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    1. Living with Amber D?

      by , 06-07-2019 at 05:44 PM
      Was in an unfamiliar house that I guess I was moving into. There wasn't much light except that coming from some side lamps. There was lots of stuff everywhere. There were other people living in the house. I was talking to someone in another room while I moved someone else's stuff out of the room I was going into. I wasn't sure who it belonged to but I hauled some of it to a room upstairs. At the top I heard someone coming out of the shower and the door was open. I realized it was Amber and didn't wan't to appear like a peeping tom and so literally slid back down the stairs.

      Next I was starting up my jeep which was full of people. Amber was in the rear passenger side seat. I asked if she had any suggestions for chill music to listen too while I drove. "hmm you could listen to what I'm listening too." she said. I realized she had earbuds in. I asked what she was listening too and she started to get really embarrassed. I think she was listening to a soundtrack to some very soap-opera-esk show.
    2. Face Off with a Pedophiles Dog

      by , 01-21-2013 at 04:13 AM

      I was in a couple groups of people out on a large grassy lawn. I think there were a couple teams perhaps cleaning. Their were electrical towers and compressed air. Once we completed our task I noticed one man that was looking suspicions. I thought he might be a pedophile and that he had some sinister plan though there were no children present that I remember. I was to foil/discover his plan. He became nervous and walked out to his car.

      The man had a small, white, curly haired dog and now he was calling to it from his car. He was angry and waving at the animal. I was still trying to hold the man us so justice could be served and in not wanting to let the dog go back to its master we had a confrontation. The dog started barking, growling and looking meaner than any small dog has ever looked before. I got down on its level and growled and scowled right back. And for a minute looking at all its teeth I began to back down. People began to root me on and I wound up winning the face off.

      That's all I remember but I'm sure the man is behind dream-world bars.
    3. Spongeman Curse Fragment

      by , 12-27-2012 at 05:16 AM

      Don't remember much of the story but the visual stuck with me.
      Some kid was coming down sick I think because he had been left with his dying / sick grandfather.
      This was some sort of rare ancient disease that would baffle all scientists or a witch's curse.

      Imagery One..ewe
      Humanish figure(boy's grandfather) laying in mud. His flexh is spongy, slimy, and soaking wet. All over are worm-like tentacles. His mouth is open and filled with slimy water. His eyes are open and vacant.

      Imagery Two...also ewe
      Same creature is kneeling and talking to his grandson.
    4. Labyrinth Task

      by , 12-27-2012 at 05:02 AM

      A small group of people and I are in a stadium / industrial like labyrinth. It had an extremely high sealing and hight walls. There were no seats but it was still gigantic and oval. From our particular location, you couldn't see much except the ceiling and tall parallel walls that bordered the wide curving path that we were on. The floor was dirt, hard and dusty. There were also some metal ladders that led up to a catwalk above.

      Down at the other end of the pathway and off to the side was an exit that we were trying to get to. We had to get there quickly or we would be transported back to do it again. We tried several times before one of us realized that we had to carry a large role of silver duct-tape to the exit. Caring the tape was my task.

      We ran down the path again but when I was about 3 quarters of the way the tape was snatched from my hand by some sort of vine that came from behind. We repeated, and again I was foiled. Then I had a bright idea that I was sure would work. Again we ran, but before the tape could be snatched I wrapped the end around a ladder a few times.

      Then the creature that had been snatching the tape came again. This time it was not vine like and came upside down from the cieling hanging on part of its coat-tail turned spiderwebish. It was a sly spirit. His cloths were white and floating about, and he had a strange non-trustworthy grin. The guardian quickly struck me in the chest sending me back several feet while he ripped the tape away from the ladder.

