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    1. An Update

      by , 03-28-2011 at 12:41 AM
      I haven't been able to post much recently because my dream recall seems to have just disappeared. I think there's two main reasons for this; firstly I'm under a lot of stress and secondly now that it's getting warmer I'm waking up earlier and going for runs etc, which means I miss the larger chunk of my REM cycle.

      I'm really hoping my recall will come back soon!
      Tags: poor recall
    2. Wow, best lucid dream ever!!!

      by , 03-23-2011 at 02:29 PM
      My longest and most exciting Lucid Dream!

      This dream started off in my flat, admittedly my recall last night was still really poor, but Iím so proud of this lucid dream! There are definitely bits I don't remember as the dream was 45 minutes plus, I remember considering finding my dream guide but for some reason decided against it.

      Iím in my flat and T_ is being really hostile to me and really getting on my nerves. He seems to be a physical threat at times so I retreat into my room and lock him out. I then go up to my wall and press my head against it, allowing me to see through. I see that heís sitting there angrily and I conclude that heís quite dangerous. I leave the room and heís standing there being aggressive towards K_ and my girlfriend. At this point I should point out that I am really reluctant to hurt DCís, I wonít explain my reasoning here but I feel it could have complications. I lose my temper at this point and reach into my back pocket and pull out a (semi invisible) gun, shooting it several times into his face. It draws a bit of blood but nothing fatal. I tell him this is his warning and that heíd better calm down. I wrestle him into his room , showing him that in the dream I have the power, once he has surrendered I take the money on his side to teach him a lesson.
      I decide now that itís time to leave the flat and drop the money on the floor, deciding that itís not the most chivalrous course of action (and itís a dream where money is irrelevant). Once I have left the flat I find myself in town which has transformed into a rocky, watery canyon (a bit like a level in Zelda I once played). Once here I step into a bath like hole which is full of warm soapy water, admittedly I find it quite a let down and donít quite know why everybody else is so excited about it.
      At this point I remember meeting a man who was afraid of trains, I see an old steam train go around the perimeter of the canyon. I know that I spent a significant portion of the dream on that train but I donít remember it now. I think it started in the same station that I dreamt about in my ďnewquayĒ dream.
      There is a huge boat in front of me and I decide to explore it, this is where things get really fun!! Once aboard we somehow end up at sea and the ship is sinking fast, with water bursting in through the doors of every cabin. Everybody is terrified as they know that theyíre going to drown. I realise that this is my moment to do something cool, I donít even consider whether itís possible, I just get on with it.
      I start walking down the corridors, pushing through the water with all my strength. Everytime I see water cascading in through the hull I thrust my hand towards it and turned it all to ice. I systematically go through the ship and seal every hole, I can genuinely feel the power streaming from my hands. Once I have done this I go back through the ship and systematically visit each of the now-ice-filled rooms. I simply flick each piece of ice and it shatters, leaving the room in itís original, pre-flood state. There is only one room where this doesnít work as I realise I only made a doorway of ice and there is still water behind it.

      Everybody was so thankful that I saved them and Iíll be honest, it felt incredible. Iíve never had so much power in a dream before, this is the first time Iíve used the above superpower and I also managed to walk through walls at points. I love lucid dreaming.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Last two nights + a (funnily) disappointing LD

      by , 03-19-2011 at 02:53 PM

      I'm in a Halls of Residence across the road from me and there's a party going on. It's extremely loud and security come up to moan at us. I am at the bottom of the stairs and quickly get the lift up before security can get in. When at the top I find that everybody is hiding "behind" the lifts where there are numerous secret fire escapes. Before long, security works this out and I make a run for outside with an old friend J_D_ who moved to Australia years ago. Outside is a sort of wasteland and we find an upturned car, we flip this over, jump in and drive away.

