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    1. 7/30/2020 Yess more lucid dreams

      by , 07-30-2020 at 06:44 PM
      Last night I finally had two lucid dreams! I was following my normal routine according to my dream goals, and was starting to feel a little disappointed since I have been trying hard to have a lucid dream for 8 days now with no success. Every time I manage a DEILD I feel so much hope like I will be able to WILD now. Actually experiencing a transition helps me to know that it's possible!

      End of a long non lucid dream I don't care about remembering, but at the end of it I was trapped in a parking garage with a large grizzly momma bear. At first I saw a bear in the distance, and I was hoping it wouldn't notice me, then I look down at my feat and see a baby bear that looks friendly. But I know that momma bears are very aggressive about protecting their babies and a lot of attacks happen around these type of misunderstandings. Anyway I look back towards the mom and of course she has noticed me and thinks I have taken her baby and starts charging me. I was terrified, I have a dream phobia about being attacked by bears, and I remembered that being attacked by a bear is one of my dream signs and BOOM

      Right when I realize that being attacked by a bear is a dream sign I become low level lucid and a totally new dream forms around me with a pop. I am in an apartment complex like I lived in as a kid and am standing around the community pool. I do the usual lucid things noticing how beautiful it looks and all that then I remembered that I wanted to try to practice having waking life self-awareness and memory as well as try to emotionally experience a true non-dual perspective in a lucid dream. I was able to practice my self awareness and memory check like I do in waking life, and I felt like at the time I strongly knew it was a dream, and had some waking life self awareness. When I thought "this is all me, this dream all comes from me" I had like a brief flash of vividness, like everything in the dream pulsed with a color change briefly then went back to normal.

      Then as I was looking around I realized that there are no dream characters here, and I am all alone. I have a dream goal to talk to a "real" person in my dreams, and maybe meet a dream guide or find someone who wants to go on an adventure with me. So I start trying to call out "is there anyone who can answer my questions?" "Is there anyone who will talk to me?" and after asking two or three times I hear someone say "sure well talk with you" behind me and I spin around and the two girls from my last lucid dream are walking towards me! This is exciting for me because this is the first recurring lucid dream characters I have ever had! They are the same height, maybe 5'10, and I again have the impression that they are sisters. One of them has blond hair, pulled up in a pony tail, and is the one who does all the talking in this dream. The other sister has silky black hair, and always stands in my peripheral vision so I don't ever get a real good look at her.

      I am very excited that they are here so I hurry over to them feeling like rushed like I have a million questions to ask and I can already feel myself starting to wake up a little, I know its going to last a couple more minutes at best like my other DILDS because I catch lucidity as I am waking up.

      I ask the blond sister "How can I get lucid more often" and she smiles indulgently at me as this is the third time I have asked her this question. In my last lucid I asked her this question I remember feeling like her answer was revolutionary and brilliant while listening to it, but couldn't remember one word of what she said when I woke up, so I really paid attention this time. She said "The most important thing is to develop/have a lucid mindset... and more words I didn't understand she is continuing to speak but its over my head". Because I was really paying attention I can tell that I am not really understanding what she is saying anymore, so I interrupt her and ask "wait, what exactly does it mean to have a lucid mindset? What SHOULD I be focusing on? What emotions should I be feeling? HOW?"

      At this point the dream is starting to fade. She looks a at me a little exasperated that I interupted her, and then she looks over my shoulder and stops speaking and just kind of smiles at me in a kind way. This is something I am noticing that when my dreams are ending whoever I'm talking to looks over my shoulder and its like they see something that confirms to them I'm about to wake up, they usually just stop talking and give me that friendly maybe see you later smile. Then the dream ends

      I remember that I can try and DEILD. I focus on laying still as I wake up. I have some fear about forgeting my first lucid dream if I try to DEILD and it fails and I wake up in a non lucid so I briefly remember the previous dream as I focus on not moving.

      When I wake up, get back to my body, I still feel very sleepy and I feel like a DEILD will be successful, I feel like the dream is just below my bed and if I relax strongly enough I will just sink into it. So I just totally let go of my body, like totally limp bone, like if I was standing I would just turn into a puddle on the ground, and I get a strong falling feeling like I am sinking through my bed. I feel like I am falling into the dream beneath my bed, like it is a giant bubble, the surface of the bubble is a brilliant white light and as I sink through it it feels very peaceful and I totally cannot real my waking life body AT ALL at this point. I sink through the white light and BOOM

      I am back in the apartment complex of the last dream again. I think holy crap I did it, that was totally a WILD transition and I made it into a dream! I am in the office next to the pool area. I look out the window and see the two sisters are still here sitting in reclining pool chairs relaxing under an umbrella. I run out to them and they are excited to see me. I go up to the blond one who was talking before and she sits up in the chair goes cross legged and turns to face me ready to answer questions, I thought she looked very cute sitting like that and was happy that she was excited to see me, and willing to answer questions.

      I am lucid still at this point, but less strongly so. I forgot to do any stabilizing in this dream and didn't bring my waking awareness or memory with me as strongly as I thought. I didn't think to do any checking since I knew it was a WILD transition, but next time I'll know that even then my awareness needs a recharging in the dream. I know I wasn't as strongly lucid because this next conversation bit is fuzzier in my memory.

      I ask her "do you believe there are things in dreams that do not come from me" I don't remember her exact answer but I remember she looked like it was a subject that she didn't really want to talk about but she did say yes.

      At this point the dream was ending and I could feel myself waking up. I got close to her and I knew that I really wanted to remember her words this time, so I told her "crap I'm waking up, can you do a review in like five seconds please!"

      She nodded and said "first develop a lucid mindset, then well find out what your name means" I interrupt at this point and say "huh we didn't do that" she continues "then well do a tarot card reading" I interrupt again and say "we didn't do that either!" Then for the first time the other sister speaks, she is standing at my left shoulder "you are confusing him" I look toward her to see her face but before I do I notice she is pointing with her finger, and it felt like she was controlling my focus with her finger because I started to look where she was pointing, and it was like I could notice something that I couldn't before because she was helping me to focus. And I noticed that the first sister had a beanie on and across her forehead stitched on the beanie it said "Tarra" and the second sister said "see thats her name" and so I asked Tarra what her sisters name was and she said "she's Skippy" like the board game risk.
      No idea what that means.

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    2. 3-3-14 Dream Journal

      by , 03-03-2014 at 11:29 PM
      Welp mark the date. I joined dreamviews on March 13 of 2013, and last night after nearly a solid year of practice I FINALLY had a good long lucid dream!

      I had 2 10 minute DEILD's and 2 15-20 minute WILD's. There is way to much information from such long dreams to record them in my normal fashion of writing down everything I can remember, that would take forever.

      I am just going to record snippets of my favorite one. I feel like I've had a real break through so hopefully I will be able to keep having amazing lucids!

      Dream One: Leaving Reality

      I am woken up by my dog barking in the middle of my afternoon nap. I don't move at all and focus on transitioning back into a dream. My body quickly falls back asleep and I am able to transition into a lucid dream.

      I am in my grandparents house in my bed (not where I am actually taking my nap). I am tempted to waste ANOTHER lucid on sexy time but I remember some of my other dream goals and resist. I explore the house for a while and test my lucidity. This goes on for like five minutes. I am so amazed at the power of the mind. The dream house I am in so closely resembles the real house that it is crazy. I wonder around and appreciate the vividness and clarity of the house for a while.

      Then I head outside. The farm is just as vivid and clear as the house had been. There is snow on the ground just like in RL and the trees and forest are so pretty.

      I walk out into the yard and again just appreciate lucidity. This is the first lucid I have ever had where I didn't feel rushed at all. I KNEW that the dream would last, and so I was able to take large chunks of time to look around and enjoy the moment. I probably stood in the yard for another couple minutes just looking around.

      Then I remembered that I wanted to try to leave "my dream bubble" like Hyu explains in his tutorial on forming persistent realities. I have tried this before but my lucidity was never strong enough to actually do it and I was always woken up or flung back to the ground.

      This time I look up at the sky and think of rising up and leaving not just the planet, but my own dream bubble. Hyu believes that to really form persistent realities you have to actually make your brain believe that you are no longer in your own dreams, like it is REAL. The point is not weather or not I think I can actually leave with my consciousness out of my own dreams into a place that is REAL. The point is that if I can convince my brain that I have then the dream will feel like it is REAL.

      I fly rapidly up into the sky and up into space. Then I pass into the black void and keep flying imagining that I am leaving my own dreams. I pass through a gray layer and then pop into a space of the black void with nothing but shining balls of light around me. Just like Hyu describes in this place I have no body, I am pure consciousness. I imagine the balls of light around me are other REAL realities that I can visit, each with their own story.

      I am so pleased to have finally made it to this place that for a while I just float around in the void. It feels SO peaceful and SO blissful, it is wonderful. Then I start looking for a ball of light to join.

      I choose the smallest one I can see (don't know why, I will choose a big one next time). I start willing myself towards it, and I start rushing through the void to the small light. It is farther away than I had imagined, I have to really focus on moving quickly and getting there because it is so far away.

      Then I see that I am very close and I am going to make it! When I get there I pass through a light barrier and see a gray bubble that I believe represents the reality I wanted to join.