      I objected. The guardian looked at me and started to speak. I think he was explaining the task and that I must make a deal in order to pass. He grabbed something from his inside coat pocket and with his long arm held it out. As he did I saw it transform from ? into a small piece of paper. It was about 5"x8" and held so that the long end was perpendicular to the ground. It also had a faint water mark that lived up to its name by rippling on the page. The page also moved like it was blowing in the wind. There was no text on the paper. I understood that the guardian wanted me to sign this contract and again I objected because I felt like I had already done all that should be required to finish this task. "You mean like a contract?!...for something I've all ready done"

      I woke up soon after.
    5. Machine Operation Demo

      by , 12-25-2012 at 09:46 PM

      At work in the maintenance shop talking to other maintenance guys. One of them has dry skin on his face and they are discussing ways to prevent, treat and cure dry skin. The scene shifts and we are on the plant floor which looks a little more like a convention centre than usual. We are following a guy who works for a company that provided us with an air dryer system for our compressors.

      We stop in front of the new unit and we all lean in to hear what he is saying. There is lots of ambient noise as usual. He starts going through operation of the machine and basic maintenance. He stresses that we should try to conserve battery life by keeping the volume down on the machine. ..."There has been allot of places that I've visited where the operators had the alarms all the way up and I'm just sick of it."....He continued by saying we should keep it as quiet as someone doing technical work at a nuclear plant (like they needed to concentrate heavily)

      I asked how we would be able to hear the machine if we had it so quiet.. My brain must have been thinking about music because I asked if there was an 1/8th inch audio jack....."What??"..."Is there an 1/8th inch audio jack?... Then I thought I spotted one "Oh there it is....wait that is just an ethernet port," I went on to suggjest that they get some sort of wifi / bluetooth thing going on because it would be realy hard to hear the alarm otherwise.
    6. Giant Quilt and a Climbing Wall

      by , 12-25-2012 at 06:21 AM

      I am at a party in a large warehouse and people are dancing. It still a pretty big room but small by comparison. There are disco lights and smoke. There are several groups between me and my girlfriend who I see dancing and having a good time. I am extremely tired and because of the setting I started to feel drunk like I haven't been in a long time. Next to me is a really cute girl dancing and she starts to flirt with me. I'm too tired to participate and besides I have a girlfriend. I lean up against the wall. I close my eyes and start to slide down the wall till I am lying on the floor. I didn't want my girlfriend to see me drunk but still was wishing she would come take care of me.

      I fall asleep for a bit. When I wake up the lights are out and everyone had gone to sleep where they were. A giant quilt covered the whole room and only the people along the wall could pop their heads out. Most had paired up but nothing sexy had gone on. I wondered why my girlfriend hadn't laid down next to me. Instead, the flirt was next to me and she was playing with my hair and starting to cuddle up. I was way to tired to move and so I let her do her thing. Our legs were touching when I sat up to see where my girlfriend was. I couldn't see here but thought that she was probably one of the lumps under the quilt about 15' away where she had been dancing.

      Still exhausted I plop back down to the floor. The flirt plays with my hair some more and then I hear my girlfriends voice saying something along the lines of "WTF...what is going on here.. you letting her..."...I don't have an explanation. I'm to tired to give an explanation. Being as tired as I was would have worked but I was to tired to even think of that. For those few moments my GF was pissed but then she became totally unconcerned.

      Apparently she had been loving the huge climbing wall in the next room and was climbing alone while everyone slept. The flirt and I followed her there as she put on fall protection and a hard hat (like I have at work). The climbing wall covered every wall of this part of the warehouse and extended across the ceiling. There was also metal scaffolding and walkways above the middle of the floor.

      I felt concerned that my GF had been climbing without someone to watch her. Trying not to sound too bossy I ask her not to climb by herself because it is dangerous. I say something about needing to go home but GF says that we don't exactly have one of these at home and wants to keep climbing. As the dream fades I see more of what is in the warehouse. There is heavy industrial extrusion dies with eye hooks on them. Climbing rope and chains are run though the eye hooks...............Wake up
    7. Best Wheat Ales and Bakery Goods of All Time EVER!!!

      by , 12-21-2012 at 03:46 AM

      Me, family members, and good friends of the family are all travelling on a bus. I look out the window into this old industrial yard. There is a pile of stuff and large overhead pipes. (I had a other dream here but can't remember any more than being in a hurry and going through the piles and maybe turning some valves.) Also in the yard was a motor-home.