      I'm in my original house reading a magazine. It occurs to me that it is Friday and I should going out clubbing - I've bought a ticket (I did this in RL). I then realise that I must be dreaming because I shouldn't be home until one week later and the club is in my university town. I become fully, vividly lucid, but then it occurs to me that my alarm has already gone off and I should be getting ready for class. I have to wake myself up from a potentially amazing LD

      I am at my old workplace as they've hired me again. When I arrive I see that they've no put a huge book/CD rack in the middle. K_ complains because all the girls made him listen to Katy Perry, although I confess I don't mind the song. They ask me to put the CD back in its correct alphabetical place. I find this difficult as the order changes every time I go to put it back (I've heard of this before in dreams but never experienced it until now). I then need some stamps and my boss tells me that can be my job for the day. We eventually find a full book of stamps in the first till and then I have to go around to all of the computers to try and pay for it. C_ gets really angry at me because I try to use her computer and she had her "infrared" set up.

      I'm in a lecture at University and a girl starts talking about clothes. She then shouts at me as I always wear "dull, ugly blue". We are each then given a free item of clothing (mine is a white onesie for a baby) and then leave. I am then at H_ House with G_ and C_. We are all deciding what clothes to wear to make this girl shut up. I decide to cut up the clothes I was given to make some long white sleeves, I then wear a red band shirt over the top. We are all ready to leave and go up a hill (similar to P_ town) but at the top C_ realises he is just wearing baby clothes and nothing normal. We have to turn back and get him new clothes.

      My Dad is tidying my bathroom and complains that I never put my clothes to wash.

      A doctor thinks I have cancer. He uses a geiger counter which indicates that my nose is the source. He then puts a camera up my nose and down my throat to look closer. This felt terrifyingly realistic.

      I've been having a bit of a dry spell of dream recall so the last two nights have been reassuring. Glad I had a lucid, it's a shame I had to wake myself up though!
    4. Poor Dream Recall

      by , 03-17-2011 at 10:06 AM
      Had pretty poor dream recall again last night, I'm pretty tired at the moment so can't really get pen to paper in time. Hopefully this weekend I'll have something of an REM rebound though!

      On the bright side I almost had an accidental WILD when going to sleep. I was doing a lot of deep breathing (as I read about underbreathing during the day) and this really relaxed me. Before I knew it I had the floating sensation and I could feel my eyes zipping around. Probably didn't work as this was right at the start of the night.
    5. Most annoying FA ever!

      by , 03-16-2011 at 02:52 PM
      My dream recall would have been pretty good last night. Except I only wrote them down in a FA dream journal and not in real life.

    6. A (lucid dream) within a (semi-lucid) dream

      by , 03-15-2011 at 11:47 PM
      I'm going to colour code this slightly differently than normal just to make it all a bit clearer.

      Waking Life (Top Level)
      Semi-Lucid Dream (Middle Level)
      Lucid Dream (Bottom Level)

      I am walking down a stone spiral staircase with my old media teacher. I know that I am dreaming and don't need to reality check as the environment is one of the clearest I've experienced. The excitement that I may have a vivid, lucid dream for the first time in a while ends this fragment of the dream.
      I am in a grand lecture theatre/exam hall. It is all on one level and the walls look a lot like the Great Hall in Harry Potter. There are red drapes and the seats have red cushions on them. I am sitting next to T_ S_ and realise that she is extremely beautiful. I lean in to her and realise I am lucid. "Breath on me," I say "And poke me". She asks why and I tell her it's just extremely important that she does so - I use the sensations to ground myself within the dream and everything becomes extremely vivid. I ask her to kiss me and she does so, it was amazing - better than any kiss I've ever had in real life. Despite the fact we're in the somewhat busy lecture hall we start to make love.
      I wake up in what I think is my bed, making love to a brunette girl. She seems shocked I'm doing this and I quickly explain that I was having a lucid dream and that the actions must have carried over to waking life. I am still semi-aware that I'm dreaming as you can see in the rest of this dream extract. We are back in the building with the stone steps and the girl takes me to her class, it seems to have a similar atmosphere to the dream in the lecture hall. I watch from the back for a while and then, when class is over, we head back up the stone steps and emerge at the top of a hill in the desert. Her friend has joined us and we turn to close the large wooden door. As we do so a zombie comes running up the hallway, we just about manage to lock it out.
      I have the sudden urge to help and a presence (dream guide?) tells me that I can. I need to find a particular seed and feed it to the zombie people to return them to a human state. Whilst being told this the zombie breaks through the door and bites the brunette girl's friend. She quickly becomes a zombie and I fight her off, trying to protect the brunette. I can't hold them off for long forever before she gets a small scratch. I vividly remember seeing her right eye developing a white sheen and before long she is one of them.
      At this point I fly off the hill and over the desert, searching for the seed. When I find it I see that it looks like the head of a venus fly trap but purple, with pink spines sticking out of it. I quickly return with three of these and feed them to the three zombies. Two of them become the seeds themselves and start chatting (I blindly accept this) and when I give the third one to the brunette she recovers as quickly as she changed.
      The next thing I know I have taken the two girls back to their dorms and am saying goodbye as I plan to leave for another adventure - the advanced task of the month. I try to teleport there but the dream ends.

