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    Memorable Dreams

    1. [ADEL] 500th Lucid Dream

      by , 12-26-2016 at 12:39 PM (Mika's Dreams)
      Finally after a month-long dry spell I had my 500th lucid. Woo! Feels like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. The lucid was a short one, but I'm happy and excited again.

      I'm sitting on a chair and as I look down I notice my legs are that of a woman. I have a short false awakening right after noticing my legs and in the false awakening I'm writing down the incident to my notebook. Another dream begins in which I'm with a friend of mine, Tony. We're standing on an open balcony just right above the surface of a lake. Tony tells me that he could throw his cellphone into the water to make it bounce like some rocks do. I try to shake the idea out of his head, but being the guy who does all kinds of weird and funny things, he tosses it anyway. The phone swings back like a boomerang, hits the roof and then suddenly starts bouncing above the water like a flat rock. Tony is so exhilarated by the weird thing that just happened that he straight up jumps into the water as well after his phone. I can't believe this is happening. I can't wait to tell others what I just witnessed. As he gets back I notice a dim light shining under the surface. I wonder what it could be. The light moves near to where I'm standing and I can see a dangler-fish. Tony must have awakened it and now it's searching for a possible prey. Suddenly the dangler fish jumps against the window - I'm suddenly behind a window - from which I'm looking at it. It falls to the balcony and stops moving. Holy! Now I see another similar creature moving near the balcony under the water. It seems more than three meters long so I quickly "nope" away from the window. I say : "Man eater" to my grandparents who are sitting on a living room, referring to the scary fish outside. I leave the house.

      I find myself on a parking lot on a completely different scenery. This is where my other grandparents live. But wait, it's summer. It's as summer as it gets. I turn around, I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming. I try to see if the creature would follow me to the current dream scenery from behind the apartment building, but I find it unlikely. It wouldn't fit to the plot of this dream. 500. 5.0.0 I look down to my hands and they both have the right amount of fingers. Only a slight difference to my real ones. I feel a strong urge to take off to the sky for some reason. As if the sky wanted me there as I look up. I resist the urge and I think that the dream itself might make fly even if I didn't put conscious effort into it. I look up to a nearby tall tree. I want to climb it. No. I look down to my hands again and remind myself with the three-step technique. One - Stop. I don't even consider doing the second or third part, it feels like the stop part is enough for now. I walk to a nearby road and chant quietly to myself :" A door... door.. door." I would use it to teleport. 500. I want to reach Varion. Suddenly I remember Sensei's dare. Oh right, I could destroy the moon quickly before leaving. I try to spot it in the sky, but it's nowhere to be found. I know I could see it, even though it's midday. There's not even a single cloud on the sky though, so I bet there's no moon either. Then I simply start feeling hot. Wow, how can dream heat feel this real. It's summer inside my own mind, how? I stop to feel the sensation. I start taking off my socks because my feet are sweating.


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    2. Faith

      by , 01-31-2016 at 10:44 PM (Mika's Dreams)

      One of the most emotionally powerful - if not the most powerful - dream experiences Iv ever had. Albeit lasting for only a few minutes, this was the moment I thought to myself that I will never give up on pursuing lucidity. I have flown countless times and had great experiences when lucid , but this might be the dream where I experienced the truest freedom yet on my journey. The dream dates 18.1.2013 and I have written it down with only a few details back then, but I'll try my best to bring it back alive. Dream journal entry : Faith.

      Iv been trying to catch sleep for a good one and a half hours now and still haven't been able to. At this point I just want to fall asleep again, it's 5am and I have school tomorrow. I woke myself up just to get a chance for WBTB, but if this is how it turned out I guess I just have to accept it... I'll have another chance tomorrow. I'll let this chance slip away... just sleep...sleep. All I wanted was lucidity... tomorrow...I hope... Empty thoughts drifting slowly in the darkness. Indifference and the desire for rest taking over. Balancing on the edge of a knife over the void. From below a light rising to contrast the emptiness, accompanied by a gently rising tone. Self brought back, confused and unprepared. Briefly, a sense of weight on body as the brightness and tone that is getting the shape of music fills everything. Darkness, void, emptiness all gone.

      "...I have changed.... I have changed... Just like you..."
      A force gently dragging me in a white tunnel.
      " For how long... for how long..."
      As I watch the passing ceiling I turn my head to see the end of the tunnel and the two wind turbines.
      "Your concrete heart isn't beating..."
      A light. I begin to see and opening on the top of the tunnel... The light grows stronger the closer I'm pulled, closer and closer...

      "No shadows..."
      I'm taken under the opening.

      A hand reaches to me.
      bye guys-dffef.jpg
      " Now I'm here to rescue you."

      I reach for the hand and I'm pulled up to see the sun shining on the clear blue sky and it's vanilla clouds. A woman with a black tear drop tattooed under her right eye looks at me as I'm standing on one of the roof's of the metropolis. I look at her, and I instantly know what she is. She's the oppressed, She's a vigilante, She's a runner... I'm rescued by Faith.

      I look down to see that I wear the same clothing as she does. Sleeveless shirt, runners pants and runner's shoes. I even have similar one-hand glove as she does. I look back up to Faith. She looks away from me to the endless rooftops that are waiting. We look back at each other and neither of us says nothing. She knows why she brought me there, I know why I'm there. Our feet start taking steps that quickly take speed. We look forward. We run.

      We jump between the buildings' openings like we we're born for it. We dash through open areas and jump on top of the never ending obstacles that stand in our way. We slide under pipelines and vault over fences with the wind blowing in our hair.

      "I'm still alive, I'm still alive..."

      With the sun shining to my face I keep running. I will never stop running.

      "I'm still alive, I'm still alive..."

      I'm rescued by faith.


      Have faith.

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