      But I am traveling so quickly that I fly right past it and I think that I missed it!

      But then it feels like I have transitioned into a dream again and I am in the most vivid dreamscape I have ever been in. It is crazy vivid!

      I have a body again, I am standing on a patch of grass between two tin sheds. Unfortunately I don't have much time to appreciate the scene because to hummers full of troops pull up on either side of the sheds and I see men pointing at me and saying "there he is get him!"

      Then men start pouring out of the hummers and chasing me. I have no where to run to and so I start to panic a little bit. Before I loose lucidity I notice that there is a superman, like literally superman with the cape and the S and everything, sitting in the back seat of each hummer. Then I see a man point at superman and then at me, I can't hear what he said but I was terrified that they were sicking superman on me!

      Then I lost lucidity and woke up.

      So I know that this is probably a huge wall of text now. Just imagine that this was literally one of four dreams I had of this length!

      I am hoping that I have made a huge breakthrough and that I am able to return to the black void with the lights of different realities in them again in future lucids, though I don't think I will go back to the same one!

      Even though I'm not going to record the other dreams I remembered I did want to mention some conversations I had with DC's. In two of my other dreams I had conversations that felt completely normal to me with DC's, which is weird because normally my DC's are really dumb and slow. In the lucids the DC's I was talking to felt completely real to me, and I didn't realize that was weird until I woke up and was thinking about it. I just wanted to also mention that I hope I have such interesting and "real" DC's in my future lucids also!
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    3. 2-28-14 Dream Journal

      by , 03-03-2014 at 10:50 PM
      This is just a quick entry to mark that I had a lucid dream. It wasn't a very good lucid dream and I completely wasted it on sexy time. It is worth mentioning though because I was able to DEILD three times in a row which I have never managed to do before. I feel like every time that I successfully transition into a dream I get better and better at doing it as I recognize what it feels like.
    4. 2-11-14 Dream Journal

      by , 02-12-2014 at 06:36 AM
      Dream One: Observing a Mage battle

      I am wondering through a castle dungeon like setting and things are very blurry and confusing. I open a door into a largish chamber. Inside the chamber half of the room is painted red and the other blue. Standing on each side is a mage. On the red side is a female mage who looks very smart and cunning. On the blue side is an old man who is clearly insane, and doesn't look at all powerful or wise. They start dueling each other, even though I am standing in the room they are not at all focused on me and I feel completely safe to observe their duel. I don't remember all of the battle but I remember that at one point the male mage summoned a large block of cheese and chest bumped it causing little cheese baby monsters to squirt out the other side and go attack the female mage... This attack was obviously not successful. The battle goes on for some time, and even though the female mage is clearly the superior in power she can't seem to kill the male mage. He keeps flashing in and out of existence, and somehow her attacks are ineffective. He is clearly insane and not doing any of this on purpose, and it was not an act, he really wasn't all there.

      While this battle was going on I start to zone out and begin pondering his insanity. I wonder if he knows that he is insane? Or in his mind, is everything normal and functioning perfectly? I wonder if it is even possible for him to see the signs and know that he is insane? While I am pondering this a take a moment to consider the fact that maybe I am insane and don't know it, because I might not be able to see the signs just like he can't. So even though I think everything is normal and functioning perfectly, maybe I am also insane? Who can know....

      Side Note: this ended up being a profound thought for me when I woke up and considered this dream. I related it to my faith. Technically I am kind of insane right now, because I don't know everything and I am only able to see part of the picture of this world now. Yet still I have the false belief that I can know what is best for me. That is why I must have faith and trust that my God knows whats best for me and loves me enough to save me and lead me. Because even when i think things are normal and functioning perfectly I can not see the whole picture. Kind of a weird and new thought.

      Dream Two: Lucid

      I am sitting at a kitchen table talking to my grandma and my dad about that last dream. I am trying to explain the thoughts that I had about insanity to my grandma, but I don't really understand it well enough myself and so it is very difficult to properly explain it to her. She is being good natured and trying to understand, but I can tell that I am not being clear. My dad has been zoned out for a while now, it is still the early morning and he is not interested in having a theological discussion so early.

      I take a moment to collect my thoughts and look out the window. Hmmmmm.... I notice that on the horizon there are so EXTREMELY weird cloud formations. They appear to be rainbow clouds of dinosaurs holding hands? There is a T-red, and a Triceratops, and a Brachiosaurus??? Everything feels SOO real that I think that I can't possibly be dreaming. So, I get my grandmas attention and point at the clouds. She starts looking at them, and I think to myself "alright, this is so weird I have to be dreaming, but it feels so real, I am going to look like a fool, but I have to do a reality check to make sure I'm not dreaming". I reach up and plug my nose and attempt to breath in through it, NO WAY! It worked! I am so shocked I have to try it again to make sure, so I do and sure enough I am dreaming! Because of my disbelief the dream starts to fade, I start to re stabilize and am rewarded with a dream transition.

      It is night time, I am standing on an asphalt parking lot in the middle of a forest. I am completely lucid now. I take a look around and admire to stunning beauty of the forest. It has been recently raining and everything is damp and shining in the moon light. Without really making a decision a get this strong desire to fly around for a little bit. It has been a while since I have been lucid, and it feels so refreshing to fly around. I easily take off into the night air and I feel blissful flying around with the crisp night air on my skin and in my lungs.

      Eventually I reach a deeper part of the forest, where the moon is not shining so brightly. Without my noticing I have flown into a storm. I look at the horizon and see large black clouds all around me. The wind is fearsomely gusting around me now and it doesnt feel safe to fly any longer. The air is full of leafs, and my visibility is quickly dropping. I land and stomp my foot trying to make the storm stop, or the dream transition back to the peaceful night I was in before. It doesnt work, and I suddenly have the thought that the storm is representative of the chaos of my mind and soul.

      If this is the case, than I need to find someone to guide me. It is one of my dream goals to meet a dream guide and this seams like a great opportunity to try. So I yell out "God, send me someone to guide me!" Then a large elk like creature with mostly black fur but a white chest comes running out of the forest straight at me. He isn't slowing down at all and so to avoid being hit by his antlers I dive out of the way, I wouldn't have been fast enough to dodge him but at the last moment he swerved slightly to avoid actually hitting me. He never stopped or anything, he just ran right past me back into the forest.

      I think to myself, well if he was supposed to be a guide I am not really understanding his message. What should I do now? Then I see two smaller fawn colored dear creatures crossing the clearing and re entering the forest through a small clearing in the underbrush. I quickly chase after them and sneak into the clearing before it closes behind them. After walking through the underbrush for eight or nine feet I come out into a completely different world. The dear creatures see I have followed them and are startled and run away. I don't think to chase them, I just look around at the world I have found my way to. It looks a lot like the standard windows PC desktop picture with the rolling green hills and bright blue sky.

      I don't have any time to appreciate the scene though because the humans who where keeping me prisoner in a previous dream realize I am here again and start chasing me to wipe my mind.

      I again realize that I need a guide so while I am running away I am searching for one. I see two fox creatures and run over to them. They don't look very nice at all, but I am truly desperate for a guide at this point and so I roll over on to my back like a dog to submit to them and beg them to guide me. They are none to friendly to humans, and one closes his mouth around my throat and I feel his teeth digging into my skin. They are considering killing me to send me from this place, but I beg them to guide me in some way.

      Unfortunately I can't remember what happens next and the dream transitions again.

      I am back in the same place as before with the foxes but everything is peaceful now. I am with my sister now. We walk up to a table and see a nearly completed puzzle on the table with just one piece left to place in. I realize that the puzzle is telling the life story of the humans that were chasing me earlier. Apparently time passing very strangely in this place. The humans that were chasing me are all old now, and the puzzle is showing them in a peaceful setting representing the good life they have led. This somehow feels right to me, and I move to put the last piece into the puzzle and in so doing finish their story and leave them in peace. My sister was walking behind me and hadn't seen the puzzle yet. I invite her over to see it and watch me put in the last piece. When she gets over I realize that she isn't seeing the same puzzle setting as I am, even though we are in the same dream we are not seeing things exactly the same. Oh well. I feel the dream starting to fade now.

      The dream transitions once more before I wake up.

      I wake up into a false awakening but immediately become lucid. I am in my grandparents house, I get up and go find my sister to talk about the dream. I find her and she says that she has been practicing lucid dreaming, and that she will try to remember this dream when she wakes up for real. I feel myself waking up so I say goodbye then wake up for real

      When I woke up I texted my sister to see if she remembered any cool dreams from last night and told her about the dream. She said she didn't, but thought that it would be cool if it was possible. Bummer, oh well, it was still a heck of a lucid!
    5. Dream Journal 1-11-13

      by , 01-12-2014 at 01:20 AM
      Had my first lucid dream worth journaling in a while last night. Just for the sake of my records I have had three lucids this last while that I didn't bother journaling because they where short or not important/cool.

