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    Comp Nights 9 to 14 - Short and Nonsensical Dreams

    by Meiseki on 09-16-2023 at 08:54 PM
    I actually meant to publish this yesterday but couldn't finish I hate school.

    Night 9

    Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
    An anime boy and I were steering clear of a grizzly bear. At some point my dad rolled down a hill with a cat and they landed directly in its warm embrace.

    Eventually the anime boy turned into Z, and he fell and got a scratch on his foot. Nile sniffed it and I pushed him aside, intending to put blood in the wound (literally), but Z put on his shoes before I could. Then he said something unclear, and I told him, "You should communicate better."

    He started getting emotional about some (false) time I didn't tell him about a cliff edge. My mom sided with him but I laughed in their faces. She was so distressed about my bad attitude she got up, backed me into a corner, and slapped the "camera" while screaming.
    It woke me up. Unknown time WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Plot1: I was reading a book in the hallway between my room and my dad's when some random guy came up the stairs. He must have opened a door because I asked him to close it, but he left without saying a word. My dad came out of his room and closed it, then brought it to my attention that S was spamming me. Something about a dolphin show and slippers.

    The book I was reading looked like a CD App [I remember the book but idk what I meant]. I had read it before and knew the whole story. The main character was on a quest to obtain some sentimental candy... and at some point a creepy old guy got involved.

    Plot2: A bunch of anthropomorphic animals were illegally climbing a building. They got caught and scattered, a young koala hiding inside a sewer drain. He felt depressed about the whole thing, and when his brother found him and sighed, he fled deeper into the sewer in shame.

    At the bottom was a splatter of blood, and in the corner of his eye he saw a creepy girl standing above him. Quickly he ran back up and told his brother. A floating, pale face came around the corner and they ran out of the sewer, grabbing a bottle of face lotion and a slipper on their way out.

    The brother suggested they speak gently to it, and while they did so they shoved its severed foot in the slipper and poured all the lotion on it. By then the face had disappeared.

    Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    I fixed a graphic design.

    Night 10

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Dream about music… I was good? Played a "combo…" When I woke up at 4:07 my mom was in the room and Z was leaving for his club. WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    I was swimming in a pool by myself, repeatedly sinking to the bottom and considering drowning myself. The water looked only slightly off, and everything was vivid.

    At some point Z came in and we messed around, but he took it too far so I left. He followed me out and I said, "You might not remember this, but I came here to be alone, _not_ with you." There may have been a background track screaming "OHHHH" but I'm not sure.

    We went into the bathroom and his thermos spilled all over the floor. My body looked disturbingly different, but I didn't know how to react so I said nothing.
    6:05 WBTB.

    Night 11

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    J&L and I were playing guitar. There was something about a "small Am chord" in "real life" vs "earlier"? 4:00 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Person played guitar. Was considered an amateur "because of graduation," but was actually good. Played "G2" chord.

    Frag2: Took up a huge portion of the dream. J and her mom and I were going out somewhere.

    Night 12

    Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
    Interesting setting, a museum of some sort. Felt underrepresented by (illegible) and then not. J and I passed the food court, and I really wanted milkshakes but we were already in the checkout line.

    Somehow I ended up in my school, and the person in front of me was wearing a hoodie with pictures of famous rappers carrying bunnies. Some snuggled up to them, some placed them on their heads, some held them by the scruffs of their necks with a disgusted expression. It depended on their personality.

    Later A.M. was questioning me, calling me "funky" while I skipped. I stopped and said, "That's galloping! Are you a horse, A.M.?" as a joke and she and K and I laughed. Then S and I ended up in the "woods rainbow" somehow.
    4:20 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    People dancing. Someone said, "There's no way that silly little figure is Willy Wonka!"

    Night 13

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Guy pretending to (illegible) with Ms. B. I "acorded" her in the valleys.

    Dream #2 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Flashes. "Sis Dore." Middle school. Mr. N. Something about bears as a nickname.

    Dream #3 (Lucid):
    Boy reassured people that "they were not split," in response to a girl's question. Later watching some weird BL anime about guys training to be actors/mages. At the end Ash Ketchum flew in on a broom, and Ginga from Beyblade was involved somehow.

    Random false awakening. I started writing down the earlier part of the dream, when I heard my mom say my name. I assumed it was a hypnopompic hallucination, but for some reason I felt unsettled.

    I sat up, the motion feeling unusually floaty and robotic, and looked out at the rest of my room. It seemed off somehow, and there were two dark orbs hovering in the air, small enough to mistake for a trick of the eye.
    I thought, Wait a minute, could this be a dream?, did a nose-plug RC to make sure, and it worked effortlessly!

    Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I sensed that I didn't have much time. I flew down from my bed, in this weird, conveyor-belt style of flying. It was hard to maneuver myself in the window's direction, and I nearly flew through the wall out of impatience, but eventually I managed to orient myself and phase through the window.

    What's next? What's next? Controlling a DC? I looked around for one, but couldn't see very well.
    Then I woke up.

    It felt short and uneventful, but at least I gained a decent amount of points for the competition

    Night 14

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    There was a club for silent people, and another for another type of people, which were the main focus, but I can't remember what it was.

    Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: "Clueless girls" were watching a romance show. In response to one line they squealed, "Oh, that was so good!" Another girl agreed but was a bit disappointed, since she was rooting for the GL couple.

    Frag2: In a bookstore like Barnes & Noble, looking for the Owari no Seraph light novels.

    Night 9:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Added: 4.5 points
    Previous sum: 90.5 points
    Sum: 95 points

    Night 10:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
    Added: 3.5 points
    Previous sum: 95 points
    Sum: 98.5 points

    Night 11:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream - 1 points
    Added: 3.5 points
    Previous sum: 98.5 points
    Sum: 102 points

    Night 12:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Added: 3.5 points
    Previous sum: 102 points
    Sum: 105.5 points

    Night 13:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment (x2) - 1 point
    DILD - 10 points
    Reality Check - 1 point
    Fly - 5 points
    Fully Phase through Big Solid Object + Second Chosen Task - 20 points
    Added: 39 points
    Previous sum: 105.5 points
    Sum: 144.5

    Night 14:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
    Library Theme (a bookstore counts right?) - 5 points
    Sum: 8.5 points
    Previous sum: 144.5 points

    Comp total: 153 points

    That's all, folks!

    Comp Nights 3 to 8 - Apocalyptic Worlds and Stress

    by Meiseki on 09-10-2023 at 04:05 AM
    Finally got time to type this up. Great news, a couple days ago I was telling my friend S how to have a lucid dream, and that very night they had their first one! I feel so accomplished

    Night 3

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Taking something similar to IB tests, but all of them combined.

    Frag2: Screenshotting A's (illegible) vdeo a bunch of times. Laughing really hard.

    Woke at 3:10 and WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Incredibly stressful dream. I was doing the SAT again, but it was online at home and I couldn't log in. I was very distressed over this for some reason, screaming and crying and hitting myself, but no one cared. In fact, my parental units scornfully dismissed and perhaps even blamed me.

    I continued crying until 8:00 pm when time was up. The distribution of my time spent on each section popped up on the screen, even though I had been stuck on the sign-in screen the whole time. I screamed that my parents didn't care about or understand me and my mom was like, "Oh, you think you have misunderstood problems? Do you wanna hear my problems?"

    I said yes and she grabbed Nile's ear and stabbed her fingernail into it [I actually saw a mark there IWL the day before]. I shouted in shock, grabbing her wrist to stop her.

    Later I posted online about my "panda" in Japanese and someone was confused; I explained that Nile vaguely resembled a panda.
    4:20 WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    I was telling people about my SAT dream, in an apocalyptic world with J and some random guy and eventually my ex. The random guy kept messing with my Chromebook, saying it was "cruel" of me not to charge it for him. He was annoying but manageable, so we didn't get rid of him. At some point we went out to find something and left a note so he wouldn't freak out.

    Later texted a Japanese friend on LINE, who said he would show me his "last place" in volleyball.
    7:35 WBTB.

    Dream #4 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Post-apocalyptic world where I was worried about my dreams. Grades were involved somehow. Talking about someone's mom and the difference between two things.

    Frag2: Got an ad claiming Wattpad caused hair growth, tiredness, blurry eyes, poor posture, et cetera. Drugs "more prone to coffee-vomit," according to Wiki. Searched something up on YouTube.
    This dream was so unhinged. 8:10 WBTB.

    Night 4

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Someone hated bubbles, tried to be eco-friendly by discovering them online(?), but got mocked instead. Pre-K teacher with 76 students tried to defend them, and the one doing the mocking said "Scary." (She was kind of a Karen).

    Frag2: I was sifting through worn-out books from my dad's generation to find the meaning of life.
    4:00 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragment):
    Person was trying to share their interests but kept getting shut down. 5:00 WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    Dramatic story about a kid who was separated from his mom at a very young age and never grew taller. He made friends on a snowy mountain by grabbing their sled and hopping on. Later he found out his mom was alive (I, as the NEO, was unimpressed with this development). They exchanged souls for a short time; hers resided in a horse tail, and his in a candle.

