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    1. Rotting Corpse and My Acting Career!

      by , 04-16-2023 at 02:22 PM
      Had two dreams the other night, one non lucid and one lucid! It's been a veeery long time since I've had a proper memorable lucid dream, I only wish this one was as fun as all my others have been.

      Non Lucid:
      Not really a lot happened in this dream, but it was disturbing nonetheless. I'm sitting on my bed, shirtless, looking down at myself. I notice a few faint bruises forming along my torso, and wonder what I'd done to myself. I shrug it off as me being clumsy, as I do easily bruise all the time, until I look back down again. The bruises are getting darker and larger in real time, going from pale brown patches to dark, almost black, purple bruises that cover majority of my body. I can't do anything but stare in horror as the black trauma on my skin is slowly beginning to become indents, as if it was loose. Then, I'm watching as the skin is rotting off of my body. I'm becoming a corpse before my very eyes, and all I can do is watch.

      As soon as I fall asleep, I'm thrown into a sterile white corridor, surrounded by a team of people. Some of them are carrying clipboards and wearing all kinds of equipment, while a few others have stage makeup on, like they're straight out of an action movie. We're walking quickly down the corridor and everyone's talking as if something important's going on. Instantly, I know I'm dreaming, but I'm completely freaked out by the fact that I'm in a place I don't recognise, surrounded by people I've never met who are all acting like I'm important. Not only that, but I look down and realise I'm not in my own body. I suss out the situation and, as I'm listening to what the people around me are saying, figure out I'm in the body of an actor who's got a very climactic scene to shoot in about 5 minutes.
      As we continue walking down the corridor, I grab another actor who's in the same scene as me and try my hardest not to sound crazy. I'm trying to explain to her that I'm not the actor they're looking for and instead someone who's asleep, who got mixed up in the situation, and that I need her help. And for some reason, she believes me! Either that or the person I'm pretending to be has got a sense of humour. She tells me no one else on the team will believe me, so I've just got to play along, but she'll help me to the best of her ability.

      We then enter a room, with the producers walking off leaving just the other actors and I by ourselves to do a last minute run through of the script before the big scene. I remember trying my hardest to concentrate to change the dream, because at this point I'm so unbelievably stressed out over the fact I'm not myself and I'm about to ruin the biggest moment of this tv show because I have no idea what's going on. Usually trying to switch to another dream works, but this time I just find myself stuck. I go up to the woman who I was previously talking with and start begging her for the script, because if I'm going to bomb this I might as well make an effort to look like an actor. Another actor overhears me and comes up to me confused, telling me that I should definitely not need the script by now because we're just about to get on set. The woman makes up an excuse for me and goes and quickly gets a script for me to read my lines from, but as the two of us are looking at it, she tells me this is an old version of the scene. All I remember is freaking out, before waking up. I never got to get on set.

      The first dream honestly did not bother me like I now think it should have. When I first woke up after it I didn't even bat an eye, but after writing it out I realise it's a lot more gruesome than I gave it credit for. And in the second, it's honestly kind of pathetic that I spent my first long lucid dream in the past few months stressing over an imaginary problem that I knew was happening in a dream, before waking myself up from the amount of stress I was in. I've really got to do counselling or something....

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    2. School Ghost

      by , 04-06-2023 at 05:37 PM
      I can recall very little, but:

      I'm a ghost, haunting a school which I've never been to. The school's cafeteria area has the make up of an aquarium. I enjoy messing with people, and as I walk past those who are still living I see them get cold shivers. I do something along the lines of that for a while before I meet a girl who stares straight at me. It scares me, before I realise she can see me.
      All I remember about her is that I was very happy to see her, or for her to see me.
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