      Dream One: Niece

      Great dream, I was in a large room full of my family and we each had our own bed. AG, my niece, was a little bit older than she is in RL, like a toddler and she came over to me and we started snuggling and it was the sweetest thing ever. She was so happy, and so sweet nuzzling into my chest. Then I wrapped her up in a blanket and she laid next to me and we took a nap. On a side note my dad was busting SB for wanting to drink, and he told me “well he isn’t the guy we would have picked for her, but he loves her and he has done a great job so far so I think we are satisfied.” Pretty cool stuff

      FA 1:

      After that last dream I wake up and get up to go brush my teeth and i feel the dream fading, crap I missed a FA!

      FA 2 and Lucid:

      Then I get out of bed again and I think, better RC even though this feels so real, and immediately I am lucid. I start wondering the house and everything is SOOO vivid. I start thinking of sexual things but I promised myself I wouldn’t waste another lucid like that. The dream starts to fade a little but I begin concentrating on my surroundings and the dream restabilizes very well. I see a large window leading out to the street, I am on the second floor. The street outside is made of large cobblestones that are a dark redbrown from the rain that/mist that is falling on them. I am in a neighborhood and there are other really nice houses around me. I purposefully phase through the window and land in the street. I expect to smell and feel the rain and I do. My skin gets damp and when I finish phasing I smell the air and it smells just like it would after a fresh rain. I start calling out down both sides of the street, because I am alone, “alright God, I stopped myself, and I said I would try to find you or worship you with my dreams, I am here now, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?” As I am shouting the dream starts to fade.

      FA 3 and lucid 2:

      I wake up and get out of bed to start getting ready. I think I better RC after those two FA’s, you’ve got be kidding me three FA’s and two lucids in one morning, amazing! This dream is the most vivid I have ever had, I got out of bed in my room, and it felt like I was in my greandpaprents house where I am living now. I get teleported outside and I am now standing outside in their carport. The dream still feels amazingly real, I have actually managed to stop thinking about reality for a while, so I am not even thinking anymore this is a dream, I am just completely in the moment. I see my niece coming home down the road. She is a little older now then when she was in the last dream, and she can talk now. She is very happy to see me and she runs at me and gives me a hug. She is all covered in blood but I know its not hers and she seems happy enough so I give her a hug and appreciate the moment of seeing her smile at me and talk with a full set of teeth, since she is only 9 months old now in RL. I ask her “why are you all covered in blood, where have you been at?” she is unphased and responds that she is just getting back from the north pole, nothing to worry about. As she speaks she points off towards the north end of the farm and for the first time I look up at the horizon. Somehow I just understand that this is normal for her, at night she comes to this place and goes on dream adventures to these different places. On the horizon are like fifty different bubble scenes going around me in a three sixty. I remember being amazed and looking at each of them, but I can only really remember what ten or so looked like. Each one was like a chapter of a book that promised a different adventure. The north pole one she had just come from had a very smooth frozen sheet of ice, and the northern lights going crazy. It looked like there where two skies because the northern lights where reflecting off of the ice sheet. Now I knew why Amelia had gone there, because she liked the bright lights and wanted to check them out. I starting looking at other scenes. I asked her “do you have time for another adventure? Or do you have to go?” she took a moment to think about it, and even though she was coming home to wake up she said she could probably stay and hang out. So we started looking at the available adventures to see what we wanted to do. There was a beach scene right on the ocean with white sand and perfectly clear blue waters. And a world dominated by a huge volcano that was erupting and spewing magma everywhere, on that adventure I knew you would be jumping from rock to rock trying not to let the lava monster get you lol, I laughed. Then I saw a world that was calm, but had like 10 large white mountains forming in a circle. Around the mountains where flying balls of energy of all different colors, probably fifty or sixty of them in all from all colors of the rainbow. I knew that Amelia would be attracted to this place because of the colors so I showed her by pointing it out and her face lit up and she got very excited and she said “Yes!”

      The next thing I know Amelia and I are standing in a white pit in what I can only assume was that world. But now there is not anything flying around, no balls of light, only white mountains and calm. I see these little mechanical devices laying on the floor and I pick on up. I feel like I recognize it somehow, like I should know what it does and how to use it. I pick up another and start trying to activate them. Amelia has lost interest but she is willing to stay a little longer since I have been so engrossed by these machines. I start trying to activate them by force of will, or pouring my energy into them or something, or anything come on work! I feel like I am starting to figure it out when another guy shows up. He looks surprised that we are here, then he takes another look at my face and is shocked! Like how can I be back here? He comes to try to take the machine from me but I don’t let go. I change the positioning in my hand according to lines on the ball and smile at the man. I still don’t know who is is, but I feel like I used to know him. The ball begins to glow and when it does all the others come to life around me. I remember what they are, they are used to make music by reverberating off the surrounding mountains using different frequencies. I start spinning them around but it just makes a horrible noise, the guy is very displeased by this so he shows me how to move my arms like an orchestra director to make music. I do so and I hear a question in my mind, as if from the machines, “what type of music shall we make?”. I think for a second, but decide techno of course. I start conducting the symphony and they start playing the techno song I am thinking about. Amelia is very pleased by this and starts dancing among the lights as they spin around, enjoying the techno music they are making. Then without my noticing she kind of slips away at this point. I enjoy making music for a little longer, and then I start thinking this is amazing that my mind can remember every note and so many different songs to be able to duplicate them in my dreams so perfectly. When I start remembering these things knowledge of reality starts coming back and I know I will wake up soon. I turn the machines off and land them so they wont be hurt by a sudden turn off and crash to the ground. Then I wake up as feeling and awareness returns to my waking body.
    6. 12-14-13 Dream Journal

      by , 12-14-2013 at 06:26 PM
      I have been really trying to improve my recall recently and it has helped to dramatically increase the vividness of my dreams. I have been remembering two or three dreams a night since my last update, but I haven't had the time to actually write a dj, yay for Saturday

      Dream One: Drug Lord
      I am at a retreat camp that my family owns (in the dream only sadly ), I run up to my brother (also in the dream only... weird) and start yelling at him. He has started selling drugs and I am very upset at him.... because he is stepping on my toes and will bring "the heat" down on me.

      Apparently I am a MASSIVE drug lord and have made billions of dollars producing and selling all kind of drugs. I have managed to do all of this and remain completely anonymous, nobody has any idea who I really am. I am angry that my brother might get found out, he isn't as smart as I am.

      I give him a huge bag of money that I am estimating was around 2 or 3 million dollars for him to stop what he is doing, and say I will give him another bag every month if he stops forever.

      Dream Two: Fa and Sexy Time
      I catch myself waking up and want to try to DEILD. I wouldn't say I am so much lucid at this point, as I am more just straight up awake. I re-relax my body and start trying to visualize a dream. I remember something I read from a DV member the other day about trying to feel a falling feeling, then you might transition to a FA or a lucid. So I start trying to imagine that I am falling, and I quickly start to fall back asleep. I repeat to myself "I am falling" "I am falling" "I am falling" getting more and more sleepy and quite.

      I wake up in my bed, crud that sucks it didn't work. I don't even think to RC because this feels just like real life, like I had woken up. I glance next to me and there is a naked woman on the bed next to me.... okay cool (durp doesn't think to RC lol). Sexy time ensues.

      This was the most vivid dream I have ever had, it was incredible! I want to describe more so that I will continue to remember in the future, but I don't really think it is appropriate so I guess I will just leave it at that. Okay I lied there is one part that is just to good to forget. It is just something she said, she looks right at me and says "well... let me see what you've got... it's what I came for after all........ humph... I show her....
      "HMMMMM... I see you have something to admire... here let me.... okay you get the picture, pretty freaking cool!

      Dream Three: Return of Giant Monster
      I am at my grandparents farm staying in a trailer. I look out the window and see a HUGE bird creature gliding down to land in the field. The bird creature is at least 10 ft tall and has a 20ft wingspan with human hands on the end of its wings.

      It glides around the farm making two circles, each time as it gets over me I here it sending a telepathic message, it says "Let peace and harmony rule this place, let only the blasphemer break the peace" As it circles around a second time I hear it repeat the same message.

      Then it lands and starts walking around, it moves less like a bird and more like I imagine a large dinosaur would.

      Anyway I am running out of time now so I am just going to say that the bird was evil, and it broke its own peace and tried to kill me and my grandparents. It killed one of our dogs and was able to shape shift into it to try and get into our presence. In the dream me and my grandparents both felt like we had fought this creature before, and had made preparations to fight it again. It was a pretty scary dream, and very vivid.
    7. 11-19-13 Dream Journal

      by , 11-19-2013 at 07:19 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours. Nothing else to mention really, other than I have continued using the SSILD technique.

      Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid - Lucid

      Dream One: Inheritance

      There is a royal family having a discussion about their inheritance when their parents pass, who will get what kind of stuff. At this point of the dream I am just a bystander, I don't even think I have a body.

      The family argues for some time about who deserves what. Eventually the king and queen, who are both still alive, become offended and decide on another way to settle this matter.

      They send for me to settle the matter.

      I am a small girl (in the dream), I look young but I think that I am very old. The family gathers around a table and everyone takes a number one through six. It is my duty to role a six sided dice that will determine who will get the inheritance. This is my purpose within the community, to settle matters based upon luck, which supersedes matters of justice or worth in this community.

