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    Space and work

    by , 03-20-2017 at 10:22 AM (448 Views)
    Hi everyone!

    I remember parts of my dream last night!

    I was actually myself, and I was at this strange fair with an old acquaintance. We went on this ride, that was like a rocket, we were to be enclosed and shot off into the sky. It felt like a game of space invaders, with a slight difference, you had to shoot the bad aliens, and leave the goo aliens alone..!

    That's what I remember of that one, and then;

    I had a dream of talking to a few people from my old work, about how I'm doing with finding a new job. (At the moment I'm unemployed.) Can't really remember much about what was being said though..!

    Those are the dreams I remember from last night..!

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