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    by , 04-14-2016 at 09:58 PM (444 Views)
    From all the fragments that I received during the night, I remember only one (probably an effect of tiredness).

    I was in my house, going out of a room. I had female legs and I was wearing a pantyhose and a black skirt on my legs. I wanted to see myself in a mirror. Instead I went to my room and thought "Wait, it's a dream!" I thought what I should do, and went to toy a bit with a mirror. I shapeshifted. First I looked like my brothers pal, then I changed into a man with unusual forehead, tiny eyes set on sides and baldness in YHA middle of the head. Then I thought about turning into a woman. I used the mirror to change, from ugly or plain females into some beautiful ones. Lucid dream wasn't really stable, so everything went black after a while and I woke up.

    From all the shape changes I gave most attention to that strange man and to a redhead female that I turned into.

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