      There are three males, who are all married, and a younger daughter in the royal family (yet somehow they all added up to six in the dream). As each takes a number their life story flashes before my eyes and I get to know them each very well (I still remember but that amount of information would take forever to write down, so.... nope).

      I find that I identify most with the youngest and only daughter. So I manipulate fate in her favor and roll the indisputable dice. Her brothers, and their wives, are all very upset at the outcome. But I am convinced that in the future she will be the most deserving, and strongest future queen for our community.

      Dream Two: Wow, just freaky

      I transition after my last dream and am now meeting one on one with the now dieing king. He wants my help to calm his restless soul before he dies. He wants me to read him to determine weather he has lived a worthy life.

      He knows that the process will be extremely uncomfortable, it is very unpleasant to have me shred through your memories to know everything about you. But he agrees anyway, as he is dieing.

      I take his head in my hands and begin to focus in on his eyes, like they are windows into his soul. As I stare at them he gets sucked in, he is scared now but I don't break the contact. I see his pupils dilate until his whole eye is black, and I know that mine have done the same.

      At this point I am sucked into his memories as if they are really happening around me. I center on a time when he was very angry with his wife. As I find this memory the king feels great shame, he had managed to forget about this moment and doesn't want to remember it now. He tries to break the contact.

      I continue and push through his resistance. I find that in the moment he was physically abusive to his wife and oldest son, who was the only child born at this time.

      As we relive this memory together I can tell that he feels great shame and guilt. Even though in RL I would of course have grace on him, he did live the rest of his life without any repeat of the physical abuse after all.

      But within the dream that was not my purpose. I have to hold him to the highest of standards, he is the king and MUST set a good example for everyone else. I pass judgement on him, and declare that he has not lived a worthy life....

      As I break the contact he falls to the floor weeping.

      Side Note: wow that was a crazy dream! I love it!!!

      Dream Three: hmmm pretty much just sexy time

      I wake up and I know that it is early morning and I should get out of bed. Instead I decide to WILD. I haven't moved yet and I am still very relaxed.

      I relax my body and I feel myself start to fall asleep very quickly, good this may work I think to myself.

      I start trying to visualize something to pull myself into a dream. Trying to shake a DC's hand has worked in the past so I think to try that again. But it doesn't work this time.

      I start visualizing myself walking down a trail, and I start to see a trail forming before me! Haha but I am not walking like in RL, I am controlling myself like on a computer game. I click a mouse and a ping forms on the trail ahead of me, and my character starts walking towards it.

      This annoys me, I don't want to waste this lucid playing a video game character. So I say out loud:

      "Enough with the clicking already!"

      Instantly the clicking is gone and I have full control of my dream character, it is at this point that I would say I officially transitioned into the dream.

      At this point I make the unwise decision to waste my lucid on sexy time...

      I don't want to get into describing sexy time, but I do want to comment on the vividness of it. It was amazing, everything was extremely vivid and I had full control!

      ... enough said I guess! lol you get the point.
      non-lucid , lucid
    8. 8-1-13 Dream Journal

      by , 08-01-2013 at 04:06 PM
      I had four good dreams tonight but I am just going to record part of one and then the lucid I had.

      After the wedding ceremony the four groomsmen get up on stage. They are all pretty drunk and this point, and the rest of the wedding party, and the bride in particular, are looking very nervous that they are going to do something stupid and ruin the wedding.

      They get in a line and act like they are going to sing a song, everyone is relieved. Then another man, not a groomsmen, comes out from behind stage and gives each of the 4 groomsmen a shot glass and starts filling it up from a HUGE bottle of vodka he is carrying around.

      They all look at each other like what is going on, but then shrug as if to say "hey I guess we have room for one more shot before we begin the song... RIGHT?!"

      So the three on the right down the shot, but he groomsmen on the left starts to look like he is having second thoughts. (Side note: this is where their actual performance starts. Well I guess it had already started before hand but this is where I thought it started in the dream). He notices there is a discarded metal drum nearby and moves to pour his shot out in it.

      When he is over it he pours out his shot... but the shot glass has way more vodka in it then it should! He just keeps pouring and pouring until the whole metal drum is filled up! He looks incredulous like he is wondering what the heck is going on.

      Meanwhile when he is about done filling up the drum one of the other groomsmen has a heart attack and falls to the floor dead. When he hits the floor his body immediately starts decomposing and he quickly rots away and shrinks until all that is left is a tiny skeleton that is about a foot tall.

      Another groomsmen grabs the skeleton and brings it over to the drum they just filled with vodka. He goes to dip the skeleton in the vodka but it is just a little to wide and tall to fit into the drum.

      Se he stands the skeleton up while the other three groomsmen pick up the drum and splash the vodka onto the skeleton. It absorbs all the vodka, no a single drop misses or falls to the ground!

      The skeleton starts growing and coming back to life. It is able to walk around on its own but is still in a state between life and death. It looks like his cartilage and some ligaments are back but he has no muscle or skin.

      The third groomsmen takes of most of his clothes and starts rubbing himself vigorously. Soon it is like his skin is smoothing out and kind of stretching to start forming around him like a cocoon. It starts near his feet then as he keeps rubbing his legs then torso then shoulders the cocoon keeps forming around him. After he does the shoulders his arms are stuck so he head still isn't in the cocoon. He sticks out his tongue and starts rubbing his lips. The cocoon effect spreads from there and covers his whole head and connects with the cocoon covering his body.

      When he is fully cocooned he falls to the ground. After about ten seconds of laying there he bursts out the center like an Alien baby coming out a chest cavity.

      He is all sweaty and slimy, and naked.

      He picks up the skin cocoon left over and drapes it over the skeleton like a robe. It starts to sink into his body, first his muscles form, then he gets all veiney, then it settles over him and he is just like he was before he died! Pretty cool magic trick! The bride looks relieved and happy that they did something so creative, and didn't ruin her wedding.

      There is a whole lot more to this dream before and after, but I don't want to bother to write it all down and that was the cool part. Other than to mention my friend J.D was there and told me he was getting married! What!?

      The dream fades and I wake up. Even though this feels real I figure I might as well do an RC to make sure. Right when I though about doing a RC I knew I was still dreaming! I did a nose pinch RC anyway and I could still breath through my nose! I love that feeling!

      I realize I am still in the Arena that my last dream was in. I stand up and say "This is a dream, I am lucid, Clarity NOW!" Even though the dream was stable it seams to stabilize further and my level of lucidity improves quite a bit. I know that I am not in danger of losing lucidity anymore so I stop stabilizing and start exploring.

      I think about doing a TOTM. Then literally LOL and the horrible timing I have with lucids as I know it is Aug 1st and I have not had a chance to look at the new TOTM yet! Dang!

      Oh well I will just explore and see if something cool happens. I start flying around the Arena for a while and it feels really good. Then I imagine I am connected to the ceiling by a string and start swinging back and forth.

      After a while I notice there is a man watching me, the Arena had been previously completely empty. I fly down.

      As I get close he starts talking to me. He looks friendly and I realize I have been wanting to have a conversation with a DC so I decide to engage him and see what he says.

      "High I'm Lillie, how are you doing?"

      "High Lillie, I'm _____ nice to meet you. I'm great since I am lucid! How are you doing?"

      I repeat his name to myself a couple times so that I will be sure to remember it.

      "Yes _____ I know that you are lucid that is why I am here. I need you to deliver a message to my wife and son, Luke. You see, I messed up a while ago and there is a woman in Vegas who will be getting the results of a paternity test soon that will show her child is mine. They don't know about this and I wanted to tell them but never did. Will you find them and tell them for me _____ ?

      For some reason I don't ever think to answer his question. I am just trying to absorb the information.

      At some point while he has been telling me this 3 other guys have shown up and they are standing nearby listening to our conversation.

      For some reason all I think about is trying to remember the information, and I want to get there names right.

      "You said your sons name was Luke, fantastic that will be easy to remember (thinking about Star Wars). What was your Wife's name again? Crud and I have forgotten your name also!"

      In the dream I couldn't remember what he said his name was in the beginning. But I was able to remember it when I woke up.

      For some reason when I said his sons name would be easy to remember everyone started laughing like it was a joke? By everyone I mean Lillie and the three men watching us. I tried to ignore them to hear Lillie's response.

      "Yes my sons name is Luke. My Wife's name is Madhu (I can't remember it perfectly but I think that is close. And mine is Pujo (pronounced pooj-ha)" (Side note: I am pretty sure Pujo, the name, came from Archer in the episode where he becomes pirate king. The archeologist that is there says he is a something-Pujo which means pirate slave)

      At this point I remember that his name is Lillie so I say so and everyone treats it like a joke and starts laughing again. I am confused and the dream starts to fade away.

      Hmm that was an interesting dream. I am very pleased to have had such a long conversation with a DC! Even though I don't think he was a DG or anything I am making progress in the right direction, Whoo!

      I should also take a second to mention that I don't believe at all that I was actually communicating with the dead or that there is a message I need to deliver.
    9. 7-26-13 Dream Journal

      by , 07-26-2013 at 05:26 PM
      I am standing infront of a large man made pond. The edge is concrete and there is a nice sidewalk going around the pond. There are no swimming signs all around though. Like a crazy amount of no swimming signs, it must be dangerous or something. I wonder why?

