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    [09-01-2017: Argument of force]

    by , 01-09-2017 at 05:43 PM (223 Views)
    There was some man running around the streets of some city with a gun. Police chase him all the time but in the end they were helpless. Later on when it was evening everyone gathered by local store in my home village. The man with gun was there, everyone gathered by the store due to him. People were talking and stuff, but everyone was scared. When the gunman lost his focus I grabbed his gun and pointed it at him. Everyone sat on the ground, somewhat sad. I shouted that they only listened to him because he had a gun, which he used as argument of force to keep them there. The man took another gun, two more people with shotguns appeared. My pistol turned into double barrelled shotgun. One of the gunmen said that all these people don't want me here and that they'll cleanse the streets. I replied that I'll start cleansing them with him, then ran away, found cover and pointed my shotgun at the gunman.

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