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    1. 8/14/2020 Maybe Lucid?

      by , 08-15-2020 at 06:47 AM
      Last night I went to bed tired and had to wake up early so I decided not to try a WBTB attempt, so I wasn't really expecting to have any lucid dreams. When I went to sleep I just re affirmed my intention to remember my dreams. However I had a series of dreams that were awesome. In them I felt much more "me" in the dream. Like it was first person, and I was in the plot, and they were very vivid and fun. I thought about it throughout the day because I would love to have more dreams in this genre, but I have not been able to think of anything I thought or did differently to provoke them. It's a mystery.

      What was really interesting about the sequence of dreams is that in them I thought I was lucid, but I think they were more like dreams about becoming lucid, with only the very lowest levels of any real self awareness or memory because the plots where crazy and I never questioned them, and in the dreams I never considered I had any other body or activated memory at all.

      Dream One: Dream Warrior Clan
      I am standing with my two sisters in a trial ground of sorts. My whole extended family is standing around the three of us and we are lined up ready to begin a trial. At this time the dream is very vivid and first person and in the dream I imagine that I am lucid now, in fact I realize that all three of us are lucid and this is a dream sharing dream! In fact that is why all my extended family has gathered, because there has finally been a night when all three of us are lucid so that the trial can be conducted! (This is why I don't believe I was actually lucid, because I was fully engaged in this plot at this point).

      I am very excited because I have wanted to dream share with my sisters for a while now and it is finally happening! My uncle M.L steps forward and starts laying out the challenges of the trial. At the time I understood that my family was like an ancient clan of dream warriors, and the three of us were being tested to see if our training had prepared us to join.

      He shouts to begin, and I look up and see a crazy scene of a hoard of all types of monsters, fantasy, sci fi, everything, running and jumping down floating hills and other floating landscapes toward us.

      I understood that the trial was to fight them off. My sisters engage both running forward shouting war cries and attacking the closest of the monsters, I watched them thinking they looked very bad ass. I thought that I probably wouldn't have to fight because they could handle them but the monsters where much tougher than they looked, and some of them were like captains that had dream control and dream powers themselves.

      My sisters had each only managed to defeat a small handful of the monsters each, and as I looked around the swarm extended as far as I could see in every direction, even from about because there were floating landscapes above us they were jumping down from also.

      At this time I am not really emotionally invested yet, I am just preparing myself to have fun fighting like I normally would. But as I am looking around trying to find a tough monster I hear my sister A.S cry and like she has been hurt and as I jerk to turn to see her, she is on the ground and a big werewolf monster that is like twenty feat tall and all white is standing over her holding a big club over his head to swing down at her.

      And I get REALLY MAD! Like more mad than I have been in years in any dream. And I start to summon up my deepest rage and strongest powers, and time slows down.

      And I enter a place beyond rage of calm deadly focus, of pressure, and destructive intent, and I want to kill them all.

      I am scared I will hurt my sisters, so I look to find my other sister A.B. and am impressed that she is still holding her own. I hold both of them in my mind so that I don't accidentally hurt them, and begin releasing my power.

      I summon my Techno (I gift in a previous dream) which begins to well up from the center of the earth spreading my Techno rhythm to the whole planet. The ground begins to shake and a steady thumping emerges from all matter.

      I summon my two swords (which won me title king of the arena in a previous dream) which fall into my outstretched arms descending from the sky.

      As I look around I think that I could defeat all the monsters with the power I had already summoned, with my rage, my rhythm, and my swords. But I am feeling strong, and am so full of rage that my sister is in real danger even though this is just a trial, and I am angry with my family for letting this test get so out of control so quickly.

      So I decide to really cut loose and summon my strongest dream power, I summon my pressure (also a power from a previous dream). Living within me is a million year old demon spirit (my deepest rage and primal arrogance and violence) that is always sleeping and only wakes up when it senses another million year spirit. It is awoken and summoned by my rage and my spirit begins to swell to a great density, gravity, and pressure. I make sure that I am still holding my sisters in my mind so that they are not crushed.

      I begin resonating with my techno beat and gently float up into the air, I lower my gaze unto the monsters that are now all paused and looking at me, and I let them meet my gaze as if to ask them who amongst them would dare to stand before me.

