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    Failed Assassination

    by , 05-22-2014 at 12:31 PM (284 Views)
    I am supposed to kill a woman who is with me, but before I can even think about that, I am attacked by each type of Halo alien from the game. Luckily I have a rocket launcher, a rail gun, and a machine gun with me, and manage to fight them off. Nearly out of ammo, a large machine that fires a rail gun comes in, and starts shooting at me.

    I see that I had 2 team mates, but they didn't survive the first waves. Now out of ammo for all but the rail gun, I shoot this machine so many times with it, until it finally collapses.

    A second one comes in, and I use the rest of the rail gun ammo, as I dodge its shots to finish it off. I am now completely out of ammo.

    The woman shows me to some bricks I could use to smash her head, but I don't want to kill her. I then find a large knife in my pocket, and she tells me to cut her throat. She then grabs me and we start dancing in a dark room, filled with strangers. She puts the my hand with the knife to her neck, and tells me to do it, but I decline.

    Some people pull at the knife I am holding, trying to get it away from me, but I hold onto it, and continue to dance with this woman. I put the knife in its sheath, and pull a paper out of my pocket.

    I am now back in the room with Halo monster corpses all around, and a greenish blue lighting coming from somewhere. A friend of mine takes the paper from my hand and stabs at a woman's face on it, telling me to do the same to this woman. I poke a few holes in the paper, and then notice that I don't see the woman anywhere on the page.

    I flip the paper over, and it has the Starcraft tech tree on the back, showing all the units and buildings for each of the 3 races, including a video of the Protoss destroying a Terran base. I explain to someone which race each of the units belongs to, and they are confused by the Zerg operated Terran units. I start to explain how the queen can infect a command center.

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