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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Buying Alcohol and Unsafe Work Conditions

      by , 10-27-2012 at 11:01 PM

      Buying Alcohol
      I find myself in the back seat of Donna's PT Cruser. Anna is in the front passenger seat and Donna is driving. Donna pulls onto a slopped parking lot and parks in front of a cheap liquor store. The store had a metal railing to the left side that where the parking lot dipped down a few feet. Behind the liquor store and down the sloped parking lot was a large wall-mart sized warehouse.

      Inside the store we met up with a a cleaned up version of Diana and "Pirate" Bob. We were going to go party somewhere.... I hadn't seen any beer that seemed to appetizing to me,, but while we were waiting in line I went to the back and picked out some vodka and juice. (note I had vodka and juice at my friends house the night before.) I then went outside for a smoke.

      I stood by the railing smoking and when the group came out talking I wondered over to the warehouse to explore and the dream transitioned.

      Unsafe Work Conditions
      Inside the warehouse I was starting a new job as an electro-mechanical assembler. The lighting was extremely poor and there were people grinding, cutting, and welding all over the place. Sparks flew on to the floor which was cluttered with flammable materials. Power tools where left plugged in, strung across the floor and running by themselves. I almost let my leg bump into a running chop-saw that had no top or bottom guard leaving the blade completely exposed.

      I walk over to a guy with a tape-measure and watch him for a minute. He makes several random measurements on the floor, moving the tape at different angles, and occasionally measuring off the floor. Then he makes a scratch on the concrete and repeats the process. I accidentally step on the tape measure and notice that it is completely worn out at the end. I ask the guy why all the power tools have bin left on. "To keep the flickering light down while I finish cutting this (pipe/thing)"

      The scene transitions again and I'm back in the warehouse where I started but the lights are back on and everything is well lit. Carts with sheet metal, brackets, and metal frames are being lined up on the floor to build machines. Two random guys who need work instructions come over but don't draw my attention to much. Rob R. shows up too and we look over the plans hanging on an easel. An girl from the office comes out with signs with job numbers and due dates and tapes them to the carts. I find everything extremely disorganized and joke with Rob about who (him or me) is going to be in charge and take responsibility for leading the builds and completing all the paperwork.
    2. March of the Reapers

      by , 10-27-2012 at 09:15 PM
      Old Dream from when I was probably about 10 years old

      I dreamed that I was sleeping in this old cabin. The bed was next to a window that had thin curtains. There was a large red moon flooding the landscape and my room with light. Outside on a grassy hill I noticed that there was a long line of cloaked persons walking along its ridge. Then One passed right in front of my window. Its face was dark and evil and he carried a large scythe.

      I ran to into the local village and up to an old man who was sitting in his rocking chair out on his porch. He looked down at me and said in a wise tone that "It's the time of the red moon." I ran back out into the village where there was panic, bonfires, and utter chaos.
    3. Sentenced to Death

      by , 10-27-2012 at 04:33 AM
      Over 10 years ago.

      Dreamed that I was in an infinite bright white space (kind of like the Matrix simulator). There was a large white statue of a horse wildly rearing up and though it was motionless, I felt that it was alive.

      As I approached, monk like beings cloaked in white robes began to gather around. I remember trying to speak to a few of them but they formed groups and whispered amongst themselves. Then I noticed one that was different than the rest. He was slightly taller than, had more power and was to ultimately decide what was done with me.

      The being came too me and I felt evil in him and a sense that he was the celestial equivalent of an emperor. I could not see his face but I knew that he had decided that my fate was to die.

      Just then the horse grasped me with his front legs lifting me up off the ground and squeezed. No matter how I tried I could not free myself and the pain and panic was growing. I couldn't breath and soon became woozy and the world darkened. After that was a black nothingness.
      There was existence but I had no sense of self or any other thought.
    4. Trying to walk down.

      by , 10-27-2012 at 04:08 AM
      Old dream when I was probably about 10 years old.