    A day passed and I became him. I'd grown taller, but she couldn't even tell! Z also invited me to play Minecraft to grind for something, as it was the last day of an event.
    5:30 WBTB.

    After that I kept drifting off and waking up again every 10 minutes. Had multiple dreams about alarms (there were none) and false awakenings. In one of them Z forced N to get up and come downstairs with him, but when I woke up N was in bed and Z wasn't even home. It was incredibly realistic, so I was surprised. Had to get up for school at 6:15.

    Night 5

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Featured a celebrity named Awami, whom people were absolutely obsessed with.

    Frag2: Left my my books in a classroom.

    Frag3: I was in a class doing activities, one of which was to make new friends. I joined a group of three, and another person came over to ask questions. When they left I said, "Sayonara and congrats, you now have three friends."
    4:20 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: A girl was writing a positive energy book.

    Frag2: In my house but more apocalyptic. There was a strange dog on the steps, and I encouraged it to sniff me.
    This dream was really long but I couldn't quite remember it Woke at 6:15.

    Night 6

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: A and I had different (illegible). I tried to show how the traits we shared should mean we shared that too but (illegible).

    Frag2: At some point we were sitting in class, and at another point J and I were in a car, and there was some BL plot, then it was my (illegible) and I was like "I don't needa park I'm a safe driver" or something and J called me an idiot.

    Dream #2 (Lucid):
    Plot1: Was in something similar to a program I did over the summer. Some girl put makeup on me, much to my discomfort, and for some reason there were clothes on the table. When I got home, two nerds were in the process of leaving when my mom asked them about signing up for colleges not listed on Common App. In response they gave her a HUGE booklet, like the size of It by Stephen King.

    Plot2: L sent a pic of me floating upside down in the air on my bike. I assumed she edited it and responded with something vaguely depressing.

    Plot3: There was a tick on my stomach. I asked my mom to get it off for me, but it crawled off, apparently not having bitten yet. (Though it was engorged and there was a dark spot on my skin). I chased it in the dark, asking, "Should I kill it?!"

    She said yes, so I raised a fist, but then she shouted for me to stop because it would run away (it was surprisingly fast). The whole time I had been wondering why she was acting so weird, and right before the dream dissolved from stress,
    I thought, "Oh, I see. This is a dream." Unknown time WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Was looking at a painting of a girl about to punch another girl, but deciding not to because she didn't want to bloody her fists.

    Frag2: The world was ending. That's all I remember.
    Woke at 6:15.

    Night 7:

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    When I woke from this dream, it felt like I had been asleep for years. Doctors were murdering part-time workers, lighting their hats on fire. One seemed particularly without empathy, and I liked her.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Possible side plot about boy and girl riding a train.

    Main plot: I was doing SAT work. My mom said I had to finish it in one day; she kept nagging me. Walking home from school, I saw a bunch of Ramune marbles and picked them up. My car passed by, my familial unit going on a trip without me, so I had to run after them by foot.

    When I finally caught up and found them in a cave-like area, I yelled, "Why do you always drive away without me?! I had to run to catch up!"

    Z just made fun of me, so I turned around and left without saying a word. I hopped some stones across a river and climbed a short rock wall, my mom chasing me from behind.

    "You need to do your work," she said when she reached me. "What you're doing right now doesn't look like work. If you score in the top 10, you can go to a good college. Why is a passing score so low… 3.5 GPA is acceptable in this country!!!" With a manic smile on her face, she started banging her head against the wall.

    "Stop! Stop!" I yelled. "There are 330 million people, of course the average isn't going to be that high! Stop banging your head!"

    She turned around and started talking about work again, and I sobbed, "Why do you hate me?!" trying desperately to control her with the NEO, but it wasn't working. It's only with this tyrant version of her that it is completely ineffective.

    She grinned sweetly. "Because you inspire me [to hate you]."

    Woke at an unknown time. After that I had another dream, but I don't remember it at all.

    Night 8:

    Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
    I don't know how, but I went to sleep at 12:00 a.m. and woke up at 12:20 a.m. with a dream. I would think it's REM rebound, but it's not like I'm sleep deprived. Well, I guess I am compared to the amount I was getting over the summer. I don't know.

    I was in the basement with Z, and he mentioned something that made me want to watch a horror movie. With a grin hiding his fear, he said, "Leave, then!"

    "You leave!" I shot back.
    Woke at unknown time and WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    Plot1: I was with K and J. Something they said upset me, so I went quiet. They were trying to (illegible), so I went to S's house, perhaps planning to do work. I stood there not intending to go in or even knock, but I was spotted and they opened the door. Nile ran out for some reason, but I caught him.