      Definitely dipped in and out of lucidity in the last part of the dream there but it was definitely one of the best LD's I've ever had! It has also occurred to me that the voice I heard that told me to get the seeds may be my dream guide. I felt a sort of presence (as I have read about countless times) when I was being told this information.

      I really hope I find a dream guide, not for the advice, but so that I have a companion on my adventures to share the fun with.
    7. Wahey another (admittedly fragmented) lucid!

      by , 03-12-2011 at 05:02 PM
      I was extremely, stupidly drunk last night so my recall for this isn't perfect but I'm still ecstatic nontheless.

      I remember having a false awakening and I immediately could just feel that I was dreaming. I jumped off the end of the bed and stopped a foot off the ground to prove it to myself. I also recall searching for my dream guide and think I was almost successful. I remember grabbing at somebodies arm through a mirror after shouting "Dream Guide", but unfortunately didn't hold on hard enough. I also recall teleporting myself to a location that I have designed in waking life where I believe my dream guide will be. It was on the top of a hill overlooking the sea, although wasn't 100% accurate. I knew that I had to find a motorbike and think that I did but can't recall for certain.
      dream fragment , lucid
    8. My first feature length lucid!

      by , 03-11-2011 at 06:32 PM
      task of the month

      I'm so happy!! I've been struggling for ages to get a decent lucid dream that actually lasts and I've finally got it. Admittedly it was semi lucid in parts and my recall for the start is a little hazy (hoping more of that will come back to me) but it was still a fantastic experience and my dream control was great.

      Basically I had a nap this afternoon to catch up some sleep with the intention to DILD if I had the opportunity and it all evolved from there. It was a shock to me at first when I started getting WILD sensations and I really enjoyed them this time, they felt really relaxing and comfortable. After this I found that my brain was in imagery overload and imagining loads of random images. One of them became particularly strong - I had found a way to break a simple sweets/toy machine without getting caught and could take all of the contents. This image was verging on dream-level and I hung it to it for as long as I could. After a while I felt myself coming out of the WILD state so refocused all of my energy on the image mentioned above. Before long the scenery started changing without my conscious effort, I still remember Thomas the Tank Engine in there somewhere.

      After a while the random colours and imagery had evolved into a dream environment, I didn't even have to bother reality checking etc as I remembered the whole process. I started grounding myself, concentrating on what I could feel, smell and see. Foolishly I tried hearing the outside world too and almost lost my lucidity, but my determination and hand rubbing kept me in the dream. After this I found I could continually do the hand rubbing with an extra set of arms so set off on an exploration.

      I was at my University and it looked a bit like the BBC news set. I didn't want to hang around here so headed to the back to find some toilets and check out my appearance in the mirrors. (I've heard a lot of rumours regarding this) A group of woman were approaching in front of me and being really slow so I dodged around them, noticing as I did so that one of the women was sick of the group and slipped into a cupboard instead of following them. When I got to the mirror I saw that I had my four arms. I decided to try and remove two of them and make the remaining ones more muscly. I couldn't do this effectively so instead I enticed the extra two out again and grew all four arms to hulk like proportions. Soon after this I remember I had the opportunity to dream fight but my recall around this point is quite hazy.