      It doesn't look dangerous. It is just a man made pond in the middle of a well groomed park.

      I decide to investigate closer and so I walk to the very edge of the concrete and stare down into the water.

      It is a clear blue water and I have very good visibility.

      Way down deep I start to see movement. Right now it just looks like flashes of light, like there are a school of fish swimming around or something.

      I see some of them notice me and the flashes of light start to head towards the surface. As they come up I see that they are not really fish but more like long eels with huge mouths and lots of teeth. They don't really seem evil to me or anything just large predators. I decide to try to catch some fish for dinner?

      I think that I can grab one of the smaller fishes that are now swimming around before one of the eels can respond and attack me. I grab a fish and it works.

      As I am pulling it out of the water my dog comes running by me and jumps out into the water. That's rights, I was playing fetch with my dog... right?

      I throw the now dead fish I caught back into the water to try and distract the eels, hopefully they will go for the dead easy prey.

      I see one start swimming towards my dog. I pull out my knife ...(love how the dream provides ) raise it above my head in two hands and prepare to jump in after my dog. As the eel swims near I time my jump so that I can leap into the water and stab him just before he gets to my dog. I do and it works, I stab him with my now huge bowie knife right in the forehead.

      I see that I have now attracted the attention of more eels that are now swimming towards us. I push the dead eel under the water and hope that they are cannibalistic and will again go after the dead prey rather than chase us.

      I swim towards the edge and manage to pull myself up. I have a moment of panic as I am pulling my last leg out of the water and I can't see what is happening, I feel like the eels are very close now. But I get out without incident and turn around to see whats going on and the dream transitions.

      I am now a little bow cleaning fish with my friend.
      Suddenly I start to become lucid. I turn to my friend and say

      "This is a dream. I think that I am lucid too!"

      He just stairs at me with a blank expression. I don't really know what I was expecting of him though. Then Bam! I am in the void.

      I am still asleep but I am beginning to feel my real body again and feel like I am waking up. I concentrate on relaxing and try to stabilize the dream.

      Very quickly I start to see very vivid black and white scrolling patterns start passing by my vision. This goes on for maybe 10 or 15 seconds. I definitely take notice of them because they are very cool, but I don't want to become distracted and wake up. Or lose focus and enter a non lucid dream so I continue to concentrate on relaxing and stabilizing the dream.

      Soon I transition very smoothly into another dream. Hey cool! I have been watching a bunch of the TV show Archer recently and I am so happy to see that they are influencing my dreams. I am in a nice apartment in a lab. Dr. Krieger is mixing some type of ingredients together, he doesn't have a shirt on and he looks supper high. He is trying to tell me something but I can't hear anything.

      Then Dr. Krieger transitions and the lab he was working on turns into a fully stocked bar and Archer is there mixing a drink! So cool, I am so glad I get to talk to Archer in my dreams!

      I start trying to talk to him. I was going to say

      "Archer code name Duchess. It is so nice to meet you! Your a secret agent right?"

      He starts talking at the same time, but it doesn't matter because I still can't hear anything. I realize I need to stabilize the dream so I start rubbing my hands and I really concentrate on hearing it and I say out loud

      "I am lucid. I can hear things now."

      It works and near the end of the statement my ears pop like a yawn coming down from altitude and I can hear things now.

      I realize that as I was stabilizing I saw Archer walk away down the hallway. I go after him because I really did want to talk to him.

      Damn! There are like a bajilion doors in the hallway. I realize that Archer is gone. Oh well.

      I figure now would be a good time to try to have some sexy time. I stare at one of the doors and imagine that there is a sexy and willing women on the other side. I open the door but before I can see or walk into the room the dream fades.

      I wake up and start rehearsing the dream so that I will be able to remember it later when I go to journal it. I realize I didn't really do anything amazing, but still it was a lucid so it is worth journaling.

      I am not going to go into to much detail but up until now even though I was awake I had not moved or anything. I realize that somebody is touching my junk. Am I getting sleep creeped!... Not that I hatted it or anything but seriously, so weird! Should I let them know I am awake or just let it happen?

      Then I wake up for real and realize I just got suckered by a crazy FA. And by the way I was alone in my room and not getting sleep creeped. Good... I guess? lol

      Got to remember to check for those stinking FA's!
    10. 7-8-13 Dream Journal Basic TOTM I

      by , 07-08-2013 at 10:32 PM
      I had two good lucids last night. I have been using the SSILD technique and the more I practice it the more I enjoy it. I use it as I am falling asleep to help me relax and sleep well. Then in the morning the same technique sometimes leads to WILDs or really vivid non lucid dreams.

      This morning I woke up and was very relaxed. I new that if I stayed still and cycled I could probably get a lucid dream so I gave it a shot. In less than a minute I was in a dream.

      The transition was very natural and extremely easy, I did not force anything.

      I am hovering over a large city. There are many skyscrapers on the horizon, and they all have red tile roofs. I realize that the dream is unstable and I don't have a dream body yet.

      I try to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together and focusing on my senses.

      Immediately I am teleported to the ground. I guess getting my dream body meant that I wasn't supposed to be hovering anymore.

      I am standing on a red tile roof. It is not a skyscraper though, it is just a regular house in a neighborhood.

      The dream feels pretty stable now so I start running along the roof. When I reach the edge I matrix jump to the next house. I realize that there are no DCs at all in this city. I am completely alone.

      I keep jumping from rooftop to rooftop looking for some people. I try to remember one of the TOTM, I might be able to earn my wings if I can remember what they are.

      All of a sudden one of the houses that I am about to land on slides out of the way as if it is trying to avoid me and I land in a crowded alley full of DCs! Just then I remember that I was supposed to hug a DC and describe their reaction.

      I see a women walking to me through the crowd. She is tall and very fit. She is wearing a red Star Trek uniform and has three small horns coming out of her forehead arranged in a vertical line like the girl Naomi Wildman from Star Trek Voyager.

      She notices that I am watching her. It was kind of obvious because the crowd has started to part and flow around me because I was standing still just starring at her.

      I realize she would be a great person to hug

      Stupid dream control or powers or whatever but right when I thought to run and try to hug her she knew what I was about to try and starting shaking her head no. I looked at her smiling and started shaking my head yes...

      Then I started quickly walking towards her. The crowd was parting around me (thankfully not getting in my way and blocking my goals). She was still shaking her head no but was not making any movement to try to get away.

      As I draw near to her I slow down and approach her very cautiously. Then I slowly raise my arms out to my sides and make the last step to bring her into an embrace.

      She is no longer shaking her head no but she raises her arms up and folds them across her chest as a reach my arms around her.

      I just give her a quick friendly hug and then release her.

      She shrugs her shoulders as if to say that wasn't really that bad and then turns around and walks away.

      As I watch her go the dream fades.

      Yay Basic TOTM I Done!

      Then I had another lucid but I am running out of time so I am just going to short hand this one.

      As I wake up from my last lucid I still feel tired so again I lay still and start to cycle. Within a minute I see another city scape start to form in front of me.

      As I try to form my dream body I am teleported to a beach. I run into the water imagining that it is very cold and that I can feel it clearly. It works and the dream stabilizes.

      I start walking the beach people watching. There are a lot of sexy women out on the beach sunbathing and I am not shy about enjoying the scenery.

      I go back into the water and am playing in the waves. They get bigger and bigger until one is large enough to hit me in the face.

      In anticipation I close my eyes, big mistake. That is the first time I have ever closed my dream eyes before, a very trippy experience!

      I am now in a black void and I don't know how to get out. I am not afraid at all. I just am disappointed that I lost the dream.

      I try to visualize the beach were I just was and start cycling using the SSILD technique.

      It works and I am back on the beach. I am underwater being rolled against the sandy bottom by the big wave that just came in.

      I stand up and want to try to complete another task. But I can't remember any more of the TOTMs. I do remember a task of the year though about going to the Colosseum in Rome.

      The dream is starting to get foggy now and my recall is crap so I'm not sure what happens after that.

      Oh yeah and this.

      I have a lucid fragment, I'm not sure what dream its from.

      I am walking down a street and notice that a building is on fire. I can see the flames through the broken front window.

      I decide to try and use a dream power so I throw my hand up and imagine a swirling blizzard coming out to put the fires out.

      It works! I see like a tornado of cold wind and snow come out of my hand and slam into the building. It puts the fire out very quickly.

      I walk up after to inspect my handy work but now the building looks brand new like nothing has happened at all... Hmmm disappointing.

      I just wanted to mention that because it is the first time I have tried to use a dream power like that.

      Also, Dang I could have so easily done basic TOTM II! I was on the beach and everything! Oh well...
    11. 6-12-13 Dream Journal

      by , 06-12-2013 at 04:23 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 9 hours

      This was night one of my one week goal to do 2 serious SSILD attempts per night.

      I think that I actually ended up doing 3 really good attempts. I am not sure how I feel about the SSILD technique. One thing that it has going for it is that my dream recall is really high right now. I remembered a dream from EVERY rem period last night which is pretty awesome.

      What it has going against it is that I am not sure how it is helping me to become lucid... well I guess I can't judge to harshly since I did have one poor lucid last night, but the quality was really low.

