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    1. The Damn Bear!

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:51 PM
      This is a lot to remember, so it will be fuzzy.

      The dream was similar to Groundhog Day, where I kept dying and restarting. Somehow, a bear was in my neighborhood, and it didn't like me. The first few times I just called animal control, who would take it away while it stared me down.

      For some reason, they didn't come, and when I stepped outside, I was attacked by a large black bear. The bear was in full "I am going to kill you and use your corpse to entertain my cubs" mode. I run inside, and the god damn bear punches through the fucking door. My wife runs in with a shotgun. I wait until he breaks open the second, stronger door and aim. The bear grabs the shotgun and starts attacking it. Somehow, it goes off, shooting her, who is relatively fine with this but leaves me to fend off the raging bear. I fall to the ground in this exchange, and then, I feel the barrel on my shoulder. I hear a boom and what feels like a jagged rock jammed into my body. Whoever said you won't experience pain in dreams is a liar.

      The dream restarts. I should note here that every restart has only me remembering these previous encounters. I call animal control the second I restart. While waiting for animal control, I see people playing with the fucking bear, who is my nemesis at this point. Then, I see some guy who does street break dancing walking to the side of my house, where I am standing by the window. Confused, I wait, and then, I see he is leading a pack of kids with the god damn bear. The bear is docile and fun until he sees me, at which point he goes into a rage and kills most people in the group to get to me.

      I am running now, expecting an angry bear neck bite. I run into a museum or something. I see a large ledge that is opposite the museum entrance while the bear is chasing me. Carefully, I get down without hurting myself, but the god damn bear flings itself over.

      With the bear frozen in mid-air, a video clip plays, like from Rocky Horror Picture Show, explaining how falls impact different things. Basically, the bear should be dead. It didn't believe that, and I flee trying to get out of the museum so the police or something can kill it.

      In my escape, I wind up at a party in the museum because the building is massive. A guy who looked like Dave Foley gets a note that says "bear in bank." He immediately disperses the party. Panic in the museum erupts as the bear charges out of an area close to us with a body in its mouth at me.

      There is a melee between the bear and I, so I can say, dreamwise, I wrestled a bear once, and I know I am about to die. I get an advantage, and like Simba fighting Scar, I flip him off the ledge from before, which is close to us. He stands up, completely on his hind legs, and just stares at me, with broken bones protruding from his skin.

      I run, open a door, and I am on a field trip to Disney with my friends and family to a secret Disney science museum. The museum is pretty cool with moving side walks and screens explaining exhibit. If you face the screen, it will be the only sound you hear. There is a booth to get trophies if you saw X things. It's pretty interactive.

      I rush through it because I am extremely paranoid, knowing the god damn bear lurking. The dream ends with my wife telling me next is the zoo with this really sad story about a bear who was attacked by some guy. I turn around and ask "Was it a black bear?" as my alarm clock (Machine Head's Locust) blares.

      Also, my other alarm tone is Rick Ross' Hustlin', and I have 7 alarms that alternate between the two songs. So, sometimes I'd have that song leaking into the dream.
    2. A Meditation

      by , 11-05-2010 at 03:30 PM
      While reading Robert Wagonner's Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, he touched on the concept of a dream review committee. This reminded me of an LD I had a few months ago during a nap:

      Weirdest dream I've had in a while. The dream was basically a series of scenes, all of which had me lucid dreaming. I can't remember every scene, but one had me getting into a van next to a car that two guys were robbing, driving off, and them chasing me. Since I was in full control, I started creating things to throw at that, starting small with bricks all the way up to gallon barrels of gas.

      The only scene I remember REALLY well was walking into a magic shop. When I am lucid dreaming, I tend to play along with the dream, then go mega deity on it, but the store clerk knew it. He started talking straight to me saying, "I am the one thing you can't change." I created a sword, stabbed him, and it went through. Then, I turned and this stuffed bird started talking saying it would teach me a lot about real lucid dreaming. I spoke to it, and kept saying I would be more powerful than anyone. Realizing I was losing control, I reigned the dream back, only to have the store clerk fight that and manipulate my manipulations. Finally, he tossed me out of the scene into a series of scary scenes with him somewhere in them (think G-Man walking around). He looked a lot like David Blaine, but I think it was because it was a magic store, and I imagine all Magic Store clerks looking like that--douchey.

      I woke up, terrified. As when I sleep on my back at my parent's house, I get this sense that someone or something is in the room. I ignore it because I didn't want to move out of sheer terror. Eventually, the feeling passed, but I was scared to go back to sleep for a while.

      Weird, weird dream.
      So, here, I was assessed of my dreaming abilities, didn't accept it, and was punished. I didn't take into consideration that this was an assessment of what I can do lucidly. Going to investigate this.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. Lucid Dream #2

      by , 11-01-2010 at 01:19 PM

      Lucid Dream #2:

      Per the usual, I'm going to put in red what was lucid, and blue what was non-lucid. Black will be non-dream stuff.