      And they all start running. I notice that my extended family that was monitoring the trial is scared and shocked, and they are running too as I was angry with them for endangering my sister, and not holding them in my mind to make sure they were not harmed, so my power is violent towards them also, but still not as focused with rage as toward the monsters.

      I claim dominion. Non will stand before my violence and power. I gather my rage and power, and flexing my arms back and body I challenge all foes within my dominion to face my power, I challenge them all. And I kill them all.

      In the dream it wasn't a long fight at this point. I really just wanted to express my anger and with my strongest anger summoned I flexed all my power and let out a shout, and the next second all the monsters where gone and the dream transitioned.

      With all the monsters gone the trial ground looks peaceful again. I start quickly flying away because I don't want to be here anymore. My sisters and family are gone and I am all alone. As I fly up into a blue looking sky I hit a wall and realize the sky is just a painted dome with clouds and blue painted on it. It seems really hard, and I know that it's not supposed to be passable, but I feel like it is like the nether roof in Mindcraft and I know how to glitch myself upwards through it to get out and to the roof, outside the laws, to the space I'm not supposed to get to.

      So I glitch myself through the ceiling and I end up in the vast area, and feel and incredible amazement at what I see. This space is full of everything our dream warrior clan has ever captured, confiscated, or created. There are weird devices and buildings all over and I don't really know what any of them are but I feel like they are a great treasure and am very curious to explore them.

      As I am feeling this amazement and curiosity the dream ends and I wake up.

      Analysis: When I wake up I felt excited like I had just had an awesome lucid dream, but also very emotionally drained. I still felt scared for my sister, but also excited like maybe they were actually semi-lucid also and will remember the same dreams (they did not). I don't usually feel strong emotions like that and the excitement, fear, anger, deep rage, shame of completed violence, and excitement and curiosity again at the end where almost overwhelming. I started committing the dream to memory so I would not forget it, and after rehearsing it went back to sleep.

      I had more dreams in the first person nature of this dream through the night, but non of them were as intense as this first one. I really like the first person nature of the dreams though, almost a semi lucidity. I feel like recognizing dream signs, and activating a lucid mindset in these type of dreams to really DILD would be possible.

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    2. 9-8-19 wahoo!!

      by , 09-08-2019 at 04:30 PM
      Yes! Finally a lucid dream! I am so excited right now I woke up 2 hours early just to write this dream down!

      Last night I was following my usual routine according to my dream goals and thread "Bedtime Priorities". I have been doing to same thing for 2 1/2 weeks now and was starting to become a little disappointed thinking it wouldn't work. I know this is silly as many of the techniques I am trying say they need at least 90 days of consistency, but without having any lucids I admit I was starting to doubt.

      I woke up after a natural REM cycle, rolled over like I usually do and according to my plan tried to WILD MILD. My previous dream was very strong so I was committing it to memory and reviewing it while I started counting my breaths. My mind was not very awake, my self-awareness did not "feel" strong and my memory was definitely not turned on. I remember loosing count around 10 which was very fast, I snapped back to myself and re affirmed that I wanted to count my breaths and remain aware. I remember getting to 10 again before I found myself in a dream.

      I have no idea how I became lucid. I don't think it was a true WILD, if it was I would remember entering the dream? My consciousness was just not very turned on, I mean I was falling asleep to the count of 10! I don't think it was a DILD, I don't remember any dream sign that sparked me to question lucidity, I just knew I was in a dream, darn I didn't even do any RC, which I am actually really bummed about because I have several I have wanted to experiment with! I want to test gravity to see if I can notice any difference, and I wanted to practice the reverse reality check I do as part of my waking self awareness.

      Here is the dream, it was by far the longest lucid dream I have ever had! Felt like maybe 15 minutes of real time. As I analyzed it I realize my lucidity was not very strong, I didn't remember to do my RC, or try to "turn on" my memory. But it was a VERY interesting dream.

      Dream One: I realize that I am dreaming, I am very excited but I don't get that pounding heart beat adrenalin rush I have gotten before that wakes me up. I just KNOW I am dreaming. The dream feels very stable, and I am curious to see how long it will last.

