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    Train Crash

    by , 12-20-2014 at 01:56 PM (292 Views)
    Late to meet someone, I am walking quickly down the road. I reach a train crossing just as a train does and have to wait. I walk right up to it, standing a few feet away as it rushes by. Looking down, I see two golden vajras protruding up from the platform. I think that maybe this is a bad idea in case it derails so I step back a bit. As soon as I do, I see one of the train cars sway, and hit a bump, jumping off the track. All the cars behind it are pulled off the tracks as well, and it jack-knifes off the tracks, one of the train cars slides off right where I was standing.

    I see another train approaching, but on a parallel track as the first one. It hasn't derailed, but I don't know what it will do when it reaches the first one. It's coming in fast. I don't know if it will be safer to run away the direction it is traveling, or against its direction of travel. If I go against the direction of travel, I'll run into it sooner, but also I'll be upstream of the trouble sooner.

    I decide on upstream and quickly run. The second train going 90 mph hits the side of the first derailed train that spilled over to its track, and it is pushed off the tracks as well. Pushed off the opposite side as me, I feel relief from danger. But only until the car that is pushed off the tracks forces the one behind it to bend the other way, where it hits the back of the first train and stops, sending the rest of the train flying off my side of the tracks.

    In mid-sprint, I duck, and feel the train fly just inches away from me before it smashes into the ground, dirt flying everywhere like an explosion. I feel a strong continual blast of air as the train continues to rush by, totally filling the entire area I would have been if I ran the opposite direction!

    I walk down the tracks to see if anyone got injured or trapped that I might be able to help, but it seems to have just been a freight train and no one else was in its path. Walking down the tracks, I notice a bunch of stairs leading up to the tracks - the only remains from some old industrial buildings that have been dismantled. I don't see much of the foundation, just the inner stairs following the nap of the earth.

    I walk up one of the stairs, and notice a few sets of golden 4 pronged vajras built into the tops of the stairs, and in other places of the foundation that just now becomes visible. I feel like there were forces and beings beyond my comprehension that helped me survive this.

    One of my friends comes at me, totally distraught over the loss of her friend in the crash. Which is odd, because no one else was there, but I try to find her friend anyway. We find a man who has a 3D map of the entire Ft. C. city, and he gives it to me. Quite a nice map really. My friend realizes that her friend is okay, and we continue on our way. I walk into a building and try to spit out a huge wad of gum. So massive, I don't even know how I got it in my mouth. Other people come in right as I'm trying to do this to brush their teeth. I have my tooth brush with me as well, and they comment that "we're brushing our teeth too!" I get the gum out and throw it away.

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