      I left the toilets and loads of people were heading upstairs to my "flat" where we were going to party. I didn't want to bother with the stairs as I was lucid so decided to fly straight upwards through the floors. It got pitch black once I tried to do this however and it resulted in my first successful teleportation. I simply pictured the room and *bang* I was transported into it. Once there I was alone and didn't know what to do, and then I realised - Task of the Month! To the best of my knowledge the task was to eat a piece of dream fruit and pick a piece of dream fruit (I now know this to be from the dark side of the moon) so headed out to do both of these things. I visualised an apple a couple of times but it wouldn't appear, so instead tried a different tactic of turning away and visualising it behind me. To my surprise this worked really well and I bit into my new found apple with joy. It tasted quite fizzy but was by far the best apple I've ever had. Next I decided to persue the advanced task incorrectly and found a small plant in the hall way, I decided this was enough and tried to grow some fruit on it. I used the same looking away visualisation technique to get fruit onto the branches of the small plant. The first couple of tries yielded mouldy results but by the third try I grew a perfect lemon. I remember vividly how the plant prickled me as it pulled apart the leaves to get to it. After this I decided to practice again as the lemon was quite small, and grew a perfect sized grape instead.

      Upon re-entering the main room in the flat I found that loads of people had arrived. I had vague memories of old tasks of the month as I was unsure which ones to do and remembered "kiss a dc". At this point I saw my friend A_ trying to kiss Rolf Harris. Rolf looked really uncomfortable so I went over, hugged him, and pushed Adam away, offering to get them both drinks. After a bit of mingling I realised that I wouldn't be able to recall all of this lucid as it was so long (there's still much I know that I can't recall) and decided to do one last thing. Whilst thinking this I saw Charlie Sheen in the corner with an inflated head - yes, punch Charlie Sheen. I went over, punched him quite hard and he disappeared.

      I was so confident of my dream control at this point that I created credits. They were displayed as lots of small white letters in computer font making up the shapes of bigger letters on a black background. They read "This was a Josh production. Thankyou for watching." I then used this to make white noise and voluntarily woke up.
    9. And another :(

      by , 03-05-2011 at 03:08 PM
      So this morning I became aware I was lucid whilst in a dream and again immediately woke up without the chance to ground my dream. I'm in a miserable mood now.

      It was a pretty good night for dreaming other than that though and I supposed the frequency of my lucid dreams must be a sign of progress.

      Non lucid

      This first dream was very much like a movie at some points, I observed the action for a variety of angles as well as first person. I am on a roof of a building. It is one of the garden-like ones that you see in Japan etc on top of skyscrapers, however it is much larger. As I push through the crowds I realise I am being chased down (AGAIN!!) by a man in a suit who is weaving his way through.
      The "shot" cuts and I see him nudge a girl sitting on the ground with his foot, he puts his shoe threateningly near her face but she bites it and shows no fear. I assume that she is refusing to give my location. I am aware of the fact that I have great power and can easily fight this man off so vanish the stairs.
      At this point the shot" cuts to a birds eye view and I see that the building that I'm on is a mix of modern glass and a temple of stone. The stairs disappear and then I somehow make him aware of the fact that I'm ready to fight him face to face. The "shot" remains bird's eye and I suddenly see loads of squares appear above peoples head's like a video game. Each square spins and the person below it has a character revealed with whom they will fight. This takes me by surprise as I thought I was the only one fighting him. Everybody but me and the man in the suit turns into Pikachu and a huge battle commences. I'm not sure who's fighting who as the Pikachu's electricity all combines and streaks into the air, hitting an aeroplace.
      The next thing I know, I'm observing what's happening on this plane. Everybody has been transformed into half-pigs apart from those in first class. A woman leaves first class, unaware of what has happened and see the pig people everywhere. She really needs the toilet so hides until she has a good opportunity to sneak through. Her opportunity arises when a few of the men decide to play a truth or dare like game involving kissing eachother. She makes her move but I don't stay dreaming long enough to see the conclusion.

      I really enjoyed this dream, in fact the vividity of dreams is increasing so much that I'm beginning to enjoy most normal dreams as the plots seem so intriguing.

