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    [07-04-2015] Non lucids

    by , 04-07-2015 at 10:38 AM (404 Views)

    I was in school. I wanted to go to the toilet. For purposes unknown I took a chair with me, and went to the uppermost floor. Then I realised that the toilet is one floor down. I left the chair and went there. I finally reached the men toilet, but it was full of girls, and there was also PE teacher with them.

    The teacher told me to go away, so I washed my hands and went away. I met another teacher, that told me that I should go to the directors office. I went there, and saw my older brother sitting there. Director said to me that my brother quit his job, and cam back to school.

    I went to tell about that my older sister, which was in the toilet with PE teacher. She already knew about that, so I went to the classroom. I sat in near my brother, and waited until the lesson ends.

    Outdoor lesson

    I was with classmates and teacher on the backyard of my home. For some reason we had a lesson there. It was the first day in work for that teacher. I tried get a good opinion with him.


    I was walking near a castle of some sort, when apocalypse started. I ran towards the castle's main hall,to get into safety. Everyone was dead. There were no bodies, people just vanished. I walked down the dimly lit corridors, and found a staircase.

    Following it, I went to a small chamber upstairs. In the middle of the room, there was a pedestal with book on it. I saw also a bed and chest to the right, and open wardrobe to the left. I looked through a window, and saw rivers of fire, red sky and smoke.

    I took the book, and started reading. There was some kind of a prophecy, and information how to save the world. I needed a robe that was in the wardrobe. I took it, and went to ruins of my old school. It was neccessary to retrieve something from a locker, to continue with the quest.

    I moved prone under the cracked concrete. When I got inside, I had to sneak past zombies, and found the locker. I couldn't open it, but suddenly a zombie appeared and did it for me. I went outside, and ran back to the chamber. I touched the book again, and I was in different world.

    Everything was black and white. Only rivers of fire kept their crimson colour. I was in hell, running away from demons, finally gathering enough power to kill them all. Then I ran to the hearth of evil, to stop the apocalypse.

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