      I have heard that it takes some time to learn to do the technique properly and get results. I have 6 more nights to test it


      Dream One: Movie Night

      I am with my childhood friend A.H. We are having a sleepover and watching movies all night. For some reason I feel like I am starving and make a ton of snacks, but they are spoiling before I can eat them all!

      Dream Two: Grown Up Sister

      I am hanging out with a future version of my sister A.G. She is giving me a tour of a new apartment she is renting, it is across the park from mine

      Her neighbor comes over, it is E.W! She starts telling us that her brother (who is a journalist) is in trouble for one of the pieces he wrote and is in hiding underground. She whips out a huge map of some underground tunnels and wants our help to find him. All the map instructions are in French! Useless! But apparently E.W speaks french! I decide that if I am ever going to have a chance with her I am going to have to learn french

      Dream Three: Balloon Tour

      I am in a huge futuristic city with my parents. We are on a balloon tour floating up over the city which rises miles and miles up into the air!

      We go by a capital building which has what looks like a forest of flags around it that are each miles high. The only reason we can get so close to them now is because I helped to design the flag polls.

      We get back to the balloon launching pad and now there are two larger balloons there. I want to take a tour on a HUGE one that can change its shape. But my parents want to ride on one where you get to stand on the ceiling of the blimp and feel the air around you. Turns out I know the captain of the one I want to ride so we go on that one for free

      after a weird dream transition I see two poor women attaching tithes of money and food to strings on the bottom of the blimp... I don't know where they were sending them to though.

      Dream Four: Mrs Miles and Lucidology

      I am back in high school again with my favorite teacher Mrs. Miles! Today we are studying Lucidology! Sweet!

      She passes out a paper that explains an 18 point lucidology scale that ranges from psychedelic to lucid.

      I am very interested in it, of course, but I start to get sick and so she sends me home

      Dream Five: Merfish

      I am a prince in an underwater human colony. It is my responsibility to watch over the cleaning rats (that clean the castle) at night.

      After I have collected them all at the end of the night while I am taking them back to their crates I run into my rival prince Merfish. We are not actually old enough yet to wage serious war but we like to fight each other to test our strength.

      We start play fighting but I know I don't really stand a chance because Merfish develop faster than humans plus they are naturally stronger anyway.

      But during the fight he makes an off handed comment that insults my uncle Jain Farstrider (Wheel of Time book series character) which really gets my blood boiling. I start fighting him more seriously than I ever have before giving him a series of hard jabs and sharp crosses and am eventually able to knock him out.

      I sling him up over my shoulder and am going to carry him back to court as my prize which would dis honor him today. This would be a great boon for my honor as I have been carried back to his court as a prize nearly every other time we have fought...

      He start to wake up before we arrive and starts begging me to please not present him in court. I say I won't as long as he takes back his insult of my uncle. He agrees and so I let him go after he apologizes.

      Dream Six: T and C.C

      I am hanging out watching movies with my great friends T and C.C. Someone has come by and dropped off some snacks for our movie time. Some of the snacks are great but some of them have been pranked in some way, so if we want the good ones we will have to risk the pranks

      T picks up a bottle which starts buzzing like it has a whole bunch of bees in it. I am scared of bees and so I run into the next room. T fearlessly opens up the bottle and something like bees starts crawling out of the bottle which scares me even more! It turns out that they were just ants though, and they had stuck a phone vibrator in the bottle to make it buzz like bees. Pretty good prank I thought.

      Dream Seven: Lucid

      I am in the void, I can tell that I am VERY close to waking up. Normally at this point I would just wake myself up because as soon as I try and enter into a dream I would wake myself up.

      I decide to try anyway, got to keep growing and learning right?

      I make it into a very foggy non vivid dream.

      I am in a large empty room with hard wood floors and brick walls. There are large bright windows on the walls but I cannot see anything out of them which was weird.

      I try to stabilize by rubbing my hands together and focusing on my senses but it doesn't work at all.

      I think about trying a task of the month but I expect that I will wake up at any point so I don't bother.

      I figure I might as well wonder around for a while before I wake up to see if I can find something cool.

      I start walking around the room and I keep trying to stabilize the dream which doesn't ever work.

      I hear a voice behind me and I turn to see a doctor standing over an alchemy table (Skyrim). He is telling me that he knows that I am a lucid dreamer and he can make me a potion that will increase my dream stability and make it very vivid! Sweet!

      Finally I have found a useful DC! I tell him that would be great and he starts working away on his alchemy table.

      While I am watching him I start to question whether he might be a dream guide? I read someones goals the other day and rather than expecting to learn the secrets of the universe from a dream guide (like a was/am) they were just trying to learn 2 things from a dream guide to start off with. I thought this was a much more realistic expectation.

      While I am still pondering this the doctor turns to tell me he has finished the potions but I wake up before I can drink them or ask him any questions! Bummer
      non-lucid , lucid
    12. 6-5-13 Dream Journal

      by , 06-05-2013 at 07:12 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours.

      This was my final day of my one week effort to do 3 serious WBTB WILD attempts per night. Last night I actually did 4 really good WBTB attempts because things were going well.

      In the last 7 days using a multiple WBTB WILD technique I have not only been lucid three times (3 times in one week! yay!) but I have also seen huge improvements to my non lucid dream vividness and recall! I actually think that even though being lucid three times in one week is a huge improvement for me, the larger improvement for the week was in my non lucid dreaming.

      There is something about waking up in between sleep cycles and then intentionally falling back asleep that makes my non lucid dream recall go bukoo.

      I really enjoyed this one week experiment and I am very pleased with the results.

      Good thing I made my June goals include doing 2 WBTB WILD attempts per night It is basically like I am continuing my experiment but with a little bit less and hopefully more sustainable intensity.


      Dream One: Hero of Infiltration

      I am walking up the stairs to my old apartments in AZ. Inside weird things start happening, I think there may be invisible people living in my apartment?

      I start exploring to try and find them. I go into the back room closet and open up the small attic access. Inside are like 20 invisible bums! They are not really trying to hurt me, more like they just use their talent to be better... bums.

      Then the dream becomes like a video game and I am selecting my character. I choose a lawyer who specializes in prosecuting invisible bums...

      My hero, an attractive women, comes and gets rid of my bum problem.

      Dream Two: Neighbor Problems

      I am driving my truck pulling a trailer in a field by a river. I am driving like a mad man and doing donuts leaving huge ruts everywhere and tearing up the grass.

      My neighbor, who owns the field (M.P) comes and tells me that I need to get the crap out of his field!

      If I don't then our family truce will be called off and something bad might happen...

      Dream Three: Skateboarding

      I am skateboarding all over a large industrial park. I am really good!

      This goes on for a long while and I am really enjoying skateboarding.

      Eventually I start to get a small following of fellow skateboarders and we end up in a skate park.

      There are a lot of other people already there and they don't want us to join them because they think we aren't cool enough for them!

      This pisses me off, I hate bullies! I challenge them to a skateboarding competition and kick all of their butts! Then I kick them out of the park, take that bullies!

      Dream Four: Lucid Dreaming Secrets

      I am at home sitting on my couch trying to explain lucid dreaming to my Mom. I am trying to explain RCs to her, but for some reason she is not understanding me.

      Then in the dream I stumble upon a technique that nearly promises guaranteed lucidity every time! I was so sure it would be a revolutionary technique but of course it doesn't make sense in real life...

      Dream Five: Joining a Gang

      I am hanging out in a gas station parking lot. It is getting late and I don't have anywhere to stay.

      A gang of white kids invites me to stay over at their house. Even though I know they are a gang and I should probably avoid them I really don't want to sleep outside tonight so I follow them home.

      They are actually really cool and turn out to be just normal kids living together. We all share a dinner of corn taco shells and hotdogs then go to sleep...

      I actually fall asleep in the dream...

      I get woken up by one of the kids attacking me! What the crap!

      I fight him off but every time I push one of them away another comes out of the darkness and jumps on me from behind.

      This gets old really fast! I have been pretty calm up to this point, I have been trying not to hurt anyone.

      But eventually I get fed up and decide that the next person that attacks me is going to get it!

      Another guy comes out of the darkness and I tackle him to the ground. I sit on his chest to pin him down and grab a metal pipe that was laying nearby.

      I raise it above my head to strike him! Right when I am about to hit him... FLASH! I camera flash goes off! And then another!

      Then the lights come on and everyone is cheering. It turns out this was all a photo shoot. I see a picture of me with the pipe in my hand come up on a big screen, I look very fierce! They tell me they couldn't tell me about the photo shoot because they wanted a genuine reaction, makes since right? lol

      Then we all have a snack of corn taco shells and hotdogs and go back to bed...

      Dream Six: WILD

      I am surrounded by darkness trying to transition into a dream.

      I have been in this darkness all night, I have been having a lot of trouble transitioning.

      Again I see a scene start to form.

      It is a interior second store balcony with a wooden railing.

      I imagine myself standing on the balcony and rubbing the railing.

      Hey its working this time!

      I start to become more enveloped by the scene.

      I am now standing on the balcony rubbing my hands together and...

      BAM I wake up in my bed.