      Dreamed that I was up in the air and when I tried to walk I would rise just as if there were stairs under my feet. I tried to walk down but I kept going up, up, up. Eventually the air got thin and I was having trouble breathing. I woke up face down on my pillow.
    5. Wizard of Oz Tornado

      by , 10-27-2012 at 04:04 AM
      Long time ago when I was about 4 or 5 years old as I went to bed after watching the wizard of Oz

      Dreamed that I began to spin wildly and was lifted out through the window of my bedroom. I shook myself awake and told my Mom what had happened. It was scary.
    6. Cloud Cloaked Spaceship

      by , 10-18-2012 at 11:15 PM
      15 years ago
      Non Lucid

      Was getting picked up by my Mom from work at Safeway at night. It was raining really hard and when I got in the car the storm got so bad that the wind whipped our car around and you couldn't see anything through the down-poor. For some reason I got out and looked up at the sky which began to show breaks in the thick storm clouds.

      That is when I saw the giant spaceship. It was made up of a few large bulbous disks that sort of interconnected like a centipede but no much less smooth around its contour. The bottom of each disk had a very high-tech shower head like base that was creating the storm for cover.

      This dream was super realistic and I had to snap myself back into reality after I woke up. So memorable I don't know why I haven't written about it yet.
    7. Flying Fire and Creapy Fair

      by , 10-18-2012 at 10:28 PM
      7:00 AM
      Wake Back To Bed

      • Fell back to sleep with goal of dreaming not expecting to become lucid.
      • Let images come to me and settled on flying down a winding shape that became a river with tree covered hills on both sides.
      • As I fell asleep I imagined that I was a stream of fire flying down the winding river.

      Now asleep and dreaming but not lucid. I was leading a long trail of fire but couldn't see the flames coolness in front of me. So in order to see the flames I would glance behind me and then continue flying over the snaking river. The last time I looked behind me the entire bend of the last turn in the river and all the way up one bank was completely engulfed in flame. I thought this looked totally awesome and took off around the next turn.

      To my surprise I found that it was now night time and I was way up high overlooking the river and gripping tightly to the top of a steal structure with a couple pipes that were protruding beside me being the only objects higher up than I was. As I questioned what was going on and how to get down I realized my situation and took two looks at my hand. Yup. Funny looking indeed I was dreaming. I remained calm and decided that I would attempt flying again.

      I lifted myself over the edge of the structure and flung myself out into the night. Disappointing as it may be, I fell through the dark and the wind rushed past me. Then I temporarily became less lucid. When I landed in a dark sort of carnival area, my brain tried telling me that I had used a zip line to get down but after seeing my cousin standing in front of me I quickly shrugged off the notion and did another reality check.

      At that moment my cousin Michah began to transform. First he shrank to about 2 foot tall and became a bit distorted. Then he continued to shrink into a small cantaloupe sized fur-ball with big feet and a creepily human face. I thought that I'd keep it around and tried to put it on my shoulder. It didn't like that at all and squirmed out of my hands and jotted around my feet.

      Just then another version of my cousin came out from between two poorly lit booths. He didn't look like my cousin but never the less I decided that I would try to get rid of the furball and take my dream elsewhere. I probably shouldn't have waisted the time and tried spinning or something. But regardless, I attempted to put the creature in the sudo-cousins hand but both were completely apathetic to me and each other. The creature became a little aggressive and nipped my hand like a playful pup and though I knew I was dreaming I skipped back from it and I woke up.
    8. Childhood Flying...........realy old dreams

      by , 07-21-2011 at 01:48 AM
      I had full control in these dreams but did not realize I was dreaming.

      Most memerable
      It was a brilliant star lit night and had gone out from from my parents apartment to see my cousins who were sitting in my grandparents RV. I discussed with them whether or not we should drive away but decided not too because we could get in trouble. I suddenly lifted off the ground and watched as the RV grew smaller and the rest of the neighborhood revealed itself. I circled about my house and flew just above and between some trees above the road.
      I kept circling back and around the whole town. It was absolutely awesome to see what it all looked like from above.

