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    1. Lucid Dream 8.19.12

      by , 10-15-2015 at 09:18 PM
      FINALLY had a lucid dream after months of a dry spell

      I don’t remember much before my “ah ha!” moment when I became lucid. I just remember it was me and a few friends (or complete strangers I thought were my friends) were at this apartment complex/dormitory thing. It had multiple townhouses, upper scale dorm rooms, and little convenience stores that all faced at one particular point, which was like the outdoor common area for it’s residence.

      Something was wrong, I can’t remember what, all I knew was that for some reason my friends and I need to get out of this complex but were unable to do so. (I kind of remember monsters or enemies of some kind surrounding the complex) So, we were trying and trying to break through their line and get free, but couldn't come up with a great plan to break out. Me and two other girls were standing beside a car (could have been one of theirs) looking at this huge blockade of men/monsters/barricade that blocked off the entrance to this complex. I can remember thinking “man I wish this was a dream, then I could just blow the fucker up…”

      I stopped, thought about where I was for a minute, did my reality check and confirmed that I was in fact dreaming. As soon as I realized it, I busted out laughing as I kicked off the ground and started flying. My friends turned back and were in awe at what I was doing. All I could do was smile and shrug at them, I was so happy to have gained lucidity again. I flew over to the blockade, charged up this huge energy/fire ball and let ‘er fly at the blockade. It exploded, damaging the enemies defenses, allowing some residence to escape. I didn't want to leave the party just yet, so I flew around a bit, shooting energy balls at my enemies, all the while marveling at why I didn't realize I was dreaming before, everything looked and seemed so cartoony now. I fought a couple monsters, hand to hand, which was fun. After a while the scene started to bore me, and I started to experiment with my abilities outside the plot of the dream.

      While a bunch of people were being chased by monsters and fleeing for their lives, I decided to try and create a carbon life form just from my mind (a particularly difficult task for me). So, I stopped flying, set myself atop a small grassy hill (which was still being surrounded by the battles and chaos) and tried to grow and bloom a flower on command. I knew that manifesting a separate life was different than manipulating the energies of myself, so I focused not on ME creating the flower, but instead I focused on the energies it would take the earth to create a flower. I put my hand to the earth, sending some of my energies to it through my hand, I imagined a tiny seed sprouting, creating roots to spread about the earth, and finally, I imagined it sprouting, growing, and blooming. Within seconds of me doing this, a beautiful pink, small, daisy-like flower sprouted and grew from the earth where I was focusing. I did it! I created life! It survived until some scared resident trampled it.
    2. Attempts at Astral Projection early 2012

      by , 10-15-2015 at 09:13 PM
      Recounting my experience from last night when I tried to astral project. I have been attempting to astral project for months now but this is the closest I've come.
      So I started my usual relaxation techniques like I do almost every night, I stayed very still lying on my back until the sleep paralysis took over. I began to feel that tingling electroshock feeling throughout my body like normal, although the onset this time was far quicker. This time all the sensations I were feeling were more intense than normal. I actually began to feel my energy flowing freely throughout my body at a very high frequency vibration. I also felt every one of my chakra points and I could feel them "connect" their energies in a constant flow of electricity and light. I felt them all. Then my mind went still. I went from seeing the brightly colored hallucinations behind my eyes, (ones that you would normally see when trying to fall asleep) to seeing the full layout of my bedroom, all with my eyes closed. I could see my door leading to my closet, with my pile of laundry sitting nest to it. Panning my sight through the room I saw with great detail the rest of my room's layout. I also saw a figure, standing at the foot of my bed. Don't know if it was a spirit or what but it was defiantly a male energy, most likely a former human, about 25-30 years old (if you can even put an age on those types of things). It just looked at me curiously as if to wonder if I could see and communicate with it. Hands clasped together in front of him. I could tell it wanted to tell me something, or convey some thought to me. I wasn't fearful of it at all, and I did not feel any sort of negative energy associated with it. I wanted to just focus on getting to this next plane so I "told" (more like sent my message through thought) it that I needed to only focus on myself at this time and did not wish to commune with anything just then. I thought I almost saw it nod in agreement then faded back and moved out of my room by phasing through my bedroom wall opposite of my bed. I kept trying to pull myself out of my body completely but after about 20 min of trying to lift my spirit up, I gave up and opened my eyes. Upon opening my eyes I immediately saw another form at the foot of my bed, again it looked and felt human, but also greatly familiar. At this moment my perception kind of shifted and I went from seeing the figure at the foot of my bed while I was laying down, to seeing myself laying on my bed while I was standing at the foot of my own body. It was this that I truly feel I was outside my body for a moment, and was in fact looking at my own body while being outside it. I sat up, confused and felt myself shift back into myself completely again, back to my original state. As always after I attempt to astral project, I can feel my energies flow through my body, and it's at this time that I do my best work with controlling and manipulating my energies. But last night, man, all I could feel and see surrounding me was my energy. And it felt so much stronger than normal. I could also see the energies of everything around me, they look to be an almost thick, transparent ethereal fog, each belonging to one thing or occupying only one space. I saw many of these "clouds" of energy. Not quite sure what they are exactly but I will look for them again when I am in this state.
    3. Lucid Dream Accomplishments/Goals

      by , 10-15-2015 at 09:04 PM
      Here is a list of what I have done or want to do in a lucid dream....just for giggles

      [x] Fly
      [x] Have a fight with someone
      [x] Have a fight with multpile people
      [x] Telekenisis
      [x] Morph already exisiting objects
      [x] Manifest objects out of thin air
      [x] Play an instrument I don't know how to play in real life
      [x] Have sex
      [x] Control the weather (i.e. tornados, tsunamis, and the like)
      [x] Control air
      [x] Control water
      [x] Control fire
      [x] Control earth
      [x] Fight a monster or mythical creature
      [x] Teleport
      [x] Die
      [x] Get shot
      [x] Get stabed
      [x] Kill someone
      [x] super strength
      [X] Walk through walls
      [x] Share a dream
      [ ] Perform a sucessful WILD
      [ ] Astral Project
      [ ] Create a world from a "blank slate"
      [ ] Meet my dream guide
      [ ] Make someone else realize they are dreaming
      [ ] Access lost memories
      [ ] Go through our galaxy