      I could see in through the back window of the motor home from the bus that there was a pile of wood inside being fed into some kind of furnace. We stopped and went inside the motor home. The inside was cramped but much larger than it could possibly have been. To our good fortune we had stumbled upon one of the worlds greatest secrets.

      This place apparently made some of the best bread ever....hence the wood furnace. Somehow they also managed to make wheat beer from the bread. I tried one and it was..omg outstanding. After finishing my drink we headed along some tables towards some stairs leading downstairs. On the tables were some cakes, pastries, pies, and other goodies. I tried something with banana... and it was also extremely good. I also remember their being some sort of kiwi cake. We didn't gorge ourselves and headed downstairs. I sat in a subway train like seat next to my sister and Ilean. They both had small plates. I was so happy and pleased that I squeed a little.
    8. Visiting my Parents Church

      by , 12-21-2012 at 03:22 AM

      I went to go visit my family at church and everyone was so glad to see me because they thought I was returning to the flock. I was talking to some kid when some lady started telling me about how nice it was to have me back and something about my self esteem..blah blah. I got upset, grabbed my stuff and started to leave. My Mom ran up to me and asked .."Wait. Where are you going?" I told her that I didn't believe in god and it has nothing to do with self esteem or anything other than evidence.
      Tags: atheism, church, kid, mom
    9. Bears and Scuba Diving

      by , 11-25-2012 at 03:27 PM
      non lucid

      My girlfriend and I were up above my childhood town by the irrigation ditch which was drained. Sneaking along the ditch was three small anthropomorphic animals. There was a badger, a raccoon, and something else maybe a bird. On the other side of the ditch I saw a baby bear. My girlfriend said "Ahhh". It was cute as all hell and I noticed another one. I knew that momma bear would be showing up and so I climbed up a downed tree and up it at an angle to its stump. It had been cut with a chainsaw, was pretty skinny, and right in front of its stump was another almost identical stump. I was having trouble balancing and intended on jumping to the next stump when I saw momma come through the brush roaring angrily. "Beth, get up here!" Beth is my sisters name and I said "Why did I call you Beth? Sorry, but get up here".. Not like it would have done a bit of good because we were right between the babies and their mother. And now there was two moms. Last thing I remember was deciding whether or not to jump down and run away along the ditch.

      Scuba Diving
      I was looking through the newspaper classified for rental homes and came across an interesting add. For some reason it gave a higher price if you were a certified scuba diver or treasure hunter. The scene transitioned and my girlfriend and I were standing behind an old yellow 1 bedroom house by a shallow bay. We stood on a small, cracked patio surrounded by a row of brick that sort of held back the over grown grass, weeds, and bushes. Who new what old useless things were buried in the mud and the grass. It was cold, damp, and the sky was gray. Looking at one edge of the patio under some brush was some tanks and scuba gear. I come to the conclusion that the reason the rent was higher was because of they didn't want to share the treasure.

      Soon enough we get into the water and swim around just a bit. I am a bit nervous and so I don't dive to deep. In fact I don't dive any more than I would without gear. Out in the bay are a few old boats and a some steal oil rig looking thing. I decide that there isn't going to be anything out there and that this was a waist of time and possibly dangerous. My girlfriend is is reluctant to get out despite the cold. End
    10. Hicks, Nerds, Alien technology, Treasure, Boat attack, and investigators.

      by , 11-22-2012 at 01:22 AM
      non lucid

      A couple guys and I stood outside on the well lit patio of a small country home at night. There were no lights on in the house. An old screen door was slightly opened but the main door was shut. Against the house was a few old chairs, a walking stick, and probably a couple old rusty tools. To one side of the house was a barely visible dirt road that disappeared beyond some bushes and out into the night. Just behind the bushes parked on the side of the road I could see the top of a faded blue Chevy truck.