      Recurring flying dreams
      There was a tall grassy field on the hill near our apartment that we used to play in all the time. At night I often dreamed that I would take off flying at that field or from right outside my apartment. I would always kind of lean forward and lift myself into the air. As I got higher I would float around and gain speed. If I was on a roll I could fly very far and high. I was so convinced that I had actually flown that I tried to fly in waking life... It didn't work even though I had flown before!!! It was then that it occurred to me that I had only flown in dreams.
    9. Underwater Temple, over 10 years ago

      by , 07-21-2011 at 01:31 AM
      Found myself out on a temple like dock a few feet above beautiful almost tropical water. Below the surface I could see shimmery golden sand. I dove in and took a look around. Underneath the temple were support pillars that stretched out for quite some distance. I decided to explore and swam underneath the temple. Swimming was exhilarating. I eventually reached a point where the there were walls around me instead of pillars.

      Underneath the temple the environment was even more beautiful than before. Everything was luminescent and waves of light moved along the stone sides and ceiling of the paths I took. I continued to swim as I figured that I would find something priceless somewhere beneath the temple. I rounded corners and swam through tunnels sifting through the golden sand as I went.

      I eventually found a something as my hand pushed its way through the soft sand and hit something roundish in shape. Pulling it closer as the sand drifted away, a beautiful gem about the size of a softball revealed itself. (If I remember correctly it was a darkish blue and and cut into a shape like that of a diamond to be set in a ring. ) I swam back out to the surface and pulled myself up on the dock. I wanted to show someone the gem. I was about to go back under to see if I could find more but the dream faded.
    10. Funnel of Doom .... Early childhood dream.

      by , 07-13-2011 at 08:52 PM
      This is the dream that made me realize that external influences can influence dreams. At the time I was sleeping on the top bunk.

      I found myself sliding down an epically large, curved, black and red checkered funnel. It was so big that as I slid I could only see the horizon of the funnel that I was headed for. The checkered pattern passing me sped up faster and faster and began to hold still and move backwards. (It was like a the effect of a spinning wheel appearing to reverse as it hits a certain speed) The funnel steepened and I soon saw where I was headed. At the bottom of the funnel was an uncovered well. I remember that the well was made of medium sized stone slabs.

      As I hit the bottom I was flung into the well backwards facing up. As I fell I watched the stone sides of the well speeding past me and saw the light from the top of the well quickly shrink and disappeared. The stones were now dark and I was accelerating downward. I felt like I was going to hit the bottom and quickly flipped around not unlike a cat. I saw the dark stone bottom of the well speeding toward me and halt as I caught myself on my hands and knees.

      I Awoke to find that I had fallen off my bunk and landed on the floor on my hands and knees.
    11. Inverted Waves sometime last year

      by , 07-13-2011 at 08:08 PM
      This dream was exhilarating.

      Found myself in a square room of a tower castle. It was filled with water about 4' deep and there were random strange DC scattered around. I was close to one corner near a slim stone window with an arched top. Outside I could see the night sky and a bright full moon and a wisp of clouds. Looking back into the room the water was beginning to ripple out from the center and I noticed that there was a circular opening in the roof. We started to swim around in the water. Oddly though the floor was made of stone it was very soft.
      Soon a spiraling vortex of water began to descend from the opening in the ceiling. One man stood near the center as the spiral connected with the water in the room and allowed the vortex to lift him through the roof. By now the waves were getting big and cresting but something was strange about the waves. Instead of crashing over like they they do on the beach they were inverted. (If you took a side view of the waves then you would see that the air would be in the shape of the cresting wave and the water would be shaped like air normally would be.)
      In effect, when a reached me it would swirl me under and around. it was a feeling almost like flying and being blown around by the wind.

      I now have a goal to reproduce these waves in a lucid dream.
    12. Rocket Ship Matress and Dark Choral Daemon 07/06/2010

      by , 07-13-2011 at 03:07 AM
      3:00 AM

      Rocket Ship Mattress
      Dreamed that I was on a mattress that flew out of my cousin's old house(dream house) past moon, and other places. I had slight control over the mattress(not lucid). What a rush.