    In the parking lot a little girl was being bullied by an older boy—I think he had stolen her basketball/football. Nile was barking at them so I let him go. (Actually, it was only implied I let him go; this scene instantly changed from one to the next.) He barked at the boy and freed the ball, then lay down all cute for the little girl.

    Plot2: I was a writer for some weird publishing team. S was in a different one and I found their book online. It featured me committing suicide and was rated "the least printed book of the year."

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    Not apocalyptic, but there was some "vegetable disease" going around. We also had another dog who looked exactly like the beanie baby Spunky (which J gave to me a couple days ago); it was really attached to me. I think there was a third dog as well.

    At some point my mom came home and got a scratch on her finger which I could feel (it hurt), but she didn't seem to be infected.

    Somehow our room caught on fire so I ran in to grab my valuables, then came back downstairs to get Spunky. My mom picked it up by the nose, which I yelled at her for. I wasn't allowed to go to S's house but I think I went anyway. On the way there I heard a radio show about covid and illness myths, that it's not your fault and that washing your hands isn't counterproductive.

    It was about 8:00 now, and until 9:30 I would keep waking up every 5 to 15 minutes.

    Dream #4 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    I attended a meeting for aromantics.

    Dream #5 (Non-Lucid):
    Searched up information about the veggie virus, apparently it was a specific plant from India that could only kill you if you touched it. So, if I wanted to, I could safely walk around outside. (Was asleep for 15 minutes.)

    Dream #6 (Non-Lucid):
    Apocalyptic world, we were in a strange house watching an enormous floating keyboard blot out the sun. Went inside when it got dark, I sang a song to "fill" the room.

    Someone started knocking on the door and I knew it was a killer (vaguely lucid?). He was trying to stab through the door, so I stabbed through it as well, impaling him multiple times, but he kept recovering. I NEO-summoned Omori and the killer "accidentally" hurt him and, devastated over it, left.

    Suddenly I woke up (FA) inside another strange place, wondering if it was a double illusion and I had hurt someone on my side as well.
    Then I woke up for real. (10 minutes.)

    Dream #7 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Searching the library for books on the veggie virus. [I don't know why the veggie virus was in so many of this night's dreams.] (7 minutes.)

    Dream #8 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Someone invented a device that improved circulation, with numerous other health benefits. (5 minutes.)

    (Another fragment, but it's completely illegible so I won't count it.)

    Dream #9 (Non-Lucid):
    False awakening. Rooted through my bed, which was cluttered with boxes for some reason. I found three missing headphones and a bunch of Nerds candy, among other things.

    Dream #10 (Non-Lucid):
    J and I went to our old teacher Ms. B for advice; something about our birthdays. I only remember her saying that parents should use both punishment and reinforcement techniques on their children.

    Night 3:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
    Previous sum: 43 points
    Sum: 49 points

    Night 4:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    Previous sum: 49 points
    Sum: 53.5 points

    Night 5:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    Previous sum: 53.5 points
    Sum: 57.5 points

    Night 6:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    DILD - 10 points
    Previous sum: 57.5 points
    Sum: 71.5 points

    Night 7:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - .5 points
    Previous sum: 71.5 points
    Sum: 75 points

    Night 8:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Dream (x7) - 7 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment (x3) - 1.5 points
    Library Theme - 5 points
    Sum: 15.5 points
    Previous sum: 75 points

    Comp total: 90.5 points

    Updated 09-10-2023 at 02:50 PM by Meiseki (points)

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment

    Comp Nights 1 & 2 - Gigantic Moose and DC Manipulation!

    by Meiseki on 09-04-2023 at 04:15 AM
    I'm back in MeiSEKAI for the first time in a while, with an LD to show off for comp! Unfortunately I don't have time to add much detail to non-lucids >_<

    NIGHT 1

    Dream #1 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: S was still in Morocco, and J and I seriously shipped Ms. T with a new (false) assistant English teacher. I put their (illegible) together.

    Frag2: Checking out colleges but not really? Kind of a blur. Later saw S and mom, she snapped at S to not "act different." Then I (illegible).

    Woke at 2:50 and WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Fragments, Non-Lucid):
    Frag1: Ms. T and another teacher kept writing on a board that English and Art were not useless.

    Frag2: Dude had a lot of money but was saving it to go on a trip to/with/for the person he likes. He thought it was funny and didn't seem to know why he liked her, but said that she was "relaxing." 5:30 WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Featured an expert on "letter analysis." 6:50 WBTB.

    Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
    Plot1: MC ran away from home... actually, he flew away from home, which set off alarm bells in the back of my NEO mind. He stole J & L's dad's car and drove off with their (false) dogs. Ended up in a hotel and kept getting notifications from his 3DS, but didn't wanna respond in case it could be tracked. So he searched it up on his phone, not knowing that phones are trackable.

    At some point he looked out the window of his hotel room and saw his classmates(?) on a field trip. One kid spotted him and, for some reason, MC didn't break eye contact. The kid told the group and ran into the hotel, bursting into MC's room, but by that point he'd already flown out the window. He was pursued, and they had a conversation I can't remember.

    Plot2: An assassin on the job decided to kill another guy on the side. But when said guy turned the corner, he made eye contact and flashed the revolver at his hip. MC was a bit startled. He pressed himself against the wall so he couldn't be seen from a ledge above, a good thing because moments later revolver guy was standing on it, mimicking a seductive woman's voice to try and lure MC into the open.

    Ironically MC's interest was piqued not because he was fooled, but because that was also his method of killing. If the dream had continued, it would've turned into a gay assassin x assassin romance.

    Plot3: An evil man was on trial, and a woman stood up to testify. In an NEO-moderated speech she said that even worse than the things he was on trial for, was the fact that he had groomed her teenage son. Everyone clapped and when she went into the back room, she received a bunch of Project Sekai rewards. One of them was a song so obscure it surprised me to the point of being impressed. Woke at 8:29 and had to get up.

    NIGHT 2

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    I was "getting a story" from out of a trash can, both manipulating each other. [I have no idea what I meant.] The videos were mostly ads and extremely generic. I was thinking about cognitive abilities and lucid dreams, hoping they would mention them. 4:00 WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid)
    Plot1: A journalist was jumping around trying to capture interesting moments between [stopped writing for some reason].

    Plot2: I told my mom I didn't know how to do something, and she started screaming, calling me a pathetic waste of space and an effing idiot and et cetera. I just stood there waiting for her to stop.

    Plot3: This was the largest part of the dream but I couldn't quite remember it. A bunch of people were fighting about something on a reality TV show… at some point I told my mom I was recording them to placate her. 5:30 WBTB.

    Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
    Very brief yuri plot, teacher x teacher. One of them had the asexual flag tattooed on her palm and was upset about something. Her partner suggested they move out because Japan was too (illegible, but something similar to conservative?). 7:00 WBTB.

    Dream #4 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    (Illegible, something about people not taking my advice.) S had to give advice instead, which is ironic. 7:30 WBTB.

    Dream #5 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Someone was trying to understand someone else's culture. 8:00 WBTB.

    Dream #6 (Lucid):
    Plot1: There was a lesbian TV show being played somewhere, and I found one of the actresses in my basement. I told her that I thought the show had been made in the 60s or 70s, but actually it was released in 2022. She told me that the other main lead found a husband and they were no longer in contact, but it was clear she missed her and implied that she wanted us to go find her.

    Plot2: I was in the basement talking to my dad, when I saw my dog Nile sitting outside the sliding glass doors. I told Z and he went out to get him, but walked right past, even as he went from puppy- to normal-size. To prank him I brought Nile inside and shut the doors, but he came back with a nearly identical dog in his arms!

    "Um, Z, that's not Nile," I said, but they looked so similar I doubted myself. Then another dog appeared and suddenly we were outside in our neighborhood. A glass dome surrounded it, and the grassy part in the middle had become a jungle. We were searching for the dogs that weren't Nile, to return them to their owners. I think I examined floating screenshots to find out that one's name was Riddick.

    Other animals were in the jungle as well, and they all had "file names" you could view by focusing in on them. Some were just the name of the animal ("parakeet") but others were more personal ("the weird one"). There was also a gigantic moose walking around.

    "I didn't know moose were that big," my dad said.

    "I know right? It's scary." I pulled out my phone to take a picture, but paused when it turned in my direction. "Uh, is it…?"

    I slowly started drifting away (we'd been flying the whole time), but when it stepped closer, I turned tail and accelerated so quickly it worried me. I could hear its footsteps thundering behind me, so I flew higher and higher, trying to reach a tall tree for cover. But then I saw the glass dome and decided to phase through it like I do in my dreams,
    which got me lucid!

    I kept going, flying as fast as a jet (now that I think about it, this is Advanced Flying, isn't it?), and there were clouds and green fields below me as far as the eye could see, zipping past in a blur. My fear of heights seemed to have disappeared, and I was enjoying it so much that I pushed myself to go faster and faster. At some point I tried to shoot fireballs out of my hands, but it didn't work.

