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    [Non-Lucid] Werewolf Guardian

    by , 03-24-2016 at 10:21 AM (406 Views)

    In this dream I am apparently a werewolf, for reasons unknown to me. I'm not even sure how I knew this since I never transformed or anything throughout the dream but I seemed positive that I was one while recalling this dream. I was walking beside the ocean with a girl, she was a few years younger than me and seemed kind, but a little naive. We had been walking a while and came upon a row of tents and my companion decided she needed to rest, and wanted to ask the people who had put up the tents if they'd mind if she slept in one. The sun was beginning to set over the ocean and I reluctantly agreed.

    "Do not tell them what I am, and stay safe, you don't know these people." I said, almost coldly. I didn't need or want to sleep, so I left.

    I think I was kind of a protector or guardian figure for the girl, but was also aloof and stern.


    I was returning from somewhere. It was early morning, the stars were still out. I remember walking back onto the beachfront where the tents were, and overhearing loud music and talking from inside the tents.

    "I knew it. Teenagers." I said, not surprised but also feeling slightly angry, paternal instincts kicking in perhaps.

    I opened the flap on the the tent and noticed people smoking weed and drinking, and barged in to grab my companion and her bag. People seemed incredulous that I'd just walk in and "spoil their fun". I left with the girl and woke up soon after.

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