeper this time.
    6. Board game

      by , 05-17-2012 at 07:48 AM

      I'm playing a board game with my wife and X. There are pieces of the game board in a miniature scenery, and we all have small soldiers standing on the pieces. They can attack each other and try to conquer the pieces. X has the upper hand and we are plotting her defeat. As we try to see her side we get smaller, until we are walking on a road, on a scouting trip to see the size of her army.


      I'm at a crossing, on foot, waiting for to turn green. I'm actually a bit away from the crossing point, which is badly situated in my opinion. Some people look at me when the light turns and I cross the road at the wrong place. A couple of them are actually crossing at the place, but are still looking at me like I'm doing something wrong.

      There is a subway stop, that's where I'm getting to, and next to it there are two tourists, apparently lost. They are standing in about half a meter of snow, and they are naked. I think they must be cold. They ask me if that is the subway station and I say yes. They go inside.

      I go there too, and there are stairs leading up. I see a door and jump of the railing to get to it. It's the wrong one, and I climb a bit further and get to the right door.
    7. Touristy Things

      by , 05-15-2012 at 07:50 AM

      I'm coming from the airport, now at the train station. I'm thinking about which train to take. I haven't decided on a destination yet. My brother and a couple of other people are there, and they are also thinking. We choose different destinations. I need to take a couple of train routes.

      I end up in a small city or a town. It's pretty late, not many people around. There is a grocery store, but it's closed. Someone enters, I think he's a guard, but he lets me in. I'm happy since I don't carry much food.


      It's daytime and I'm at the center square at the town. There are people there and I'm talking with some of them. We go inside and there is a seminar hall there. I pick a seat and look at the stage. There are two people there, dressed in a weird way, I have a vague memory but cannot really describe it. They are talking about biology and they have a fish in a tank as an example. It's weird enough to be interesting even though I know nothing about the field.

      As I leave I'm thinking about the fastest route back home.
    8. People Are Not Listening

      by , 05-14-2012 at 11:56 AM

      I'm at dinner in a fancy large dining room. Someone suddenly attacks my farther with a knife and kills him. The attacker tries to kill me, too, but somehow fails, only leaving a small wound. I go take care of the wound. Someone who asks if I'm alright. I say it's just a small wound and that the assassin didn't seem to know where to aim. It is now apparent to me that someone stands to inherit a lot if they can get rid of me, too, and that they will try again. The assassin got away, but he was just some hired help anyway.

      My friends don't seem very alarmed. They just tell me to relax and forget the whole thing. I need to go downstairs, apparently for evening snack. I take some long heavy object with me, don't remember what it was, and head down, to the dungeons. There are some people I dislike hanging around the stairs, sneering. I keep them away with the weapon. Downstairs there are again people who are appalled by my violent temperament and tell me to relax and enjoy the evening.


      A scout camp or a hike is ending, people are leaving. There is a person giving free massages to the tired people around. I'm not assertive enough to make it known, but my shoulders feel pretty horrible. There is always someone who gets there first and I don't get a massage.

      From the night before

      I'm with my boss in an office room. It's raining outside and he says something about biking in the rain. I say that I'm probably still gonna go to work today.

      Later I'm running some large programs on a server. I check that it's going okay and go for a coffee break. When I get back, I look at them again. There is a short black down and everything reboots. Apparently doesn't cause any harm though.
    9. Hiring Lawyers

      by , 05-12-2012 at 07:54 AM

      I'm at a meeting of a company. They're talking about hiring lawyers. I'm not concentrating very well, I'm mostly paying attention to the static in the visual field. This is a meditation I might actually do in a really boring meeting.


      I'm a lawyer, in court defending someone against the company. The company people give a rating to all the lawyers in the room that they haven't hired yet. I get a C, which apparently is not bad at all. Then they say, in the middle of the session, that they wish to hire me.
    10. Sleepy

      by , 05-10-2012 at 03:45 AM
      There is a video game I'm playing. It might appear in a couple of different dreams. I don't really remember the game itself. I'm in a rather large house with a lot of rooms. Most of my family are there and they all have their own rooms. I'm in the kitchen making an evening snack. I look around and everybody is sleeping in their rooms. I sit down in the living room. Someone comments on how sleepy they all are. I'm a little sleepy but not enough to go to bed early. So I do some channel surfing, but there's nothing interesting.
    11. Forgotten Bread

      by , 05-09-2012 at 05:01 PM
      I'm toasting bread and notice that notice that we have almost ran out. I decide to bake tomorrow and open the freezer to get the root for the bread. There is another bag of bread that I had forgotten, so I take it out instead and don't need to bake tomorrow.
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    12. Replays

      by , 05-07-2012 at 09:27 AM

      I'm waiting for the subway train with a couple of friends. I notice that we are moving. We have wondered into a train by accident! I think we can still make it in time, if we change at the second stop for a yellow line.


