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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Some Short dreams

    by , 10-22-2014 at 10:07 PM (387 Views)
    Dream 1
    I am writing in my DJ and I reach my arm over a girl who is in my bed. I assume she is my wife. (I am definitely not married) I am watching it like it's a movie, so in third person kind of. She got annoyed because I never do that and it woke her up.

    Dream 2
    I found a game on YouTube that was called something Beach Island. It was rated 19 and up. I was looking for a game with some sexy ladies in it. In the game, you had to survive on the island and a side goal was to bang chicks along the way (which was totally different from surviving on an island ) I wanted to play it but my mom didn't want me to because she had heard it was REALLY bad. I ended up getting it and I hid that I was playing it from her. She walked in when I was playing and almost caught me.

    Dream 3
    I am in a restaurant/store and I am talking with a friend about the carnival we are at. I ask him when we have to go back to school and he says whenever we want. Apparently, you can miss school for the carnival. My friend said that obviously he was going to stay all day.

    Dream 4
    I am in the parking lot of a park with my Cross Country team.

    Dream 5
    I was watching a video and some girls in my grade were at a party having "fun"

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