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    Universes Collide

    by , 12-05-2010 at 07:04 AM (1283 Views)
    Meant to write this down earlier today but totally forgot. Luckily I still remember everything from the dream.

    So it starts out with me in a car. For some odd reason, I'm sitting in the passenger's seat driving. I'm sitting there reaching over to the driver's side where the wheel and gas pedals are. I wasn't sure why I was doing this, but something triggered my brain and I was like "Hey this isn't right! I need to get over before a cop sees me."
    So I go up to the next stop sign where I plan on bailing out and switching sides as fast as I can, because there are other cars behind me. As I pull up to the stop sign, I see a cop car coming from the side (my left). I don't bother moving or anything (because I'm a good person) and the cop gets out and we talk. So for some reason he gets in my car instead of putting me in his cop car. He tells me I'm in trouble or something.
    We drive around for a bit and end up out in the country. We pull up to a stop sign and I ask, "Am I still in trouble?" The cop says something like, "I don't think so..." and gets out of the car. I see him looking up at something so I get out of the car and look to where he's looking.

    What I saw was incredible and horrifying. It was another galaxy coming straight for us. The first thing that came to my mind was that it was a black hole, but something told me it wasn't. All the other cars behind us got out and looked at it in shock and awe.

    I'm not good at describing what things look like, but this picture is 95% accurate to what I was seeing.

    Because of the atmosphere and where we were standing, the galaxy was some-what transparent. You could see huge bolts of lightning shooting out from the sides. As it moved closer, it appeared to be going down, and as it went down it became invisible.

    Then something horrible happened. You could see a giant explosion off in the distance, in the direction that the galaxy was. The explosion looked like something that an atomic bomb would cause.

    I immediately jumped in the car and started to drive off when I noticed a good friend of mine standing there. I yelled at her to get in the car but she just refused to, and said it didn't matter. I kept telling her to get in, but she wouldn't. As I was yelling at her, I could see a wave of fire coming straight for us, like a shockwave. I closed the car door and drove off, leaving her behind. Which I do feel bad about. As I drove on, another explosion happened right infront of me, and the wave of fire was coming straight for me. There was nothing I could do.

    But, for some odd reason, the car was completely unharmed but the fire, and I was able to drive on. I saw another explosion and this time knew which way the fire was coming, so I went off road into some dirt and drove around the explosion (this one was on a much smaller scale. The explosion was probably the size of a 4 story building unlike the other two that happened).

    I drove around and as I was driving, my dream started to fade away.

    It was a very interesting dream. I was thinking that the cause of the explosion was from chemicals or something that the galaxy that was headed for us, well more like passing us but it was coming pretty close, collided with something on Earth.

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    1. Caden's Avatar
      Thanks for sharing and the picture was great