      I can't remember all of this dream so will fill in what I assume happened in the gaps in black. I'm at Hurn House and there is a zombie type invasion. We are on the 11th floor flat and a zombie comes stumbling in the house, we instantly leap into action and stuff him in the cupboard, taking great care not to get bitten. We have been out hunting zombies and return. Upon our return we find the door unlocked and are quite worried, we cautiously enter and then see the guy who stayed behind happily playing fifa. With our guard lowered I open the cupboard door from earlier to get food, forgetting the zombie was in there. I have to wrestle him back in before he escapes.

      Another enjoyable dream, now for the let down.

      I am walking down my hometown's High Street and on the corner I see a red car for sale, its price has been reduced by several hundred pounds and it's covered in bird shit. I have a feeling I saw this car earlier in the dream at full price and in a clean condition. Myself and someone else look interestedly and then continue round the corner. I approach my car now on my own and get it, I know I must take care driving as I've been drinking. The car is behaving strangley and the clutch doesn't seem to be working. I feel somwhat worried as I see a police car. I notice there's lots of space in front of me where I can turn around and head down this street the right way, but I must do it before the approaching bus gets closer or I'll have to wait. The car is still behaving strangley and I decide to check my feet are on the pedals ok. There are four pedals, for an instant I tell myself not to question this and focus on driving in case the police get suspicious. But then I tell myself, "Don't be fucking scared, this is NOT normal." I check again and think "Wow, I am dreaming". The dream instantly disappears and I see the back of my waking eyelids.
    10. Another brief lucid

      by , 03-03-2011 at 06:42 PM
      My dream recall's been a bit poor ever since my massive recall the other day. Last night saw a small bit of progress, but probably my second worst lucid dream so far.

      I'm at my original home and it's my birthday. My parents aren't there for it but contact my via a video link and apologise and tell me that they love me very much. I see at the bottom of my bed that they have left me a present - it turns out to be a huge packet of jelly beans (note - my bedroom is in its pre-decorated state). The next thing I know, I am walking past Costcutter (again! dream sign?) with my sister Z_ and B_. We're discussing the delicious of nature of pork pies. As we pass the shop I see someone I recognise, I double take and sure enough it's Charlie Sheen. I instantly know that I'm dreaming and panic. I scramble about from side to side to find something to ground myself with but much of the dreamscape seems to have disappeared and is largely a blank, white space. I find myself in what I know to be a dream bed and RC again, but it's too late and I awake in my real bed.

      At this point I tried to DEILD, successfully keeping my eyes wide shut, however the extent to which I dipped back into the dream wasn't enough so i carried on sleeping normally.

      During the day today I decided to have a WILD attempt as I've really been slacking off with this since the start of my LD efforts. I managed to get some very subtle WILD sensations and almost felt myself float out of my body. Again this wasn't enough to completely disconnect or start a lucid dream.

      So all in all a day and night of mixed success. At least I managed to become lucid, even if it was brief and at least I began to feel WILD sensations again.
    11. A little bit too drunk

      by , 03-02-2011 at 02:13 PM
      Was too drunk to bother/be able to dream recall last night. It's interesting that alcohol helps my recall, but only to an extent. Perhaps it was the dizziness that ruined it all!

      Still, I feel I'm making quite a lot of progress, lucid dreaming has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel an oncoming WILD in the near future.

      Dream fragment: I wake up feeling hungover so head to the bathroom for a drink of water which I drink out of my starbucks mug.

      Dream fragment (may be linked): I leave my room and see T_ and K_. I am putting on my shirt and K_ mentions that I've been lying about not working out.

      Yesterday evening I tried a WILD nap. It only lasted 15 minutes but I felt subtle WILD effects and semi dipped into a dream. I used the visualisation technique which certainly helped lull me to sleep. The visualisation that worked started off as two grey squares which slowly gained detail which I don't feel I consciously added. It turned into the set of Family Guy and we all started dancing, singing a song called "I'm going to reality check at the end of this song". I think I did this as I was aware I was dreaming but wanted to establish it as a proper dream first. Unfortunately I woke up.
    12. Best dream recall yet

      by , 02-28-2011 at 12:07 PM
      Wow, last night I had the best dream recall of my life. I can recall 5 full dreams plus fragments. No lucids unforunately.