      So, last night, I decided to try to use my REM Dreamer since I was having such poor luck as of late. When using the dreamer, I always have vivid dreams and I wake up a lot. Before the wake-back-to-bed, I had a really vivid dream where I was in a brand new we made. The house had a large kitchen flanking the left side of it, with a cozy looking living room. I didn't get much further than that. I wake up the first of several times and fail several WILD attempts. I know once I checked my clock to be sure I was awake, then within seconds, I see a different clock saying I should be dreaming. Somewhere in this waking and falling asleep, I dreamt of this tiny kid with a basketball. It was in my journal, so I know it happened, but I can only see him in silhouette. Finally, it was close to 6:30 or 6:45 when I went to sleep again. I believe I see the dream form around me, but I am not too sure, until I hear my text tone go off, which is a loud 2 second sound, for some reason, I know that this is a dream and I become lucid. I am a theater with people watching dreams. In the dream, it didn't dawn on me that this was my recreation of the November advanced challenge "Visit an offline DV." As I walk around the theater, I see a girl following me, but my main goal is to get to the lobby to tell death to steal her soul. Again, I am very goal oriented. Instead, I realize I do not have full control over the environment, so I poke my finger through my hand, which succeeded. It was an erie sight. I see my mom in the theater, and I tell her my basic task because I am aware the dream is ending. I tell her I am thankful for learning how to dream properly. Not long after that I can feel the dream fade to the room I was sleeping in, and I wake up.

      My strange penchant for completion, lead me to perform two major dream tasks on the first day of the month, but I still lacked control over my environment. Also stranger is the fact that I became lucid, not by WILDing, but by the external text message sound. I still lack control in my lucidity =\.
    4. First Induced Lucid Dream!

      by , 10-25-2010 at 07:39 PM

      Well, it's been a long ride, but I had my first intentional lucid dream. Per the usual, I'm going to put in red what was lucid, and blue what was non-lucid. Black will be non-dream stuff.

      Going to bed, I repeated the mantra "I lucid dream." When my thoughts wandered, I would chant it louder in my head. During my trying to fall asleep, I could imagine daily things being effected by it (I see a scene from earlier play out, but instead of normal words, it added things like "I loudly dropped..." which followed the same first letter of my mantra. Somewhere in there, I fell asleep.
      I am in an extremely dark house. People are all around, and for some reason, I feel a sense of urgency. I try to turn on lights, but they fail. My first thought is the lights are broken. Somewhere in the dream, I get the notion that it's a dream and try to RC. I try poking my finger through my hands, counting my fingers, but both worked flawlessly. Undaunted, I do the nose test, and it failed. This forces me to realize I am dreaming. Since it's dark, I conjure up a potion, for some reason, and drink it. Within seconds, the room brightens up. I drink another, and the room gets brighter. Eventually, the entire room is dark, but bright enough to make out details. I know the LD is extremely unstable, so I began to think of tasks to do. Yes, this was my first thought because I am goal-oriented. I ask a woman wondering around what are my tasks again, and I remember it's to talk to someone, so I ask her to tell me about lucid dreaming when I try to conjure a fireball for Nomad's class before the most recent one. She explains I need to wait to develop dream control and duration, but it'll come. I start to create the fireball in my hand, but while I feel the heat and hear the sparkling, I lose the visual. Begrudgingly, I wake up. I quickly jot down my dream, then I try to return to the dream, but instead, I have a non-lucid where I see a radio host willing to have his kidney removed for the sake of radio. Later, I am planning a trip to local colleges (day residue) to watch their graduations.

      All in all, good night!
    5. Nightmares

      by , 08-22-2010 at 04:16 PM
      Nightmares =\

      1: I was a serial killer/mass murderer for a reason I have forgotten. I used razor blades and slit people's throats quickly. I think I also kidnapped people, and the sequence ended with what was supposed to be years later when I see the investigators talking (one looked like Donald Sutherland), and I run up, kill both, then walk off. As I walk off, I hear shouting, and I impale myself on a screwdriver.

      2: I think this was an alternate ending to the previous dream where one of my friends died, and I was trying to be convinced to go with another friend to Greece where he lived now.

      3: My fiancÚ, for reasons unknown to me, was attacked in front of my by a massive crocodile. I, alone, pull her out, and she's unconscious. The dream ends with her being revived.

      I'm guessing since I went to bed stressed last night, this triggered the nightmares of death. I tend to over-analyze everything since I plan my moves out, and when I do, I worry about future situations that may not even develop. For example, if I want to quit my job, I become worried over the worst case scenario (no career), so I essentially start to become absorbed with the notion that this is all I can do, ever. This notion happens for nearly everything. So, since all the dreams were about situations out of my control (I think the last dream with the crocodile had my fiancÚ pregnant too, which neither of us want at the moment, so that made it double out of my control), I believe that going to sleep stressed out (computer issues on every computer and phone) pushed the dream to fruition. Worst of all, in the dreams, everything felt real enough/out of control enough to be feasible, so I couldn't break the idea that it wasn't real.