      We knew some guys were coming out to gun us down but we had some sort of plan. One guy came running up and said they were coming. Soon enough one guy came up to us, pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at the DC nearest the front door. The gunman had an average build, brown hair, flannel shirt, blue jeans, and boots. This didn't bother me much because I knew that one of my DC buddies was supposed to be sneakin' up behind the bushes any minute. He was supposedly a insanely dangerous guy that nobody should mess with and he had dealt with this sort of situation before.

      What I thought was going to happen is that he would come up and shoot the gunman from the bushes with some sort of dart or arrow. Once I knew he was out at the bushes I began to talk to the gunman. "You don't wanna do that man." I said "you better get out of here...your times running out man..better run..". It was then that I noticed the guy I was waiting for was holding up a pair of antlers from behind the bushes. Then he was only holding up one antler. It was some sort of signal to us that he was there and ready. "This is retarded. Shoot the guy already" I thought. However, before he could do anything, the gunman ran off down the road.

      Now it was just me outside and I walked toward the dirt road to meet two more of our crew which were coming up the road with weapons. One quickly moved past me and into the house but the next guy stopped in front of me. He was just about the nerdiest guy I've ever seen with high blue waisted pants, yellow button up shirt, and carrying some really poorly made bows and quivers full of arrows with equally poor construction. He handed me one bow and a quiver and we made our way into the house.

      As I was going into the house and the dream theme began to transition, I noticed that my bow could bend in the middle like a hinge which made it practically useless. The nerds bow was in the same condition. Directly inside was the living room and directly to the right of us was the back of a couch and to the left was a wall. A kitchen and hall way opened up to the left at the end of the wall. Things were fairly cluttered, dishes were dirty, and someone was constructing a home made play pen between the kitchen and the couch in the living room.

      The play pen had four small PVC pipes, one at each corner and held in place by something heavy yet not sturdy enough. Wrapped around the pipes was a tarp like material. The pen had no floor and the carpet was covered in small shredded scraps of cardboard or something like that. The sides were also trying to fall in. The nerd went to one side and bent his bow into a ninety degree angle and used it to stabilize one corner. I followed suit with the opposite corner and was happy to be rid of the stupid bow. As we headed into the kitchen the dream transitioned again.

      I found my self on the run as I shuffled out of the kitchen and through hallways of an old wooden ship / submarine. I was looking for a way out and also searching for something. Finally I came to a spot where I could just barely squeeze myself up and through a path in the upper corner of a hallway. I lifted myself up through the opening and out into the water. I held on to the ship which appeared to be partially sunk. The hole where I had come out was gone and in front of me just inside a break of the hull was a medium sized treasure chest. I opened the chest and and gazed inside to find more empty containers which were shaped like the tops of bird houses and were all fitted together on their sides. I figured that I hadn't found anything worth much and so I swam off toward the shore.

      note: I think this part of my dream must have bin partly inspired by Assassins Creed III.

      There were a few rocks sticking up out of the water but the waves were calm and blue, the sun bright, and the beach was sandy and beautiful. I didn't get very far when I had second thoughts about the treasure and decided to turn around. However before I got back to the ship a jet boat came speeding from behind some nearby rocks. At this point and this point only, the boat was towing a matching trailer. It was those same jerks from the first part of the dream and the driver was heading straight for me. When they hit me I somehow managed to grab onto the boat and without them noticing that I was still alive. Careful not to get cut up by a propeller which the boat shouldn't have had I made my way to the back of the boat and took a look inside.

      There were three guys total but one of them was only a young teenager who was asleep in the back seat. I considered secretly throwing them all over board one by one. I would have to start with the kid but I couldn't take the chance that he could get hurt or drown. Before I made any decision the boat crashed into the beach, throwing us all onto the beach. Again the dream transitioned.