      Transitioned to

      Choral Daemon
      Running down dark empty highway 108. Chased and quickly caught by daemon. His face was like carved out pitch-black choral with skin stitched to one side. Its hands were also jagged like choral. As it got really close to my face I could see allot more frightening detail below its brown cloak. It caused me pain by sticking needles and glass into my face and eyes(it hurt but not like it really would have.). Was pretty damn scary.
    13. Magic Trinket and Women in the Men's Bathroom 07/17/2010

      by , 07-13-2011 at 02:47 AM
      4:12 AM

      Magic Trinket
      I had a magic trinket that was linked to normal objects. When I tilted it then normal object would tilt, etc. Me and some DCs were sitting in a circle around a living room. I laughed hysterically as I watched some douche-bag DCs trying to dish up food as I spilled containers, shook trays, splashed drinks.

      Women in the Men's Bathroom
      There were women in the men's bathroom. There were no stalls. Something was aims. DCs were chatting quietly.
    14. Silly Trains and Flying Desk 07/18/2010

      by , 07-13-2011 at 02:33 AM
      4:08 AM

      Silly Trains
      Watching a train yard operate. Tried to tell them but they kept on messing up everything (Rules, Schedules, Track Switching, everything.) Thought is was pretty funny and somewhat aggravating as I watched some trains take off and fall completely apart in the process.

      Fox's Revenge / Flying Desk
      Sitting at the bottom of this steep driveway was a house. Inside, me, my gf Anna, Fox(a girl I know) and some random DC most resembling some of Fox's friends. She was getting everyone to prank call Truxton( a guy we all know who pissed off Fox). Didn't want anything to do with it so Anna and I left. And just in time because the (impossible) Truxton brute squad had shown up. We hurried very quickly to my desk which had overly stuffed drawers. Inserted and turned the key. Flew away sitting at the craziest flying desk ever. Was very very fast.
    15. Zip Lock Bags / Time Capsule Bag 06/07/2011

      by , 07-10-2011 at 11:22 PM
      8:17 AM
      This dream was vivid, strange and at one point very disorienting. It is also a dream location I remember visiting once as a child.

      I was walking uphill on a street that was located behind the apartments where I used to live. At the top the scenery changed from mimicking real life to a path I'd traveled before. It was a dirt road that disappeared into the forest no more than 100 yards from where I was. On either side were old fences and buildings that could have bin from a movie set in the late 1800s. There were also a few DC that fit in with the scenery. They glanced up from time to time but seamed to be preoccupied with their activities(racking, moving dirt with wheelbarrows, etc.) At this point I realized that my girlfriend was with me and knew that I had bin here before with my brother.

      We continued down the road a little ways until I held up in front of an old almost invisible(because of bushes) house. I wanted to show my g.f. the house because I remembered being there before. Between us and the house was a fence burred by overgrown bushes. Even the small wooden gate was overgrown. We found our way through and across the years of leaves and pine-needle build up to the house. The house was made of old red bricks, it was rectangular and had two stories. At one point or another the house had caught fire,,, you could tell from the char marks around the broken glass and brick of the large evenly spaced windows. there were small some holes in the roof. We went in through the front door.

      Inside the house was filled with dust and, furniture and boxes. The Entry room took up most the of the floor-plan but somehow the rooms that lined the backside of the house were almost as big. The rooms were empty and a less dusty.
      Above the main room was walk way that went across one short side and then across the backside of the house. More doors opened from the the walkway into rooms that were almost identical to the ones downstairs. We went to the second floor to look around though I don't remember there being any stairs.

      It was really hard navigate on the second floor.. the dust was like a foot of thick almost snow-like ash. I began to feel vertigo and heaviness as I walked toward the back room. It felt like I was falling through the floor and like I was on both floors at the same time. (g.f. left dream) I made it to the room which was had a swept wooden floor. looking in to the left side of the room was my old duffel bag... I naturally investigated.

      Inside the bag was an old ticket stub from some church function I had gone to when I was young and still a believer. There may have bin an old bible too(not sure, there were a few other things in there like rolled up socks). But the most weirdest thing I found was a bag of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I think at this point there were other people in the building and someone had brought KFC in a zip lock bag as well... In total I wound up with 3 bags of chicken 1 being 20 years old(and still hot), 2 were new(1 cold one hot). I was a bit confused about which one was which, But I was hungry so I ate anyway.. I'm pretty sure I got the old one but it was absolutely delicious.
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