      I am in this white concrete dorm room with two beds in it and a window covered with bars. It is the setting of my last dream. I have this intense feeling of almost claustrophobia and I really don't want to be here in this room anymore. My friend from college, TP, is still in the room from the last dream.

      We are on the second story so I head to the hallway to try and go downstairs and leave. In the hallway I notice these pictures that were made in my last dream. There where three pictures, each one centered around one of the DC's from my last dream. I take a moment to look at each of them because I think they are so cool, and I stand there just so impressed at what the brain can do. Each of the pictures was made by taking a snapshot of my field of vision centered on one of the DC's and compressing my whole field of vision down to picture size, then making it black and white. I stayed in the hall for a while looking at all three of them thinking about how my brain takes pictures of my whole field of vision not just what I am focused on.

      The feeling of claustrophobia returns and I realize there are no stairs to exit. I go over to the window in the room but it is covered in this thick iron mesh. I affirm to myself that it cannot keep me in here and push myself forward to phase through the mesh and be outside. It worked really well I find myself hanging from the bars on the other side on the second story of a house. My friend TP rushes over and is amazed at what I have done like he has become lucid and asks for my advice so I tell him to stabilize the dream by rubbing his hands together.

      I drop down to the street and look around the neighborhood. I don't recognize any of the houses and I want to get back to my house to find my bed and see if my body is there because my dream goal is to talk to myself.

      I start stomping my foot down and willing that the houses will change and I will be in my own neighborhood. It didn't work but I did get some crazy visuals of houses morphing into other houses. I started running down the block and found myself in a more urban setting like I was walking between sky scrappers.

      It's not what I wanted but it's cool and there should be some DC's around here. I start looking for some to talk to and see what they are like. I see a group of 4 or 5 but none of them look very friendly so I move on.

      I see these two girls walking and move towards them down an ally. They are sisters, one looks 25 and the other 9 or 10. As I move towards them I get a feeling like they are important, and they will talk with me.

      I go up to them and ask "can I ask you a question?" the younger one nods her head but before she can answer I look up and see this shadow void person moving towards us down the ally.

      I don't know how to describe him, he was very weird. He had the shape of an adult man, but there was nothing to him, but not like a shadow, like a translucent void. Like he was from another place and couldn't appear as anything else here but a ripple across the background.

      He starts walking toward me and reaches out an arm to start pushing me. I feel my lucidity start slipping away. The really weird part is that when he was around I got this strong feeling like I had seen him many times before. Like his appearance and presence was not a shock to me at all.

      But right when I was about to lose the dream the little girl grabbed onto my arm real quick and said "Stop, you know he is allowed to ask one question first" and my lucidity snapped back and it felt like I was in the ally again, and I remembered that I wanted to ask a question.

      So I turned to her and asked "how can I become lucid more often" and she answered me in what felt like a profound way and a remember repeating it to myself over and over throughout the rest of the dream, but I just can't remember it now!!

      After answering she releases my arm and I immediately lose lucidity, but I don't wake up.

      The dream transitions and I am back in a college setting. This part of the dream feels very vivid but I am not lucid. I remember seeing my sister A.S and talking with her and telling her something to continue our experiment with shared dreaming. As I am leaving the college campus my other sister A.B comes up to me and I realize I am dreaming and lucidity snaps back to me like it was happening for the first time in this dream. I feel like I have just done a DILD but have no idea what sparked my lucidity. I tell A.B that we are dreaming and she doesn't seem surprised at all. I leave the campus and the dream transitions.

      I remember asking my question to the sisters at this point and having accomplished that dream goal I just start feeling really horny. I want to find a willing DC and have some sexy time. For the next several minutes I am wondering the streets looking for a willing woman. Every one I meet seems angry at the world, and is not very attractive. I remember feeling very disappointed with this situation. Eventually I accept that it's just not going to happen, and then I start feeling the dream end and start waking up.

      I remember that I want to try to DEILD when I wake up so I start laying very still and affirm that I am not going to move. I start having the most crazy hypnagogic imagery I have ever seen! I see a central very bright light that looks like the effect from star trek when they fire a proton torpedo, except instead of red it was shifting green and blue all wavy like. Then I start to see an extremely bright white light overlapped on top. I start to think that it must be daytime and my sleep mask has slipped and I am seeing sunlight. I hang on and eventually feel my body back in my bed, but I later realize I was in a different position that I was really sleeping and this was a FA, I lay still and slip back into a dream.