      Next thing I remember was standing inside a cave on the beach amongst the wreckage. One of the guys was pointing a shotgun at one of my buddies again. I remember trying not to kill anyone and somehow I manage to stop any violence from occurring. Some of the wreckage may have been alien spaceships and there was also other bits of technologically advanced equipment around the cave. Most of this equipment was actually human and was used to examine the alien stuff many years ago. It felt like this cave had been forgotten several years ago by the US government..kinda Stargate-ish . There was a dusty row of monitors and some small cube-ish computing modules all lined up on shelves.

      Last transition and I am observing a conversation between people wearing lab-coats in a CSI type evidence lab. There were two guys sitting down near a security door and a female investigator was asking them about some breach in security that had happened somewhere. The two guys kind of shrugged brainlessly like they had no idea there was a problem. Apparently they had let an imposter get through their background check system...twice. The investigator looked through an evidence tray filled with what I think was pot and grabbed a large brownish-orange medicine container also filled with the same stuff. She looked over at the too men and asked "But why would they use this place to get through twice?" She was implying that the guys had messed up and that the imposter had used this lab because it was easy.

    11. Kidnapped in a Sinister Plot

      by , 11-17-2012 at 10:59 AM
      over 6 years ago I think

      I was kidnapped by a group of thugs and put in the back seat of some sedan. They had guns and I think hoods. My dad may have bin in the car. We pull up to a country home. It had a porch wrapped around two sides and was slightly run down. To get to the front door you had to walk up some stairs to the left of the driveway. At the top to the left was a yard and to the right was the house. Their was a tree in the yard, hard dirt, probably some chew toys, and bushy ivy covered banks that sloped down to the road and driveway below.

      Inside the house in the living room was a table with a large map. My parents were there with the thugs and kind of making fun of me. They all went over some plan with me and explained what was going on. I still thought it was messed up. We went back outside and the tree had pages from a book in place of its leaves. I think I was supposed to use them to break some code. I had trouble getting all the pages. END
    12. Dangerouse Ocean and other Lousy Swimming Spots

      by , 11-17-2012 at 08:08 AM
      3 or 4 years ago
      note: I am not a strong swimmer so I don't swim in the ocean in real life.

      On my way to where my friends and family would be swimming, I was walking through a mountain meadow and became a little disoriented. As I stood in front of a group of large rock formations, I contemplated on which way to go.

      I climbed up one boulder and up between two small cliffs and onto a trail that led down to the ocean. I think my uncle may have told me how to get hear in the dream but I'm not sure. The fishing was supposed to be great and the water clean.

      Finally I made it down to the ocean which was at least thirty feet below the cliff where I stood. There wasn't any beach but I made my way down a narrow eroded path to the water any way. Off to my right was a larger cliff and a tiny bit of a cove. I jumped into the water and swam over to the larger cliffs.

      Once below the cliffs, waves started to build up. They never crested but were often as tall as the cliffs themselves. The deep water, big waves and towering cliffs felt treacherous but I swam for a bit any way. I rode up and down on the giant waves until I decided that It was irresponsible for me to be swimming alone in these conditions. I got out and went back the way I came.

      Back across the meadow I came to a dirt road that I decided to follow. The pines were dense here and I could barely see the ocean. I soon came around a corner and could see an area where bulldozers had dug into the mountain side parallel to the road ahead of me. The bulldozers had graded an area about sixty feet across that slopped down to some ocean water that came from around the bend of a hill towards the direction I had come from. The sides of the dig were fresh and muddy but everyone was swimming down at the shore.

      There was an old wooden building with ramps and gray paint that was cracked and peeling. Some sort of chase went on here in my dream but I can't remember exactly what happened.

      I didn't like this spot and I convinced everyone to follow me back through the meadow. They came with me but when we got to the meadow they stopped. Now in the meadow there were cold springs that filled up several jacuzzi sized holes in the ground. The holes weren't all that bad but I thought they looked a little dirty and that possibly cows might come through here and take a dip from time to time. However, despite my best efforts I couldn't get them to continue on to the awesomeness of the big waves of the ocean.

