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    All these boxes!

    by , 11-14-2015 at 04:56 PM (544 Views)
    Sorry I've been inactive the last couple weeks, I've been super busy with school so the stress of it has made my dream recall poor, and my lucidity even worse. However, I managed to recall a bit of a dream I had last night...

    I remember being in a two story building, almost like a warehouse, with very high ceilings, large windows used for the walls, and you could see the outlining infrastructure of the building. This was were my work was (while IRL my work is a small business in a one story building), my boss was getting upset with me because there was an overflow of cardboard boxes, and I guess it was solely my job to clean them up. He kept getting pissed that I wasn't working hard or fast enough and even threatened to fire me if I didn't work faster. (Luckily, IRL my boss is nowhere near that demanding or rude).

    What's funny is that this morning I had a rehearsal for a gig in a church that looked a lot like my work in the dream. This church is modern so it had high ceilings, large windows acting as the walls, and exposed infrastructure. And later today, while I was at work, I realized there was a lot of cardboard needing to be taken out.

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