      I know that I am dreaming again and am amazed the the DEILD worked. The dream isn't very stable and the visuals are cartoonish. The whole world looks like a cheap farm simulator game. There are pairs of barnyard animals roaming over a green fenced in field.

      I see a pair of chickens that I realize are the twin sisters from my last dream and start to hover over to them. I don't have a body in this dream and I am just kind of hovering, and I realize I cant hear anything either. So on my way over to them I try to stabilize the dream and start hearing something. My ears pop loudly and I start hearing some chickens clucking or something.

      Right when I am about to get to the sisters the dream void man returns. He is rushing towards me with his arm extended and I feel him pushing me out of the dream again. I rush towards the sisters and yell out asking "can I ask another question?" and the void man replies "You are only allowed one question per dream!"

      As he starts shoving me out of the dream I hold up my hand and yell "wait!, what if I don't ask a new question but the same one again?" He pauses and this and during this moment one of the twin sister chickens comes over and she tells me to ask my question. So I turn to her and repeat "what can I do to be lucid more often?"

      Again she answers me in what feels like a profound way. At this time I can still remember her answer from last time and I remember feeling amazed that she could answer using such different language and analogy but coming to the same point. Her second answer felt very useful and I felt like I was understanding more of the point she was trying to convey the first time.

      Then before I could react the void man rushed up behind me and the dream ended.

      I woke up and started replaying the dream immediately to try and commit it to memory. I was shocked that I could not remember the twin sisters answers to my question. In the dream it felt so clear and I even repeated it to myself several times in the dream. I really wish I could remember her answers! I have to get ready to leave now, but I am going to be analyzing this dream all day!

      So thankful to have had such a nice lucid dream! I hope this is the first of many to come!
    3. 8-23-19 Continued

      by , 08-24-2019 at 06:39 AM
      I have decided to focus on Hukif's gravity check RC method. It feels natural to me, and I like his emphasis on doing what feels right and makes sense to me. I also like the fact that this form of ADA is very meditative on the present. Practicing it makes me feel more grounded in the present in real life, like I am realizing how often I am zoned out or avoiding things in real life. I have set an intention to "engage" when I find my self zoning out in real life. I hope that this habit will translate into a more active engaged mindset in my dreams also, leading to more lucidity.
    4. 8-23-19

      by , 08-24-2019 at 06:36 AM
      I was very encouraged that I was able to have a lucid on my first day trying, even if it was very short. I went into this night with a lot of confidence and expectation that I could do it again.
      I have been having shoulder pain at night from side sleeping that causes me to toss and turn throughout the night. I decided that rather then complain about this I would take it as a opportunity as I partially wake up in between sleep cycles throughout the night to turn over I think this could be used to set intention and possibly improve my lucid chances.
      Dream One: Towards the end of the night I did become lucid at the end of a dream and try to DEILD. I found myself back in the void, what a crazy place I had forgotten about. I remembered that I needed to stay calm and expect that if I focused I could enter another dream and remain lucid. I remember a feeling of floating in perfect blackness for what felt like 45 seconds or so. I couldn't see anything but I could feel a wind blowing all across my body. I stayed calm and focused on entering the next dream to come. Eventually fuzzy hazzy light started appearing in my peripheral vision, one of these "light blobs" did eventually form into a dream that I was "sucked" into! The dream that formed felt very vivid and clear, but I was to excited that I had done it and just wanted to find someone to tell that I had made it! I started looking for a DC to tell but lost lucidity at this point and it just became a normal, if very vivid, dream.
    5. 8-22-19 First dreams back

      by , 08-24-2019 at 06:27 AM
      Today I was inspired and excited to lucid dream again. I hadn't been back on the forums for a year or more so my techniques were definitely rusty. I prepared with some gravity reality checking throughout the day, prepared my favorite and most reliable RC (pinch nose and breath) and went to bed crazy excited to have a lucid dream.