      I woke up shaking and pretty scared.

      Thinking back, I had a reality check that I missed. At some point during my murderous rampage, I shaved with my razor blades. Using a mirror (which worked fine), I noticed a patch of facial hair, passed the blade over it, and it disappeared. I never noticed that it didn't FEEL like I was shaving. Pity...
      non-lucid , nightmare
    6. Failed Nap WILDing

      by , 08-22-2010 at 04:14 PM
      ailed WILDing 4 times during a nap.

      Attempt 1: Got to sleep paralysis. While doing that, I see a coffee pot tip over with dolphins flowing out. It ends with me conscious that my body is paralyzed. I hear the TV in the living room, and I can't go deeper. I can't really even remember HOW to get to the dream phase =\
      Attempt 2 and 3: Don't remember much, but I fell asleep while going lucid. FiancÚ woke me up.
      Attempt 4: It came after long dream where I wake up in a room with an elderly H.P. Lovecraft. He wants to get a new novel published about Dagon (his first novel, to be precise), and he's weary of the process. His inner sanctum turns to me and gets me to solve it and remarked "Pray to Cthulhu you can do this." I remarked "You mean Dagon."

      Next scene is me buying an antique shop, and I find a girl in deep debt. I offer to make I go away, and she assumes sex. She's my sacrifice to Cthulhu. The shop keeper demands that I let him join the group. I agree, but it's implied I will kill him.

      I go to begin WILDing, get to paralysis, but I'm awoken before going further.
    7. Missed Transitions

      by , 08-22-2010 at 03:41 PM
      Much more vivid series of dreams, but I missed the transitions.

      In fact, I don't even know the order, but here were the sequences:

      - Car Ride

      For some reason, my fiancÚ and I were riding a car with my parents with two of our cats. They were sleeping when my dad stopped in the middle of the road to assist a guy who looked like a cross between my neighbor and an uncle. The dream explained away the occurrence as he was on vacation. Different in this dream was my dad's disposition towards me. In the dream, he was completely cruel, but in real life I don't think he's said anything negative to me ever.

      - The Love Story
      This was a weird one that I don't get how I missed it. I was the third wheel in a Love Story movie versus Elvis Presley. The heroine was I want to say Sandra Bullock, and I think I was supposed to be John Travolta. I distinctly remember walking with Elvis saying "You'll be dead before she's really famous." He stopped in his tracks, and the dream shifted again.

      - House
      For someone reason, we owned a larger house but never went in the back portion. When I finally did, it was terrifying. I counted an additional 4 rooms + bath that we didn't use, but it seemed intolerably dark. With flashlight in hand, which in dreams is just awful, I searched the hallway, got to the room, when... nothing happened. We discussed how to lay the room out as if nothing was wrong.

      - Boat Show
      This was the last sequence I recall. I was talking to a friend I've known for ages at a boat building show. We talked about a lot when I see a ship being built collapse. Strangest part was when the workers walked in the waist deep water, lifted the wooden boat, set it back, and went back to what they were doing. In the background, I saw a white ship named Junetown.

      One recurring theme in all the dreams was the emotional ties. In the first, disrespect towards my father, second love, third fear, and fourth jealousy of my friend not wanting to hang out with me. In every dream, when something would stick out that'd make me lucid, the dream would distract me. Our vehicle being different in the first was ignored for a quick 180 in the car. Speaking to Elvis was ignored for him realizing he was on his way to a young death. The larger house was ignored for the feeling of fear. The boat being in too shallow water was ignored with my friend speaking before I could think.

      I'd say these were 1 lucidities because I had some notion that things were off, I just couldn't break the script.
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Wasted Night

      by , 08-22-2010 at 03:41 PM
      I can remember two dreams from last night, neither even remotely lucid =(

      Dream 1: Vague. Something about a new software for work. - Assignment: I work with a lot of software, total Day Residue.
      Dream 2: Something about a 16 hour class. - Assignment: I am pretty excited about this class.

      I think I may have had a dream about music too, but I really couldn't remember much.

      Approx. Sleep Time: 6 hours.
    9. The TV Oddity.

      by , 08-17-2010 at 09:45 PM
      REALLY weird dream I think.

      I woke up at 3:33 to the sound of the TV on in the living room. Since I knew I turned it off, I checked my phone for a dream check (no other light in the bed room). The time stayed despite tests, I checked my e-mail, and that stayed too. Confused, I went to sleep and had another dream. I woke up again, and the TV was still on. I wake up this morning, and the TV is off. The TV can only self-shut off if it's on a blue screen (I've tested this). Clearly, I was dreaming, but why couldn't I tell?