      I'm at some cathedral, as a tourist in a small group. I'm not that interested in the cathedral, so I go down to a beach. There is a cottage there, with who are apparently university students playing some games. I try a little indoor tennis. It's a bit scary, the ball is going fast and the field really small. I don't hit the ball once.
    13. Tattoo Story, fragments

      by , 05-05-2012 at 11:14 AM

      A man who makes tattoos for a living is telling me a story about a woman who took a large tattoo and then decided to have it removed later. The man removed it himself and it was a very dramatic thing for him. It took at four long sessions and apparently was more painful to the customer than making it was.


      I have a punch of laser pointer pens. The lasers have different colors and they have some elemental properties connected to the colors. They all seem to cause some kind of painful sensations. I test them with a couple of other people.


      I'm in a city center, inside a building complex, a shopping center of such. I look around and decide to have a coffee. I notice I don't have any money with me, so I don't. I look around and start heading home.


      I'm in a group of tourists in a bus. We arrive at a city, very much like the one in the previous piece. I check that I have money with me this time. We're looking for a particular building, but I'm actually more interested in the layout of the city than in sightseeing.
    14. A Battle and Spying

      by , 05-03-2012 at 08:57 AM
      I decided to wake up at four again. When I woke up I took the trouble to check the time. It was six. I may have woken up before that, there is a faint memory.

      Artillery Battle

      There is a battle going on. I'm at an artillery base a bit from the front line. People are firing bombs toward the enemy. Sometimes small bombs and fiery rings land close to us and we have to be careful. A helicopter flies in low, below the tree level actually, and almost starts shooting. Someone is aiming a rocket launcher at it.

      Spying, Then Running

      I'm with a small group of people breaking into a red wooden building. We get in, the doors are not locked, and the others start looking around. Someone notices us outside and I go and lock the door so that he doesn't get in. There is another door and I try to lock it, but it's not attached to the wall on the hinge side. The man gets in and arrests us.

      They take us to the middle of the yard one of them tells us that we must run away and they will try to catch us. Another one has a large back with him. He spreads the contents on the ground. I take a pair of sneakers. Then I start running towards a field with a girl from our group, probably X.

      One of the others yells behind us that we should have ran to the road first, that was in the rules. There is a road on the other side of the yard. There is also a small road on the other side of the field and I reach it and yell back that I'm on a road. We keep running, jumping over ditches. There doesn't seem to be anyone following us, though, the others are playing by the rules.

      We are running pretty fast and jumping over what are almost rivers. I remember that I'm quite often in similar situations when I'm dreaming. If I was dreaming I could fly, and that would be handy. Just to check, I take a longer jump and start flying. I'm very surprised, I really thought I was awake. And I wake up.

      I think about the dream a little bit before I turn and fall asleep.

      This was probably a false awakening. It was pretty convincing, but in the morning I noticed that the colors in the room were wrong.
    15. Slave Revolt

      by , 05-02-2012 at 08:43 AM
      I had a lucid dream tonight. There doesn't seem to be anything triggering it. There might be something I'm missing. I was thinking about dreaming when falling asleep. I also tried waking up during the night again. I thought about getting up and checking the time, but then I just fell asleep again.

      I'm walking with two people in a completely different story line, don't remember anything about it. There are three women sitting on a bench in a hall. Two men, one with a gun, are standing next to them. I think they are slaves being transported. I sit down next to them, and now I'm one of the slaves.

      The men move us to a room. There's three of them now, and one of them goes away. I think for a while, and then get a change to grab the gun from the guard. I fire a couple of shots to the wall and order them to a corner. Then I think for a while about the situation and the guards try to talk me into giving them the gun. I fire a couple more shots to the wall. The pullets are nails and the gut has turned into a nail gun.

      I decide the best course of action is to flee and, flailing the gun around, go trough a door to the balcony. I get the feeling that I'm dreaming. I try this out by flying. I jump over the railing. Then I say it out loud, "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming". It sounds like it's coming from everywhere, echoing. But It's my voice, and it's clear.

      Now that I think about it, maybe jumping of the balcony on the third floor is not the optimal reality check. In real life I wouldn't have been able to get over the railing in one jump though.

      I fly forward a bit, hanging over the middle of the yard. The guards have come down and are standing on the yard, looking. I want to fly higher but can't. Then I remember one should stabilize the dream, so that I don't get too excited. I close my eyes and rub my hands together. The feeling is clear. Then I open my eyes. I'm still just hanging there.

      I try to fly higher, but it's still not working. I cheat a bit, using the wall to push myself up. I get on the ceiling. I look around and see a black sky.
      I open my eyes and wake up. I'm a bit surprised that I'm completely conscious and there doesn't seem to be much of a transition, I just open my eyes.

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