      I am stranded on a desert island with lots of other people and are awaiting rescue. Whilst waiting however, we are attacked by huge flying insects, they were completely blue and looked like beatles with wings. Luckily, they are easy to fight off and our next focus is to eat. The trees all have large fruits on them so we tuck into those and continue our wait. We get a message from our rescuer saying that they're on the island but strugglingt to find us, everybody panics. This annoys me and I start looking for an iphone. I eventually snatch one off of somebody and shout "Google maps, you idiots!". As soon as I look at the screen it has large red markers indicating where we need to go. We climb the sandy ridge behind us and lo and behold there awaits a fleet of helicopters to rescue us.

      I am at a school disco type scenario, bad DJ, colourful lights, buffet, the works. They're also selling alcohol, hooray! I'm with Em and the DJ declares us the best couple of the night, we celebrate by ballroom dancing. When this dance ends the DJ announces that they will be selling cuddly toys to everyone. As if on cue, hundreds of small, blue plushies with big eyes come running out onto the dancefloor. All of the girls fall in love with them instantly and I assume I'll have to buy one for Em. We carry on dancing and I see my flatmate Toby who is dancing with another girl. I go up to him and teach him a ridiculous dance, which to my delight he does happily.
      Em and I decide it's time for a break from the dancing and run out of one of the fire escapes, kissing eachother and getting quite close. Before anything can progress further the door opens are we're spotted, so reluctantly return. Once back at the party I see some people from my primary school, GG, JS and JF. They all try to sneak out of the fire escape too, drunk. This fails miserably as they're caught straight away and sent back in. Next thing I know, GG is trying to leave with a pile of suitcases which he can barely move. Because he is so drunk, my seminar teacher G refuses to let him go.

      I think this next dream started off in a cramped sauna where I farted. Em laughed at me and said I was disgusting. Upon leaving though, I somehow discover I have food poisoning and need to contact my Mum for help. I decide that instead of texting her, I'm going to rearrange some pictures of the Easter Island statues to make a message. Emily laughs at this and I'm at first insulted, because I think she is referring to the fact I'm calling my Mum for help. It turns out that she's laughing at my way of communicating the message.

      I'm in an indoor athletics arena with a blue 400m track. Lots of my friends are gathered around and we're all taking turns to run the 100m. We're split into two teams with red and blue bibs, each with our own number. I am number 14. Numbers 1 - 7 race first but I think the dream skips here until my race. 8-14 are next up and once we all line up all of our numbers have turned to 14 like mine. The race is taking a while to begin and I look over to see that an old teacher is reading a newspaper and laughing, instead of starting the race. I head over and find that there is a ridiculous picture of me on the front cover, also VH and somebody else are on there. I find this embarrassing and then the dream ends.

      I'm going into Cranborne and it's extremely busy. I assume that all of next years students are taking a look around. As I head upstairs I bump into a red haired girl who keeps eye contact with me all the way until I get to the second floor, this is a bit creepy. On my floor I find lots of foreign students who are frantically searching around. One speaks to me in German and I do not understand. He gestures to a sheet of paper and I see that they're searching for the letters of the alphabet which are hidden around the halls. I say I can't help but will show them the posters on the wall in my flat as long as they don't come in. I open the door and gesture to show them the big collection we have. I realise I have left my keys in the door so run back to grab them and once I turn around, a German boy is in the flat. I shout at him to leave but he goes into my room instead. I have a wooden bunkbed in my room which Kass is sitting on, reading a magazine. He's alarmed at the boy's presence and tries to get him to leave. I eventually shout at him to "get the fuck out of my room and out of my flat". He goes into the hall and starts putting his shoes on, this angers me further that he has had the cheek to take off his shoes. When I look back at him he has turned into I_. I think to myself, don't focus your anger on him, that's the problem with dreams, you can get people mixed up easily. The German boy reappears behind him, stands up, then leaves.

      I am sifting through a pile of rubble and I find Gadaffi in it who has died. I am ecstatic and carry him off with someone else to show the world. When I look down at him he has turned into and inch high metal figurine whose head has broken off. This seems perfectly normal and we carry on our way.

