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    [17/18-01-2017: 4th and 5th competition night]

    by , 01-18-2017 at 09:57 AM (533 Views)

    Nothing recalled.


    Fountain of wish

    I was roaming around my backyard, checking all buildings just out of boredom, when I met my younger sister in one of them. She told me a story about a fountain that makes wishes come true when you drink from it and make a wish. As she told the story, I could see enormous, grassy hills and a tall cliff with ruins of an ancient fortress. The fountain was standing in the middle of a square, water that shone constantly pouring out of it. I told her that we really should find this fountain.


    I was in some industrial era city, it was a warm, sunny day. Smoke was getting out of chimneys, rubbish littered streets with beggars trying to get anything of use in their hands. However, there was a completely different society above it. People lived in attics which could be accessed only through rooftops. Rooves acted like streets, and were much cleaner than those below. Those who lived on the rooftops were much more happy than anyone living down in the city, but the way to them was dangerous. I tried to get there, taking the only possible path - through factory. Jumping between mechanisms and dodging deadly smashers, I finally got up to a platform adjacent to a tower, through which I got an easy access to rooftops.


    I left a farmer house and went to garage, where a tractor was waiting. I got inside and drove out of garage, then drove to hook up a plough, then drove to a field. I plowed through the whole field, hooked a cultivator and cultivated the field, then with a planter I planted soya beans.

    Contest & friend

    I was sitting in a room, watching TV. I was completely bored, the house was empty as everyone left somewhere. I went to kitchen and took some cola. Then a kinda ugly girl entered the house and told me about some contest that we have to take part in. She left and my family came back, they reminded me about that contest. My good friend appeared with them, for a while I was wandering around the house, passing by my friend. Each time I passed by him I said something like "Nope, nothing here." or "Haven't seen/heard a thing." Eventually I greeted him and we went to a living room where everyone was sitting. We took laptops, I checked the one that friend brought as he wanted me to fix something in it.
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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      looks like you are quite present in these dreams, or at least have a good memory of it with the detail, and the details you find important. I feel like you really enjoy the different scenes for the most part.
      Updated 01-18-2017 at 10:27 AM by Sensei