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    1. Freedom of movement

      by , 11-26-2022 at 06:16 PM
      I am focusing on the feeling of freedom in my dreams. Specifically, freedom of movement. I have designed MP3 track meditations, with my own recorded affirmations, to listen to as I go to sleep. Last night I dreamed I was being attacked by a huge, powerful enemy. I struck him with a double hand attack to his head and he fell. I then became lucid enough to marvel at how easily I had moved, almost as if the motion were lubricated.

      Side note-For some years I have had a recurring nightmare-type dream consisting of imagery from a horror movie I unfortunately watched years ago. When this first began, back in 2011, it invoked a sickening fear that absolutely devasted me. Since then, I have done a helluva lot of inner work, focusing on using everything negative for a positive gain. Over this past month I have had about three dreams that contain the remnants of this original nightmare. The elements are washed-out and in pieces and I know what they are and just throw them away. I'm going to claim this as a victory over myself. To anyone struggling with inner issues that produce nightmares I advise you to take the Hero Path, go inside and challenge the most frightening thing you can find, challenge it to combat. Never back down, always go forward. Turn the fear into courage. Hail Odin!