    Okay, okay, I gotta think, what should I do for comp? The first thing that popped into my head was three-step tasks, and with some difficulty I remembered "Fly" as my first. Check!

    I incorrectly remembered DC Manipulation/Mind Control as my second, so I flew down to the first DC I spotted. She was a young woman in a crop jacket and loose jeans, nose buried in her phone.

    I whispered under my breath for her to get on her stomach and crawl, not loud enough to hear. But it was only when I made her want to do it, when I imagined her doing it, that she flopped onto her stomach. Still, she didn't crawl, and I started to worry that it wouldn't count for the competition if she didn't fully follow through. I had the sense that I was short on time.

    "Crawl!" I yelled, but she just lay there with an expression of lazy smugness. Again I made her want to do it, imagined her doing it, and she did! She crawled forward! I was ecstatic, but before I could even think about my third task,
    I woke at 8:30 and had to get up. Pretty successful dream, though, even if it was short and I messed up the task order!

    I actually have two or three more LDs to add from my period of inactivity, but I'll deal with them later. Oh yeah, and I filled up another DJ, though my handwriting has gotten much worse since then

    Night 1:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ˝ point
    Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x3) - 3 points
    Sum: 5.5 points

    Night 2:
    WBTB - 2 points
    Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment (x3) - 1.5 points
    Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x2) - 2 points
    DILD - 10 points
    Fly + First Chosen Task - 10 5 points
    Advanced Flying - 10 points
    Interact with a Dream Character - 2 points
    DC Manipulation / Mind Control - 5 points
    Sum: 42.5 37.5
    Previous sum: 5.5 points
    Comp total: 48 points 43 points

    Lil sketch:

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    Avoiding Lucidity

    by Meiseki on 07-16-2023 at 11:14 PM
    This was my last dream of the night. A couple dream characters and I were fleeing from an evil therapist, stuck on a dead-end bridge and staring into the void. I turned around and faced one of them, a man with tan skin and bright green eyes, holding my hands up.

    "It's okay guys, no need to worry, I'll just make a wormhole," I assured them. "Then we can fly through it and we'll be safe."

    They voiced their doubts, but I shut them down.
    Suddenly a thought popped into my head: Wait a minute, the last time I flew was in a dream... doesn't that mean this is also a dream? I almost performed a reality check but stopped myself. The dream was so vivid and I was enjoying the plot. (I had managed to do a DEID from the previous dream after being disappointed over how short it was. I didn't want to risk lucidity destabilizing anything, even if it was due to my own schema.) So I deliberately tried to suppress that awareness.

    It mostly worked, but then I remembered the TotS task to find your own forgotten DJ entries and wanted to try it. As I unfolded the wormhole (it was like a collapsible tunnel) I imagined it leading to my WL dream journal. Unfortunately, while flying through I fell into the void and
    completely lost lucidity.

    I guess I'll add it to my LD count since it's enough to count as semi-lucid, but ugh, what a wasted opportunity. The dream lasted for quite a while afterward.

    Becoming Lucid in a DV Member's Dream (Task of the Season)

    by Meiseki on 07-07-2023 at 03:46 AM
    Another long lucid! Even if it was split in the middle. And a TON of dreams overall! Though they took forever to type. Slept at 12:30.

    Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Something about driving and LGBTQ. Woke up at 4:00 and WBTB.

    Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
    I was reading about a closeted gay eighth grader, and of course since it was a dream the scenes popped into my head like a TV show. MC was in a warehouse with his friends, goofing around, when he looked in the mirror and said, "You know what, guys? I'm going to go do it, I'm just gonna do it, why am I waiting for high school? It doesn't even make sense."

    He was talking about doing the nasty with a girl, but he didn't really want to. He was just trying to prove to himself and everyone else that he wasn't gay. When he headed for the door, my feelings of opposition seemed to affect him. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned around. I physically typed out the words I wanted him to say: "You're not gonna stop me?!?!"

    Then I wrote out his friends' response: "No?"

    One laughed in confusion, another scowled. I remember crossing out a comma and replacing it with the question mark, then being sure to emphasize that one of them was scowling.

    MC said something about "three men," and the angry friend became even angrier. "Of course not," he snapped.

    After that MC was tempted to say the same thing about "four men," but he chickened out because there were four of his friends there and the risk of them catching on was too high. I accepted that, just glad that he'd changed his mind, and he left the warehouse.

    The plot changed. I was now actively in the dream, as myself yet not myself. I lived in a big house with my "grandma" and brother Z. He and I were in "our room," and when I gazed out the arched window into the night, I saw a peculiar black cat rummaging around, eating trash. I was fascinated by its strange appearance and wanted to interact with it.