      I know that I am still dreaming. I sit up and stand up out of bed.

      I do a nose pinch RC to make sure that I am dreaming and sure enough I can still breathe through my nose. What a crazy feeling!

      The dream is a little shaky but as a rub my hands together and focus my senses the dream starts to stabilize.

      I realize it is another month and I want to earn my TOTM wings again. What task was I going to try to do?

      As I am thinking about it I remember what NyxCC said about not concentrating on tasks so much this month and I think I was going to try something like that too?

      Oh yeah! One of the TOTM lined up really well with what I wanted to do in my next lucid anyway!

      I have been wanting to either meet my dream guide or find a lucid dreaming pet

      I figured I could find a large egg and when I hatched it it would either be my dream guide or a dragon or something for a lucid dreaming pet!

      I couldn't remember how to find an egg though? I remembered the previous TOTM where you had to lay an egg and I figured that would work?

      So I started squatting down to try and lay an egg.

      The dream starts to get foggy at this point.

      I can't quite make it all the way down to the ground to lay my egg.

      And now somehow I am naked?

      I kind of glitch down to the ground and the dream fades.

      I wake up and get out of bed to take notes and go back to sleep.

      My sister is walking by so I decide to get up and tell her that I just had a lucid dream!

      I tell her, then she tells me that she had a lucid dream also! But she is disappointed because she wasted hers conducting an experiment on long term memory and lucid dreaming.

      Then I am in the blackness waking up again?

      Dang it I just missed a FA, I can't believe I forgot to RC!
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    13. 6-1-13 Dream Journal

      by , 06-01-2013 at 01:15 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 6 hours

      This is night three of my one week goal of doing 3 serious WBTB attempts per night. Then I guess I have made a goal of doing 2 WBTB attempts through June so my one week push is not really that intense...

      I did well. I don't really have a lot of action for the first 4 or even 5 hours of sleep. It is kind of frustrating when I wake myself up during this time because I expect to be able to recall a dream but all I get are short fragments which I am not even motivated to write down, which means they are gone. So I wake myself up just to remember some fragments and then not even right them down?... hmmmmm

      I have gotten lucid 2 out of the 3 nights so far though! So there has to be something to this technique!!


      Dream One: Music Apocalypse

      I don't remember this one so here is what I have in my notes.

      "MUSIC!!, end of the world fiancee team".

      I have no idea what any of that is about lol

      Dream Two: Airport Gunman

      I am traveling internationally, I get off my flight in a large airport.

      I don't remember why and the dream is kind of hazy but I remember taking out a large pistol and shooting someone across the airport three times in the chest.

      I have no idea why I would do this but my dream self better of had a damn good reason lol.

      I realize I need to get rid of this gun, fast!

      I head towards the bathroom which turns out to be more like a small city.

      There are men everywhere, it looks like some of them live here!

      I can't seem to get a private moment to ditch the gun.

      I spend a lot of time looking for the perfect hiding place,

      There is something else to this dream I just can't remember it anymore...

      I think I may have transitioned and eaten something at a food court?

      Dream Three: First Portal


      I am awake. I have been slipping in and out of dreams.

      I feel myself plunging into another dream. Normally this awareness would wake me up to much and I would slip away from the dream.

      I fight for it. I start trying to visualize the scene. I summon a DC to shake my hand so I have something to feel.

      It is another forest scene. This time overlooking a lake.

      I let go of the DC and start rubbing my hands. I intake a large breath trying to smell the forest, it works this time! I smell the pine trees and the lake smells!

      It is at this point that I feel like I have actually entered the dream! I did it!

      I start walking down towards the lake.

      There is a grassy bridge cutting across the lake. I see some hiking trials on the other side that I start heading towards.

      NOOO! I don’t want to waste this dream hiking!

      I remember my dream goals, I want to try and teleport to the Green Moon! And if that doesn’t work I want to try and teleport anywhere just to try the technique.

      I know that for me teleporting is going to be all about focusing my intentionality.

      I need to really focus on where I want to go.

      I put my hands together and yell:

      “take me to the Green Moon!!”

      I thrust my hands towards the ground and start running.

      It is working, something is forming!

      Right where I am aiming the grass starts to boil and twist inwards like it is being sucked into a black hole.

      I run towards it and dive in thinking about it taking me to the Green Moon.

      I dive in. But once I am up to my elbows I start to experience some resistance and it spits me back out! What?!

      I try again.

      I put my hands together, point and the ground, and yell:


      The grass and ground starts to boil and twist again.

      I run towards it and dive in, focusing very hard on arriving on the moon.

      This time I only make it in to my wrists and it spits me back out again… bummer man!

      I’m not sure what is going on? I feel like there is nothing wrong with the technique, even though this is my first time experimenting with portals I can tell that it is forming like I expected and it should take me where I want to go… ?

      I decide to try and go somewhere else.

      Again I point my hands and the ground and now I yell:

      “take me somewhere cool!”

      Just like before the grass and ground starts twisting and spiraling inwards.

      I run and dive in and… I make it past my arms… my head is in…

      I start experiencing resistance so again I yell out and re focus my intentions:

      “take me somewhere cool!”

      Then I slide in all the way! It is working!

      The portal journey was the coolest thing I have seen in any of my lucids so far!

      I was being sucked down a wriggling, shifting, molten tube of energy.

      It looked like I was traveling through The Badlands from the first episode of Star Trek Voyager.

      I see the end coming.

      It looks like my portal ends against a black square nothingness. I can see the end of the portal like a wormhole entrance spread out against the black nothingness.

      I wonder where it is going to spit me out?

      I prepare to exit, I want to remember what exiting felt like.

      But… I did not really “exit”.

      It was more like I prepared myself and then blinked and I was out of the portal.

      I wanted to see the world forming around me but it just kind of blinked into existence all at once.

      I am in some type of underground maze/complex.

      There is blue light coming from everywhere and nowhere illuminating the tunnels.

      Now it kind of feels like I am in a MMORPG game exploring a long dungeon.

      I start traveling along the tunnel and I see a figure in the distance.

      I have no reason at this point to think it is not friendly but gaming experience tells me to prepare myself just in case.

      The only weapon that I see is a plank of wood lying on the ground so I pick it up and prepare to defend myself if necessary.

      As I get closer I get a better look at the figure.

      It is a blue squid like creature. It moves around like it is swimming through the air which gives it a very creepy otherworldly motion.

      As I get closer it notices me and instantly start heading towards me with it tentacles extended in my direction.

      I am not afraid, I don’t want to over react and attack it for nothing, maybe it just wants a hug?

      As it gets closer it starts to accelerate towards me and I start to notice that it definitely is not giving me a “I want a hug” vibe. More like a “I want to wrap you up and suck out your energy vibe”!

      I whip out my plank and start beating it off,

      That is to say, I start hitting it as hard as a can.

      A health bar appears! Sweet!

      What?! I am hardly doing any damage at all!

      Stupid plank

      The only good thing is that it seems to have a nice stagger effect so I can atleast keep the creature off of me, as long as I can fight him alone I should be able to whittle him down…

      Oh great here comes another one!

      Ok, if this was a game I would have to have some type of energy attack right?!

      I focus my energy on forming some type of magical attack.

      I shoot my left hand out towards the creature expecting something cool to happen and blow it away.

      A small bubble shoots out of my hand and splashes across the creature and its health bar drops a quarter of the way!

      Cool I guess, but a small bubble?

      I look down and notice that I am now holding an empty plastic water bottle.

      I shake it up and stab it at the creature like a sword and another bubble shoots out, this ones not as big though and doesn’t do as much damage.

      I also notice at this point that my Bubble Bottle (just got that name) doesn’t have a stagger effect and so the creature is right on me now!

      I hit it with my plank again to keep it away and charge up a bubble attack by squeezing the plastic bottle.

      I stab the bottle at the creature again and this time a much larger bubble shoots out and hits the creature who slumps to the ground… I killed it! Wahoo!

      I notice that the other creature is very close now.

      I take a moment to see if this is what I want to spend my lucid doing… and decide that this is a really good adventure! I might as well see how it goes. And who knows, maybe I will be able to come back to this place!

      I start engaging the second creature and now that I know how to operate my Plank and Plastic Bottle I easily kill it by alternating the plank to keep it away and the bottle to deal damage.

      Once I am no longer under any immediate threat you can guess what my next thought was… LOOOOOT!!!

      Unfortunately the dream takes a transition here and I start to lose lucidity.

      The scene completely changes as a lose lucidity (which I like, I don’t want to be running around in my lucid world/place as a non lucid DC version of me!)

      All I remember about the non lucid dream is running around collecting health vials and then a giant attacks that has bogus amounts of health. I path glitch it (get to a place where he can’t hit me) and just start hitting him like crazy. He has ludicrous amounts of health though and it will take me forever to kill him… the dream fades.

      I regain lucidity as the dream starts to fade, I consider trying to DEILD but I feel very awake and plus I don’t want to forget anything about this WILD so I get up to fully dream journal it!

      This is my first legitimate WILD!!!!!!!!