      I settled in and everyone set up picnics. Soon people were soaking, eating, chatting each other up, and children were playing. Then I heard someone scream for me. I looked over and saw a large black panther stalking one of the children. I ran as fast as I could and only barely intercepted the large hungry cat. Somehow, probably with pointy stick, I managed to stab it through the chest as it leapt through the air.

      I can't remember if everyone was happy that I saved the child or angry that I killed the poor animal. Maybe a bit of both. END
    13. Beautiful lake

      by , 11-17-2012 at 07:17 AM
      Year of two ago

      There was a beautiful mountain lake with nicely groomed park trails wrapping around it. There were wooden signs marking the trails giving historical and naturalist information. A few people and I were out by the damn but still on one of the trails. Across the water I could see a resort. It had a nice restaurant attached to it that overlooked the lake and had a decent sized patio for dining. We walked back and forth on the trails a bit. I think we were trying to get to the restaurant.
    14. The Gauntlet

      by , 11-17-2012 at 06:53 AM
      non lucid
      Contemplated till one word came to me "Salesman" then Mind-Mapped into dream.

      note: I am about to start a new job and am looking furiously for a rental in the town where I will be working.

      A church was running a dormitory for single young women in a large five story apartment complex. It was light blue with white trim and square. Entry stairs led to the bottom floor near the center of each side. Beside each of those was a square stair case that wrapped itself up to the top floor. Each floor was then figuratively cut into quartiles where a slightly older, maturer girl could watch over those in her living zone and keep them out of trouble.

      I first saw this building from an elevated view and decided that I wanted to get in. The plethora of girls did at first cross my mind but mostly I just wanted to get in out of the cold and hang out. I must have gotten caught because soon after that I was given a testing feat in order to let me in.

      I had transformed into a rat and had to get from the bottom of the complex to the top floor by running along top of a pipe. These pipes were about four inches in diameter and were mounted along side the staircases wrapping with them as they went up. To add to the challenge, the girls would try and knock me off, catch me or even hit me with something non life threatening like a pillow. On top of that, I was supposed to eat a banana that I was located just before the fourth floor.

      This gauntlet was actually not hard at all because I was fast...blindingly fast. I could run so fast that they couldn't see me and when I ran the world lit up with sunset colors streaming past me. When I came the banana a big burst of sun like yellow illuminated the already beautiful sunset colors. All I could see was the sunset, yellow sunbursts and the end of a banana. Then the banana, like it was being sliced up by a butter knife, fell away piece by piece. In a flash I had passed through the gauntlet, ate a banana, and made it to the top.

      In addition to the girls, there was now a regular crowd standing mostly on lower stories and out in the surrounding parking lot. I particular member of the crowd who happened to be up on the same floor as me, grabbed me. He was a young angry man and wasn't to happy that I had beaten the gauntlet. As he attempted to slam me against the wall I started to grow and soon I was full sized again we were wrestling.

      Next to me I saw a container full of fish and I grabbed one. I was already overpowering my opponent when I slammed the fish, with its sides opened outward, up into his face. With that, he couldn't see well and tried to reach for the fish on his face. I easily threw him to the ground and proceeded to humiliate him further by rubbing the fish in his face. White oily fats where building up around his nostrils when I figured he had had enough. He was damn near on the verge of crying.

      After that the crowd was a bit put off by the violence and began to slowly disperse. Out in the parking lot below was a snake-oil-salesman type of man. He had a cart with him and was shouting into the crowd in a sort of nasally voice...."Shooows over folks...... Seee I told you he could run fast....Every things just fine.. allrighty.. showws over...".......
      Dream Faded
    15. Swimming Hole Nudity

      by , 11-16-2012 at 07:22 PM
      non lucid

      Spoiler for Adult Contentish:
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