    It was past midnight, so I waited for "Grandma" to go to the basement before sneaking downstairs and opening the front door. I whispered for it to come inside and eat something edible. It obeyed, but the granny was coming back upstairs so I fled to my room.

    She definitely knew I'd been down there, despite Z trying to cover for me. (He was not himself either.) However, she let it go and sat down with the cat at the table, saying that they had to have a long chat regarding me.

    At one point she called sweetly to me from the kitchen and snapped at Z when he spoke up. He was holding a "full" glass of regurgitated yogurt (it reached the fill line, but that line was barely one fourth of the cup). It was not abnormal in the dream, but I was disgusted all the same.


    Woke up at 5:00 and, after journaling, sat up and really focused on becoming lucid. I explained what it meant, quickly performed MILD, and upped my awareness of myself and my surroundings. Then I went back to sleep, lucidity the last thing on my mind. (As in, the final thing I was thinking about, not something I didn't care about at all... I hate English.)


    Dream #3 (Lucid):
    First thing I remember is tagging along as a man led Harlequin down a flight of stairs. We were in her dream. Once we reached the bottom of the steps, we could see an oasis-like place at the end of the hallway. But when we looked back up, we realized we had descended 2000-feet-worth of stairs, and Harlequin's family was screaming her name at the top of their lungs as if she had died.

    Trying to keep things under control, I asked, "Are you going to go to the oasis?"

    She frowned and scoffed, "My brain drew that with MS paint." Then she left the dream. [I don't remember what she looked like because I wasn't paying attention.]

    What a waste, I thought, and went to check out the oasis myself. It was really just a small room with a pool of water, cabinet, window, and carpet, but I sat down on that carpet and
    became lucid.

    I attempted to increase the vividness and thought it was working, but when I woke up I couldn't remember how it looked so maybe it wasn't. I also believed myself to be more clear-headed than I really was. To my credit, I was able to remember the Task of the Season and decided to complete a basic task: asking a dream character what will happen tomorrow!

    I phased through the window and emerged a couple stories above the ground, a tree swaying in the wind below me. Everything was a bit unstable so I grabbed a leaf and tried to focus my attention on it as a stabilization technique (as Oneirin suggested), but it didn't work very well.

    Somehow I got out of there and ended up flying down a street, chasing after people in cars and trying to get them to answer the question, but every one of them just flashed weird looks and drove faster. Finally I peered into the passenger window of one car and saw a one-year-old baby strapped into a baby seat in the middle. Next to him, on the far side, was a 12-ish-year-old blond boy.

    "Hey!" I yelled to the baby. "What do you think will happen tomorrow?"

    He glanced at me and started lifting his arms out of the harness straps. I assumed he wanted to get closer to the window, but if a car struck them from behind and he was unbuckled I knew he'd be dead.

    "Uhh, no, no, don't do that," I said, and suddenly a horde of skinny, black-bodied, white-headed, Bendy-like creatures rushed toward the car with their arms outstretched. Altogether they resembled the Wall of Flesh in Terraria.
    I was kicked out of the dream and replaced by a fourteen-year old anime girl.

    She flew through the car and grabbed the twelve-year old, sending them tumbling out the other side into an alleyway. The car was destroyed and the boy watched his baby brother get ripped to shreds, one layer at a time. But he wasn't fazed at all! In fact, when the girl held out a hand to him (third person POV), he blushed and took it!

    She was a dream superhero of some sort, and there was the sense that she had saved many people from those creatures many times before. She wore red gloves and a short red skirt, black sweatpants, and a black sweater.

    At some point they were hiding in the "|" part of a "T"-shaped alleyway, and the boy was able to keep the creatures out by stretching his body to disturbing proportions. Even as the nonexistent observer I was very confused.

    Once the creatures cleared out, the boss of the girl appeared. With a smile they said, "You must be [name]'s reincarnation."

    [Name] was a very powerful Dream Hero, the most legendary of them all, but the girl was not her reincarnation. No, that was a different girl, and she was back at the lab undergoing testing. MC reminded me of Akko, and the reincarnated girl reminded me of Diana (though she looked like Neiru from Wonder Egg Priority).

    MC was having trouble keeping her face stable (it was actually glitching) and started to deny it, but cut herself off. "Is- is Izzy here?" (Another Dream Hero.)

    Don't remember if anyone responded, but somehow it was revealed that the boy had "done this before" and was actually a member of their organization. When she heard that, MC flushed with rage and grabbed his collar.

