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    Memorable Dreams

    1. November 3, 2010

      by , 11-03-2010 at 07:00 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Dream Salvia Dream (semi-lucid?)

      BroY, his friend, and I were in my room. I hit the extract, lie (lay?) down, and close my eyes. I find myself on a staircase with thick fog limiting vision both up and down. I see a small child will white wings and dress fly across. Vines begin to rapidly grow and cover the railing. Moss covers the steps. I am amazed. "This is just like a dream. I can't believe salvia put me in a dream state." I think something like that.

      I proceed down the steps and through a hallway into a house I don't know. I hear noises and look in a room. There's a multitude of people performing various sexual feats. A gorilla is in on the action. I quickly run the other way and lose vision. I feel the salvia gravity as I come to.

      BroY is lying down doing a bike pedal motion. I am mad. He is supposed to be the sitter and not smoking. He comes to but immediately wants to do it again. End.

      Interesting. Marked as 'memorable'.

      Bring Your Friend to Work Day (non-lucid)

      I go to work but take my friend because we are going to play Halo: Reach. There's a lot of work to be done so we decide we are just not going to work and play games instead. Then some young girls walk come in wearing Halloween costumes. They are making silly faces. My friend grabs one to stop her escape and question her. I follow the other outside and see a cop car. I go back inside but the cop followers. It was a trap. And the cop takes my friend to jail for "assaulting" the girl.

      School Party (non-lucid)

      My friend looks at a Myspace map and sees there's a party nearby. We go over there and get in line. Some chick takes my hand to lead me somewhere but we get lost in the shuffle. Later, I make my way up some stairs and see my friend banging this chick right there in the hallway. I pass them and head to the punch bowl. There's nothing but losers and nerds around. I must be one of them.

      Everyone looks bored. I leave the party. Outside is a bad part of town and I hear some gun shots.

      My New Job: Snowplow Man (non-lucid)

      I am at my place of employment. We are separated in two groups by shifts. My group heads into a room where we entertain ourselves with Street Fighter 4. This one girl is damn good. I talk to an old friend about my new job as a snowplow man. It wasn't that interesting.
    2. September 2, 2010

      by , 09-02-2010 at 06:52 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      2 story lines in which I was able to re-enter.

      A Close Game (non-lucid)

      The top of the first inning we are on the field. I am in the outfield but we've got an extra fielder. My teammates make a lot of errors but I make 2 diving catches. The pitcher strikes a guy out. They score 7 runs.

      My first at bat I get a single and the runner in front of me steals so I steal. We score a few runs.

      I make another diving catch.

      My next at bat some fat kid tries to bat instead but I tell him to get lost. I take it to a full count, foul one with a defensive swing and get walked. The coach spits in my path so I stare him down. We close the gap, 7-5.


      1. The other storyline is the collapse of America or something. The wealthy elite jump ship. There aren't even police. Just chaos. I am in some rural area. Some women is attacked by thugz and she tazes them. She runs when she sees me. A car chase with the one sheriff, he hits my car and knocks it into some water. "New American Republic"..."Press Start" I saw. Like is was a video game.

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    3. July 22, 2010

      by , 07-22-2010 at 07:11 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Uncharacteristicly insane dreams from me today. Recall and lucid thinking were pretty bad though. Mostly just sort of semi-lucid but red was the most vivid. I remeber the first dreams as a mish-mash of scenes.

      Action At My Aunt's House (dild + deild)

      First, I became lucid somehow and I was at my aunt's house. I took off all my clothes which might sound odd but was quite liberating. Maybe even helped with dream control because it reaffirmed I was dreaming. I effortlessly fly into the air but see a TV with a beach on it. Now is my chance to try teleporting and maybe even go surfing. I dive into the TV. I lose all vision but play dead. I re-enter the same dream.

      I fly into the air again to confirm I am dreaming and I see a friend. We talk about lucid dreaming and he said we are sharing a dream or someothing. He can see me from the real world and I'm naked. I fall to one knee and yell "What am I doing? Can you see me?" He knows the answer. I contest. You are probably a computer. YOu know the location of my knee on the axies in space.

      Another scene forms, my friend turns into a naked women and we just sort of run around eurphoricly like we are in the Garden Da Vida (that is in the bible, right?). Well, I fell on top of this women and things take a turn....but nothing happens because I lose vision but again play dead and re-enter the same dream.

      Another scene emerges. I walk down past the house and 4 cop cars come blaring up the drive way. "Finally! Some action!" I yell and my friend is back. WIthout hesitation I throw I huge arching fireball and blow the first car to smithereens. Monsters, not cops, get out of the cars and run at us. I use a vocal yell to use the Insect Swarm from Bioshock (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OE4jjNA89g). I throw bees from my arm at them. At first only a few bees but the second time is a swarm and I even hit my friend by mistake. I drive all the monsters away but the leader. He just slwoly walks towards me with a serious look on his face and I can't stop him. I don't know how. I fly up and over the house into the yard where another scene happens.

      There is a guitarist there with a weird wireframe grid on his guitar. He said it is to micro his guitar better. Something happens and I get into a fight with my friend. He charges. "Real world rules only!" The guitarist yells. I uppercut my friend and he gets knocked into outer space. Quite literally.

      I wake up into an FA. Final scene, I walk downstairs and see DogW and a dead version of her. I continue into the kitchen where M and my aunt are cooking. There was nother FA where I was talking to my friend about taking notes.

      Juggernaut (non-lucid)

      I'll make this vivid dream quick. I am in some sort of warehouse with old high school friends. I was running from a guy that tried to kill me. Poison me or something. This guy tries to sell a big bag of lettuce as weed. When my friends look away, he places some poison weed inside. I tell them about it. "Don't smoke that!". They try to turn it into a cop but he shoots and kills them. This dealer guy pursues me. I sneak around the warehouse and hope over stone walls.

      I see this huge 8 foot 500 pound guy running through the stone walls. I cower int he corner hoping he doesn't see me. He is being pursued as well. "Turn yourself into these guys." he tells me. "Yeah. Ok. Anything. You just keep going." Vomit-like pours from his mouth. He turns and runs. Turns to me one last time and the vomit is gone. He smiles.

      I like to think I recruited this man as my dream team ally. He is the tank, obviously.