      Dream One: I woke up around 5 in the morning naturally and tried to do a WILD. I had forgotten how strong and fascinating everything that goes along with falling asleep can be. I did fairly well but was way to excited on my first attempt to "fall asleep" and my mind was way to awake. I did catch a quick DILD/DEILD towards the end of the night, but forgot to stabilize and was to excited and lost lucidity quickly.
      Lesson learned: Focus on managing excitement.
    6. 7-5-13 Dream Journal

      by , 07-05-2013 at 04:21 PM
      Just a real quick update here. I have not had time to spend on DJing so I have really let my journal go. I have not lost my interest in dreaming at all though. I have been practicing the SSILD technique every night now for almost a month and I really like it.

      My recall is getting really good. I would say on average that on an 8 hour night I can remember 5 or 6 good dreams. Which is awesome! I love reviewing them and running them over in my head as a get ready for the day.

      I am updating here now because last night I had a huge breakthrough. I was able to straight up WILD 4 times in a row. I was using the SSILD technique, which isn't really supposed to give you straight up WILDs but, hey, whatever works right?

      I would wake up in between cycles and with very little intentionality just say to myself "start cycling". The technique has really taught me how to "see through my dream eyes" without giving to much concentration to what I am seeing. Something about focusing on my body and what I am feeling moves most of my consciousness away from what my eyes are seeing but allows me to still be aware of them.

      Anyway I would cycle once or twice and then see a dream form in front of me more naturally and more vividly than I have ever experienced before! It was seriously like staring a picture in real life. I would say that I can remember the scenes even better than if I was studying a video in real life.

      It was just incredible. I was fully "awake" with my complete conscious mind active, no fogginess at all. I would think "this is just amazing, I can't believe how realistic this is!".

      Though at some point in each dream I would engage the dream to closely and just become a DC again. Without letting that bother me at all when I would wake up I would just roll over again and say "start cycling" and it would all happen again.

      I guess what set the experience apart from lucids I have had before is that the transition into the dream was just so natural and easy. Also, that my conscious mind was so active and not groggy allowed me to really engage and remember the dreams very vividly.
    7. May End Of The Month Review

      by , 05-31-2013 at 07:06 PM
      May End Of The Month Review: My goal for May was to recall two dreams per night and to have 8 lucid dreams, 2 per week.

      In May I recorded 60 Non Lucid dreams (Almost perfectly 2 per night!, and 5 Lucid Dreams (not quite to my goal of 8).

      All in all I am happy with my efforts in May! And I have really been stepping up my lucid efforts so I expect many more lucids in June!

      Dream goal for June: Record 10 lucid dreams, 2 per week. Make 2 serious WBTB attempts per night!
    8. 5-29-13 Dream Journal

      by , 05-29-2013 at 06:38 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 7 hours. I have been really tired the last couple nights and have not had the motivation to dream journal. I have been practicing my recall techniques and have been remembering some pretty great dreams which I am happy with.

      I was going to do a serious WBTB attempt last night but I had some mild insomnia which really killed my motivation. I will reschedule it for tonight.

      Tonight is the night I get lucid!
    9. April End of Month Review

      by , 05-01-2013 at 08:32 PM
      April End of The Month Review: In my March end of the month review I said that I wanted to remember two dreams per night this month, to improve my recall. Aside from the few days that I took off from DJ ing I did it! In April I recorded 62 non-lucid dreams! and 4 lucid dreams, 3 DILD's and 1 DEILD!

      Looking back I am very pleased with this months effort. I see a lot of improvement in my dream recall.

      Dream Goals for May: Record at least two dreams per night and have 8 lucid dreams, two per week.
    10. 5-1-13 Dream Journal

      by , 05-01-2013 at 06:33 PM
      Technique: Total sleep time = 9 hours. I have been taking a break from any serious WILD attempts because I was starting to [email protected]$$ the attempts and was forming bad habits. I think that it may be time to jump back up on the horse and try again.

      Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

      Dream One: Mario Land

      I am playing an old school NES style Mario game. I have discovered a secret level and am trying to complete a perfect run by getting all the coins.

      It is impossible though. The level is like ten minutes long, and it is impossible to complete. Well not really impossible, you would just have to memorize every single move because there are blind death corners and jumps everywhere. (Where you can't just coast through, there is a specific move you have to make to ovoid a situation you would only know was there by getting there before... and dying. Then the next time you do that move, and you live though that point, but then die because you didn't make the proper move for the next situation you didn't know to prepare for).

