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    Meeting Rose

    by , 07-16-2017 at 10:16 PM (124 Views)
    1:30Pm-3:09pm. Slept for 2 hrs, 9min. LUCID DREAM}

    Was first in my old home and after a little bit of wandering about, I noticed I had control over my actions. Went inside to have someone mention that the home looks pretty much the same, I did an RC and realized I was dreaming when I saw my fingers smashed weirdly together. After this I went to see what mom was up to, she was baking a cake except she was in the current kitchen. I said I wanted to help, because I knew the taste would help me stay longer in the lucid dream and I didn't want to run about this time. So she started measuring stuff out, then I walked around to my old room and did some sexyish dancing and pretended it was totally kinky. But D came in and shoved me onto the bed, I guess my thoughts had pushed the dream a bit because he had a carrot wrapped in rope and something else that he tried to stick in me. I just closed my legs and mentioned how I was kidding, then went to check up on mom. She was mixing stuff, I thought about how I loved to mix stuff and decided to go outside but when I got to the door she said I could come mix. So I said I'd be right there, rushed back after closing the door and saw that she wasn't even on a mixing stage. She was forming the cake, I guess she was just going to freeze it. I went outside and saw the trampoline we have at the current home infront of the old home and on it was a little deflated kids pool. It had started raining but I still wanted to swim, I made mention in my head of the small size and when I opened it out it was a big as the trampoline. Then I jumped in it and it filled with water, but it was like I was in a balloon because it ripped and I sat up laughing with the water pouring on me and the deflated pool on my back. Someone said the food was done so I went back inside and looked about, mom's desk was in the middle of the living room with four plates on it. I grabbed one and started eating, I'm not sure it had much taste but that was just something I'd have to improve on. After this I decided I should go see Rose to keep me in check, I didn't know how to go about it but I knew I wanted her to teach me. So I imagined the room around me changing, I stared at a fabric till it changed to lavender with patterns and then I backed up and saw a lady sitting behind a mirrored desk. Two phones were attached to the wall to talk through, so I found myself asking for her name. The lady at the desk looked elderly but young, she told me to spell the name and for some reason I couldn't get it right. I said it was Rosetta with two S's, thinking it was spelled with S's before the A instead of T's and then couldn't remember if her last name had an E in the end or not even though I know full well it doesn't. So I resorted to her appearance, Long black curls or sausage curls, wearing black, green eyes...or black or white. I was about to add, black wings and then mention how she changes her appearance but someone walked around behind us and when I saw I knew it was her. Her skin had that faded pale grey look like she just came out of a tomb, I think for a moment she had glasses but I can't really remember, she might have been changing. Her hair was very short, to her neck or just above the shoulders. It was black though, her eyes were black, and her outfit was black and dark grey for pants. She looked a bit like a trendy goth mom, a black long shawl type drooping over her shoulders and looking like big sleeves, low collar black shirt, tight fitting, dark grey yogo pants? Platformed big black shoes. Her makeup also sported black, but her hair was straight and pulled back on one side by a clip. It had more of a V cut to it starting from the back and making it longer toward her face. I pretty much swooned at her feet but she grabbed my arm lightly and tugged me along as though I obviously couldn't walk by myself. Brought me to a white walled room, all the walls were plain white a bit like a school or asylum. Inside a group of maybe ten people, young adults to teens it seemed were sitting crosslegged on the carpet and staring and a whiteboard with a table infront of it. To the left of the whiteboard was a clock, it was ordinary except it was missing it's hands and a red 5 was sort of painted on in the middle. I looked at the board and tried to imagine it saying are you lucid dreaming, but I couldn't. She posed it as a question to me I guess to help but I could only barely see the letters in pink forming, I said no before thinking and quickly said yes afterwards. Then she grabbed me and pulled me toward another area, I guess her office but we never got there because I woke up after she said come with me.

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