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    First Lucid Dream from the Start of my Journey (LD #1)

    by , 09-16-2014 at 01:50 AM (405 Views)
    This is actually a dream I had quite a while ago, I just have been too lazy to record it here. I will also be recording other lucids I've had after this and I will try to get my DJ back up to date. So this is my first dream since the start of my LD journey. I have tried to LD before but wasn't nearly as serious or motivated about it as I am now so I am not counting the few LD's I had back then. And that would only add like maybe 2 or 3 LDs to the count.


    Field of Darkness

    (I can't remember what I did before bed so I guess I won't record that)

    I am in a castle corridor, there are a few torches mounted on the walls but there is very little light. I turn a corner to the right and notice that it opens up into a very large field, there is a small hill out in the distance so I can't see beyond that. It is pitch black outside. I go over to the wall on the right side and notice something written in red letters. (I think that it said something like "I'm dreaming" but I'm not certain) All of a sudden I realize that I'm dreaming! I walk outside and look to my left. I can't see anything, its like a wall of blackness is there. I start thinking about scary monsters coming out of there and fear grips me. I immediately turn my thoughts to something else, knowing that those thoughts will probably cause monsters to appear. I start hearing a noise from the darkness so I walk away from it hoping that it won't attack me. (I totally forgot to stabilize which ultimately made me lose stability and wake up in the end) I realize I need it to be light outside so I turn back to the castle and imagine the sun rise high in the air. When nothing happens, I close my eyes and imagine it. When I open them, It isn't as light as I'd hoped but it was dawn, and I could see the sun rising behind the tiny hill in the distance. Then the dream fades to black and I notice that I'm awake. I try to continue to imagine the dream, to hold onto it, but in the end I lost. My eyes opened and I woke up. I was a little disappointed, but mostly happy that I had my first LD!

    From this point on, my first goal on my LD list is to learn how to fly. It was on my list before this dream, but I had for some reason forgotten to do it. (I will be writing out my other LDs to date later today or maybe tomorrow)

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