      It was really annoying, and so I gave up.

      Dream Two: Marathon

      I am at my grandparents farm competing in a marathon. I am really slow (In RL... but also in this dream) and so everyone else is done and I am still running.

      At one point I notice people are watching me, waiting for me to scream out "GUINEVERE" for strengh to continue running.

      I don't know why I would yell out Guinevere...?... I don't know any Guinevere's.

      The dream keeps going... and going... and going... I am running around. I am very determined to complete the race.

      Then... it keeps going... and going... and going... lol I hate running.

      Then the dream fades
    11. 4-30-13 Dream Journal

      by , 04-30-2013 at 05:25 PM
      Technique: Went to bed at 1 woke up at 11. I was able to wake up in between dreams last night and I would try a WBTB after each one. I was falling asleep to quickly every time. Even though I knew this was a problem and I should wake myself up more I was just so comfy so that didn't happen

      I was trying to wake myself up in between dreams to DEILD but I instinctively roll over into a new position when I wake up. I am going to have to try and break this habit if I want to DEILD.

      Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

      Dream One: Tower Defense

      Playing a tower defense game mixed with the SIMS. My setup was perfect and nothing could breach my defenses.

      Dream Two: Little gem of a conversation

      Playing basketball in my new DC buddy Da-rell's house. I am trying to find a place to park my car out of the way and it ends up in Da-rell's driveway. His dad comes out and I have this conversation with him.

      I offer him my hand

      Hi Da-rells Dad!"

      He walks over and inspects my hand

      "Is it safe for me to shake that? You haven't been in airports or hospitals have you?

      Oh great... we got a hypochondriac on our hands

      "It's clean enough, I would shake it"

      That is good enough for him so he shakes my hand

      So Mr. Dad is it okay if I park my car here while we play?"

      "I don't know let me check my schedule"


      He takes out a magic question ball and shakes it....

      "Dangit I spilled ketchup on my self!"

      ... this is getting weird, I just want to leave now and play ball. I try to score some points with him...

      "Yeah... ketchup is the worst condiment isn't it"


      Oh my goodness calm down man

      "So about my car....

      Then the dream fades

      Dream Three: Big Fight

      I had a big fight with my Dad

      Dream Four: Lucid Feng Shui

      I arrange my room to be the perfect lucid dreaming environment

      Dream Five: Olympics

      I am on the Olympic team. I am the best in the world, I was planing on just coasting through the games. Then I meet a girl who's routine is better than my current world record so I decide to compete my hardest and improve the world record.

      Dream Six: Knee Snow Skiing

      I invent a knee board that is like a wake board with a snowmobile track underneath it for off road snow skiing. I ride it all over my grandparents farm.

      Dream Seven: Shadele

      I was in a Denny's with my sister and brother and law. When we went to pray for the food a bunch of employees came over and started watching us, it made me feel very awkward. Then I forgot to pray when it was my turn.

      Dream Eight: Movie Time

      I was watching a movie with my younger sister and her friends. We were trying to decide what to watch, I think we settled on The Fox and The Hound.
    12. 4-29-13 Dream Journal

      by , 04-30-2013 at 07:03 AM
      I was going to take a break from the DJ today but I had one quote that I really wanted to remember.

      Dream Quote: The dream was really long so I am just going to explain enough that when I read this next year I may remember what was going on.

      I was having a recurring dream where I am a devil. I'm not really like an evil tormentor or anything like that, more like a teenage boy with way to much power and no oversight.

      I did a whole bunch of stuff but my favorite part is when I stop, gather everyone around me and announce:

      "Listen to MEEE!!!! I DECLARE ... this shall be the AGE-OF-TECHNO! ... There shall be no music other than the HOLY TECHNO!! Let the 500 years of techno BEGINNNNNNN!!!!!!!"

      Haha I just found this so hilarious when I woke up! I wanted to make sure I had it recorded somewhere.

      Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my subjects reactions. They all began rolling their eyes at me and moaning. They came to start complaining, begging that I reverse the declaration, but meanwhile techno music starts building in the background... of everything... like it is coming out of the Earth itself. Soon it is incredibly loud and I am loving it! Everyone else is loudly protesting that they can't put up with this for 500 years! I have to make it stop!