    "Say that sooner!" she shouted. She was embarrassed because she'd been under the impression that she'd saved a helpless civilian, and now felt stupid for being so proud.

    She stormed out of the room (the alley had gradually morphed into a hotel room) and
    I returned to the dream, lucid again. I had very little memory of what had happened and zero awareness of having switched with the girl. But I realized I still hadn't gotten an answer to the TotS question, and ran back to the boy. He was being carried like a sack of potatoes by an invisible person.

    "What should I do tomorrow?" I asked. (Phrased it that way because I thought he might not respond to "what will happen tomorrow?")

    He glared at me, and the vividness of his voice increased tenfold as he spat, "I think you should die."

    I actually got goosebumps from how clear and angry his tone was, but brushed it off. The style of the dream had become cheap and pixelated, and I turned to see Mafuyu lying flat on the ground.

    I sat next to her. "Mafuyu, what will happen tomorrow?"

    She probably assumed I was asking her out and responded, "Saturday is sad day." (Both she and I were under the impression that tomorrow was Saturday.)

    "I see. Sad day, huh." I sat by her a little while longer before standing up.

    Each hotel door was themed to match a Project Sekai character. Kanade's was first, light blue and decorated with solid circles and hollow triangles. I cracked it open and found her wrapped up in blankets like a burrito. Sensing that I would wake up soon, I decided it wasn't worth interacting with her her.

    I hurriedly moved on to Mizuki's sparkly pink door, but for some reason, I knocked this time. I called her name, excited to hear her response, as she and Mafuyu are my favorite characters.

    After a pause, a very accurate voice responded, "Yeah?"

    I asked the question, but before she could answer the dream faded and
    I woke up! Nooo! But at the same time, yesss, to this amazing lucid!


    I was surprised to find it was only 6:25, but it took me an hour to finish writing, so I didn't get back to sleep till 7:30-ish. I wasn't very tired, so maybe that's why I kept waking up and had all these dreamlets.


    Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
    This was on the border between a hypnagogic hallucination and a dream. I was in the kitchen and one of my parents dumped milk and acid in my head. Then I was in a dark void, walking down a floating runway and smashing open doors with an axe. I found my dad in one of them. He had murdered my mom. I raised my axe and killed him. Woke around 8:00 and WBTB.

    Dream #5 (Non-Lucid):
    I was being driven somewhere in the middle of nowhere to tutor a kid my age. I was very confused, saying that A was the tutor, not me. But they didn't listen. We nearly ran over a fallen tree and had to get out of the car. It was foggy outside and there was a lake nearby.

    When I demanded answers, my mom grilled me in return about how I got my voice recorder. [Answer: I biked to the store and bought it without her knowledge.]

    "I told you, I just found it in my stuff!" I protested, speedwalking away.

    I came across my brothers and a group of old friends, the only one I could see properly was a kid named Blake. He was holding a football and I asked if he was copying me, as I was playing catch with a football for two hours a couple days ago.

    Don't remember his response, but I took the football and asked if I could punt it. He refused because there was a lake in the distance and he didn't want it going in.

    Woke at 8:27 and WBTB.

    Dream #6 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Forgot everything when I opened my eyes. Something about flowers. 8:46 WBTB.

    Dream #7 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    (Illegible.) 9:06 WBTB.

    Dream #8 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
    Lifting weights. Later I was in a store and Harlequin was there, asking how to get home. I directed her to a staff member. 9:19 WBTB.

    Dream #9 (Non-Lucid):
    I was driving to a therapy session, though not doing a very good job. In the end I had to lift it up like a chair and force it into a parking spot within the building. Switched the parking brake on and it finally settled down. A girl next to me was doing the same. Some time later people were watching the dream on a screen, admiring the "perspectives" and skill of my "internal camera." I was a little uncomfortable.

    Plot change. Someone had filmed a TikTok of me saying, "Do you want your madlad chicken? -goes off-screen and returns a couple seconds later- Sorry, they aren't allowed in the café but here are some french fries and ketchup."

    It had 12K likes and I was wearing a dark blue plaid jacket and mask. It repeated a few times before showing the aftermath. S was grabbing me and pointing to a bundled-up customer.

    "Merlin," they said. (Not my real name but that's what they called me in the dream.) "You have to figure out their identity. Once you do, you'll be shocked."

    But I could already tell that the twist was that they were gonna be my doppelganger.

    At some point I had a false awakening and when I was writing down the dream I added, I was covered in leaves (thank goodness I remembered that!).

    Woke at 9:47 and got up for good. Kinda sad that none of them were lucids, but oh well.

    Pics of the dream scenes, and a map of the third dream (yes I am totally copying Harlequin):

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