      I cannot believe I didn't become lucid where the part in red is! Quite annoyed at this but proud of my huge recall.
    13. Brilliant Dream Recall

      by , 02-27-2011 at 12:29 PM
      Had a brilliant night of dream recall last night with 3 full dreams remembered in lots of detail. I also very briefly experienced lucidity at the end of the night. I think my new paper dream journal deserves thanks as it takes much less time to scribble down dreams in this and I found this also meant I could write down more. Also I felt fully rested at 9am today but decided to keep sleeping until 11 so sort of had a lie in.

      Lucid Dream

      I am at a train station and sitting there once again is the metal train which I wrote about last night. This is the third time it has appeared in my dreams. It turns out that this train is actually the location for my seminar today, therefore all of my classmates are there too. It seems this train is late to leave so I go and check the screens to see when it should have left. It reads 6:12, which coincidentally is the time that my late train should have left yesterday. B_ turns up to lead our seminar, apologising for being late and asking if the new seminar time is okay for everyone. The mature student in our group mentions that fifth period makes his day quite full and would much rather have it in fourth period. This makes no difference to the majority of us but he points out on his timetable that he normally has "Framework Forum" at fourth period. This doesn't make sense as the two should therefore clash. Dream end.

      I'm in somebody's living room, it is night time and on a table at the head of the room is a small plastic box. There is a bald man present who I don't remember directly speaking, despite the fact I know he informs us about the situation. The box is a radioactive bomb which needs defusing. We use a geiger counter to check it in comparison to the room and find that it is indeed radioactive. I remember feeling surprise that there is no background radiation in the room but I fail to reality check. I volunteer to open the box and try to defuse it. Once it is open I feel rushed so immediately use scissors to cut all four of the red wires in the box. This works, and so I cut the black wires just in case. There is a woman in the room who I think is a mother, she seems relieved and thankful and hands me back the geieger counter. We notice however that the plastic box has an almost invisible lead lining that would have rendered it safe anyway. When I up the geiger counter it now seems to work like thermal vision, with most things blue but radioactive spots showing up in green, red and then yellow at its worst. I look at my hands and see they're yellow, red around the wrist. Shaking them seems to have some sort of an effect and the colours calm down a little bit. I then start looking around my body and see that a patch of dry skin I have is actually radiation. As I continue exploring I am somehow thrown into my bed and find that my bedsheets are also radioactive. Dream end.

      T_, B_ and K_ are all going shopping and they come to my door seeing if I would like to come. Myself and J_ decide to pass and stay behind. However soon after leaving I get a text from an old school friend Ju_. He says that there is a market in town and also a "Penguin Show" at the local theatre. Me and J_ are in the kitchen looking through the cupboards, which are nowmade of mahogany. We point out the strange items and suddenly it occurs to me that these items are available to buy. There are a variety of strange glass water bottles and containers which are verging on being bongs. I decide that all of these items are useless, close the cupboards and turn around. I am at the back of a stage but take this in my stride. As I walk towards the front, a comedian is telling a joke to a child. The child finds it hilarious.

      "Wow, don't wet yourself kid."

      The comedian says. I stand at about 5 o'clock relative to them and laugh too before walking off the stage. As I walk past the front row I see a faceless female that I know, she tries to stop me as I walk past.

      "No, I'm going to wet myself too at this rate! Give me a second."

      I joke, and head to the toilet. I find the toilets out the back of the room and have to walk past a large, blonde girl to get it. Once in I rush to the cubicle as I think I see my Aunt standing at the urinal (!?) and I lock myself in. I look underneath and recognise the shoes as hers, somebody else walks in and I try to stay quiet so she won't notice me.
      It somehow dawns on me that I'm dreaming, I don't know why. I lean forward and the dream quickly starts to destabilise. I am impressed at the detail that the room takes on and quickly rub my hands together. This sounds and feels so realistic but it's not enough and I fall out of the dream.

      I'm completely gutted that I couldn't keep the lucid going for longer. However I'm so happy that my dream recall was so good. I'm going to keep a paper journal next to my bed for notes more often.
    14. Backlog of Dreams

      by , 02-26-2011 at 11:57 PM
      Okay so I've had a few dreams over the past week which I haven't had a chance to log, unfortunately no lucids and generally fragments so I'll just stick to one colour.