      I laugh and keep rocking out, they will get over it eventually... HAHA because the declaration is mine to make!!! LET THE AGE-OF-TECHNO BEGINNNN!!!!

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    13. 4-7-13 Dream Journal

      by , 04-07-2013 at 12:29 PM
      Technique: I have been busy in RL this weekend and so my dreaming efforts have taken a hit. I went to bed at 12:30 and woke up at 5. It was very difficult to motivate myself to grab a pad and record plot points.

      I am finding that if I go to bed an hour or two earlier than I normally would, giving me 9+ hours of sleep then I have the best dreams. I am just not sure how many opportunities I am going to get to do this

      Results: Color Code: RL/Comments - Non Lucid

      Dream One: I am at my grandparents farm fishing. In place of where the wheat field is there is a giant lake instead.

      I spend a lot of time exploring it and many facinating creatures come up to the bank to interact with me.

      I know that the lake is VERY deep, many miles deep.

      I wonder what lives down at the bottom of the lake?

      In response a huge swarm of these pink jelly fish creatures come to the surface. At first I think they are hostile, but then I realize they are quite cute and harmless

      Dream Transition:

      Someone is giving a report on the pink jellyfish creatures, saying they could become a menace to the natural ecosystem... blah blah blah

      I decide to help them spread because I think they are great!

      At the end of the dream I am carrying the jellyfish to other lakes so that they can spread. Take that ecosystem!

      Dream Two: I am fighting in some weird RPG game. Sometimes I am in the game, sometimes I am controlling a character.

      Sometimes I am a gorilla, sometimes a wild man (think Jumangi) and a women

      We fight something but I don't really remember what or how.

      Dream Transition:

      I am back at the farm taking a nice night time jog. I am pretty sure that I beat whatever game I was playing and am just enjoying the night air. I remember looking at the stars and thinking they were beautiful and so clear.

      Just when I was starting to get cold I get to the house and sit down in a nice blanket to watch some TV

      So relaxing.

      Analysis: Ugggg. Being at my grandparents farm is the biggest dream sign for me! Apparently every single one of my dreams involves the farm in some way!

      Hopefully as I become more aware of this it could lead to some nice DILD action
    14. March End of Month Review

      by , 04-01-2013 at 05:34 PM
      End of The Month Review: I have been a member here for 16 days now and have recorded 39 non-lucid dreams!, and 0 lucid dreams . I have been practicing WILDing almost every night, and my technique has improved tons. I believe I keep learning something knew and practicing something I enjoy ( *cough* positive refrain for "failing") because I am to easily amazed. Many have said that one key to WILDing is to remain passive and not get "to caught up" in each stage. But, with my natural child like curiosity I just can't help myself

      I think "yay I made it farther than last time! " and completely wake myself up. I have learned to just enjoy this and know that as I experience each stage next time, or the next next time, I will get farther

      One huge payoff is that I am sleeping much better than I used to! I wake up feeling much more rested, I feel like I sleep much more deeply.

      Dream Goal For Next Month: Remember two dreams per night
    15. 3-13-13 First DILD Attempt

      by , 03-16-2013 at 06:03 AM
      Last night I attempted to DILD. I performed RC checks (plugging my nose and trying to breath, staring at my hands and trying to count my fingers, and doing primitive ADA checks) throughout the day. As I was falling asleep I stared at my hands imagining them coming up into my field of view and thought "when I am dreaming I will see my hands come up and I will remember to perform a RC".

      Well the mnemonic repetition technique worked really well. Three or four times throughout the night my hands did come up into my field of view but instead of calmly realizing that I needed to perform a reality check is was more like "Holy crap I'm dreaming!!!" which immediately woke me up. This happened three or four times throughout the night. Thinking back I am very frustrated that I wasn't able to capitalize on these lucid moments. But in the moment I was just so excited that the mnemonic technique worked that I was to worked up to be disappointed.

      One thing that I was kind of nervous about coming into this was that I would be tired in the mornings because I might now sleep as well. This has not been the case so far, if anything I feel like I am sleeping more deeply and feel more rested in the morning. :-)
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