      Only took me three months to do it… But I finally got it!
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    14. 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 2

      by , 05-30-2013 at 10:24 PM
      Continued from 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 1


      Dream One: Star Trek Agent

      I am an agent working for the CIA/Starfleet. I am undercover as a smuggler smuggling some parts for the Enterprise.

      Dream Two: Helicopter Chase

      I am piloting one helicopter chasing another. They are faster but my copter has better shielding. To catch up to them I fly through a huge tree and cut them off right as they fly down and hover to start landing troops.

      I realize there is a second friendly copter in my convoy and I think of a plan. I let them tailgate me in my drag as we approach the enemy copter landing troops, then I slam on the brakes and turn slingshoting the copter tailgating me towards the enemy at great speeds.

      Then, just before they hit they pull up sharply resulting in them hovering just over the enemy copter. This results in a huge gust of downward wind which forces the enemy copter to crash into the ground squishing the soldiers it was unloading.

      I land with my soldiers to clean up the mess as the dream fades...

      Dream Three: Med Evac Team

      We have been taking heavy losses in the war, not as great as our enemy but still...

      I am training a med evac chopper team that should be able to fly in, grab our wounded and get out before the enemy can respond to try and cut our losses.

      Dream Four: Golf

      I am playing golf with Hector from the BBC show "Monarch of the Glen"

      Dream Five: Helping an Angel

      This is a supper long dream and even though its good I have more important dreams that I want to give space to so I am going to bullet point this one. - Witness Wall mart employee being bullied - Fight off the bullies - The guy I helped had a football so.... flag football time! - (side note it is raining) We receive kick off first. I realize the game is Good vs. Evil. When we receive kick off the rain picks up and clears a path to the end zone by wiping away the opposing team in a flood like the parting of the Red Sea. When they receive kick off zombies come out of the ground and hold us up so the can score. - The game is getting out of hand so a time out is called. - two diplomatic teams are sent to neutral territory to discuss game rules. - Now each team has a spiritual diplomat. An Angel and a Demon. - The Demon looks like a Kraken and I don't get a good look at the Angel but it looks like... one of the monsters from Final Fantasy The Spirits Within except blue and glowy... - The Demons betray and attack us (of course) - Our Angel diplomat needs to escape to warn the others and get reinforcements - The Angel is being attacked by the Kraken whose legs are wrapping around it and keeping it here. Now things are very desperate, there is no way me or the other good side diplomats can fight the Kraken on our own. In a burst of desperation I put all my energy, and all my life force into one electric attack to try and dislodge the Kraken's arm long enough for the Angel to get free. It works and the Angel gets free, but the Kraken reaches out another arm and snares it again. Another good side diplomat comes and duplicates my kamikaze attack. Then this happens a third time. Finally the Angel is able to escape the Kraken's reach and flies away. - At the end of the dream I am shocked to discover that I am still alive, I fully expected I would be, and I should be, dead... - I am taken captive and forced to live with Dread Lord Goon. - Its not so bad we just watch football on TV and argue a lot... The dream fades

      Side Note: Yeah it was a heck of a dream. I am so disappointed that I didn't get a better look at the Angel!

      Dream Six: CIA Agent

      Oh My Gosh! Again this is a heck of a dream but I am just going to bullet point it.

      - I am a kid again playing at a park. Somehow I climb up on top of a water tower. It is really cool but gets boring eventually and I don't know how to get down. I jump and grab an electric line which breaks and swings me towards the ground. I am swinging towards a tree with very large thorns... I let go of the electric line and fall another thirty feet to the ground. I expect it to hurt very badly, maybe some broken bones. But I am okay?

      - My radio goes off, I am being recalled? - Apparently I was working undercover and since I jumped off a water tower my cover has been blown. - I get to CIA headquarters and am debriefed with six other agents. - This part is hazy, I go on another mission and then I'm back being debriefed again? - Some prisoner has escaped. - He is a very bad person (in the dream it was like a demon), we have had him locked up since his youth (I am guessing we've had him locked up for 80ish years). Somehow he has escaped. - I am watching the security cams investigating how he escaped. I realize one of the agents came by a weird path to the debriefing, they must have helped him escape! I get VERY angry, how could she betray me, the agency, like this!?! I confront her and can see that she is guilty. I give her no mercy and begin attacking her. She defends herself but hand to hand combat is my thing. Eventually I beat her until she is nearly un-conscience and then throat slam her to the ground, twice. Then they come arrest her and the dream fades...

      Side Note: YIKES! That got a little violent! I guess I feel bad about it because she was a women and I don't think it's ever appropriate for a man to attack a women like that! Not even if she committed treason and a heinous crime breaking oaths to the agency...

      Dream Seven: Fighting Satan

      Yes! Finally I get to my lucid Dream!

      I am surrounded by blackness. I realize that I am dreaming. I see a light and a forest scene begins to form.

      I walk towards the light and enter the dream, it is so easy and natural.

      My first thought is to stabilize. I focus my senses. I visually take in the woods, I hear the animals, and I try to smell the freshness... but I can't smell anything, oh well.

      I see a path and I walk out of the trees towards the path.

      When I set a foot on a the path I hear a voice and I look up to see a giant black evil bear across the path.

      For a moment I am not looking at the bear. But at it's spirit.

      Inside the bear is an evil spirit that looks like the bad guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dome expect more black and shadowy and... evilish.

      I only see him for a moment then the bear is back and talking to me.

      "Head down the path ***** (my name). Your friends are waiting for you at the end of the path down by the river."

      "They are waiting for you, go to them"

      Then he roars at me and it is a great and terrible sound.

      The funny thing is, I am not afraid of him for even one moment.

      He is not lying to me, my friends are waiting for me.

      But he wants to see me afraid, he wants to chase me down the path to them.

      As he roars at me again.

      I do not feel the fear he wants me to, I feel anger! I get angry at him, very angry, how dare he think to terrorize me!

      Somehow I steal his voice and I roar back at him! My roar is very long and loud! It begins to shake the trees and make the earth rumble!

      He tries to roar back but realizes I have stolen his voice!

      He charges at me.

      I start climbing trees and stabbing at him with sharp branches. I am piercing his skin, but I am not nearly strong enough to do any real damage.

      I start making a tactical retreat towards my friends. Keeping out of his reach in the trees.

      Then... when we get to the bottom... there is a dream transition and the bear is more like Winnie The Pooh now and I sit down and have a nice snack with him and my friends... Everything tastes like cream cheese. The dream fades back to blackness and I wake up.

      Analysis: I was so happy when I had this lucid at the end of the night! It wasn't all that great in that I didn't get to accomplish any of my dream goals, but it was good because I clearly remember the transition into the dream. Go me picking up one more lucid for May!

      Side Note: Ugh... It took me and hour and a half to write this dream journal. That is to long, what am I going to do?
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    15. 5-30-13 Dream Journal Part 1

      by , 05-30-2013 at 09:19 PM
      Technique:Total sleep time = 8 hours.

      Last night I gave a lot of effort towards WBTB to become lucid. I was reading a new WILD tips guide KINGYOSHI made and he talked about making multiple WBTB techniques in one night! For some reason I had never thought of this!

      Normally I will try one WBTB after 5-6 hours of sleep. Last night a drastically changed up my technique. I set an alarm for 2 hours after I fell asleep, then 2 hours after that, then every hour after that. In all I made 3 serious WBTB attempts and 2 not so serious ones. For the 3 serious ones I got up out of bed and stayed awake for at least five minutes to make sure that I would not fall asleep to quickly. For the others I just turned of the alarm, made some quick dream notes, and went back to sleep.

      First off let me say that overall I really enjoyed the experience and if nothing else I think it will help me by giving me more... experience. I will continue to try and do at least 3 serious WBTB WILD attempts for 1 week.

      Now to analyze me results. My problems with WILD are the standard 2 problems. Either I fall asleep to quickly and lose conscience or I concentrate to much and can't fall asleep at all... until I give up and therefore fall asleep regular style

      The WILD technique is a tricky thing. If you stay awake until you are very tired you will fall asleep to quickly. If you concentrate very hard and are determined not to give up then you fail because you can't fall asleep! Then, if you try to combine the two, and wait until you are tired then determine to try very hard and do the technique properly then at least for me I start to become very anxious and I just toss and turn throughout the night getting very poor sleep...

      Then to make matters worse, when I determine to take the night off and just relax, I will become lucid!!

      How do you win!?!?!?

      I think that the answer is that it just takes lots of time and experience to learn your sleeping patterns, learn more about dreaming, improve your recall, and then learn what works for you. Time and Experience

      Last night instead of really focusing on just becoming lucid I changed my goals to include learning more about how I fall asleep. How long does it take? Do I naturally toss and turn? How long is my REM cycle? If I wake myself up five times will I be able to keep falling asleep? What will that do to my sleep quality? These are the type of questions I am trying to get answers to because I think that they will lead me further down the road of the WBTB WILD.

      My mantra last night when waking and when falling asleep was "RC ... did I have a dream? (record dream notes)" repeat mantra "Stay calm... stay relaxed ... now fall asleep naturally (with a calm intention to try and remain conscience)" repeat

      This allowed me to wake and fall asleep many times throughout the night without completely ruining my sleep quality. And it resulted in a TON of dream notes... to be continued in part 2
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