      1. Full Dream

      I'm on the run from Iron man's sidekick again. As I walk down a road near my house I pass a costcutter and decide I need water. Whilst sneaking down the side to steal some I get spotted by a group of local kids, they heckle me and dare me to come closer. For some reason there is some sort of storage facility where the road should be consisting of low concrete walls and wire fences. I walk up to one of the walls and confront them, this seems to work and I leave.

      I now enter a casino where I am now being hunted down by a man in a grey suit who I know is very dangerous. Somebody says to me that I need to master my powers just like in a lucid dream, particularly flight and telekinesis. I cannot believe I missed this dream sign. I sit at one of the tables and start playing blackjack, using my newly mastered telekinesis to lift cards and chips at the perfect moment so that I win a large amount of money. I store my winnings in a tube of chips. The man in grey comes to find me and I used my mind to flick chips at him, all this does is annoy him and next thing I know we're fighting.

      The situation is just like the boss level of House of the Dead 3. We're suddenly in a cylindrical room and he's flying around me making me dizzy. The fight is deadly but I am aware that I can win with my powers. I stab at him with pencils whilst he pummels me with his fists. Eventually he swoops beneath me and I fly down and grab his head. As he struggles to escape I disconnect his lower jaw and throw it away as he roars. He tries attacking me with the remaining upper teeth and somehow I disconnect these too so that he has no weapons left.

      The next thing I know it's as if that fight never happened, I see my girlfriend on the phone to her Dad. It turns out he's damaged his jaw and needs a dentist.

      2.Full recall which has now faded

      I only have the notes for this dream "Cranborne. G_. E_ down. Gig. Struggle for tickets."
      I can hardly remember this dream except for the fact we were in G_'s flat, I assume we were all going to a gig.

      3. Full recall which has now faded

      I'm on a train near Bournemouth in the exact same location where I had a dream before. All my friends were there then but now only VH is. The train is going downhill and I show VH a teddybear, he likes this teddybear and thinks it's cute, treating it like a baby. We talk for a short while and then I go into the next carriage. Here I see A_ who tells me she has had a boob job and insists on showing me. She looks like someone out of a magazine (and definitely doesn't in real life, sorry!).

      4. Fragment

      I look in the mirror at my spots and find that they've all gone bubbly and are layering upon eachother, they appear infected like a man's leg that I saw on television the other day. I feel relieved as I know I have a new spot cream from the doctors (also in RL) which works really well.

      5. Fragment

      I walk in on my Dad pumping up footballs. I ask him if I can borrow the pin so I can inflate my American Football. I do so and am happy that it's no longer flat.

      6.Fragment from a while back

      Don't know why but I remember this fragment really vividly despite the fact that it was from two weeks ago. I am at a nightclub and get offered drugs. One gets poured into my hand and I do not want to take it because I never have before. I decide to take half of the tablet. I notice that these tablets look identical to one of the ones I used to use when I worked at the pharmacy.

      7.Full recall which has now faded

      I have no idea why I didn't record this dream ages ago. I leave Hurn House near where I live and the geography is all wrong. There is a huge hill sloping downwards in front of my and a monorail to my left (see dream 3). I can look out onto the sea as if a section of the town has been chopped away and the sea moved closer. All of my old school friends are outside, J_, VH, T_, L_, R_, B_, S_ etc etc. Me and J_ start doing a weird dance which involves mirroring eachother whilst we twist our hands left and right whilst outstretched, like turning on a tap or something. We both find this dance funny as if we purposely learned it at an earlier date.
    15. Past 2 nights

      by , 02-25-2011 at 07:01 PM
      The past few nights haven't been particularly successful, a mix of drinking and just enjoying my chance to sleep away from uni.

      Dream 1 involved me being in Bournemouth and finding out that I was only actually 10 minutes away from London. An old friend of mine called Ellen showed me how to get there. We were at the top of a mutli storey car park which also had a lot of bicycles parked in it too. We opted for the stairs instead of the lift and ended up walking along a really clean street with a huge skyscrapers. I remembered that I had to meet my girlfriend at one point though and had to leave.

      I could recall the other dream until about 5 minutes ago so will take some time to remember it and edit later.
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