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    by , 05-20-2015 at 08:04 AM (251 Views)
    Attack on a teacher

    Cold, cloudy morning. I went out of a hotel room. The building itself was old - cracked gray walls, corroded metal objects, spider webs. Going out of it to the city, I went on a sidewalk and looked around. It was old, harbor city.

    There was a small square in front of the hotel. Most of the buildings all around were abandoned. There were no shops, only a small marketplace on the square. I looked at the hotel again, and saw some classmates and our teacher going out.

    The teacher was a bald man with mustache and short beard. He was wearing pale gray suit. I decided to follow him, but then I saw a long line of telephone booths placed around the square. I went closer to one of them, and one of the classmates appeared.

    He told "You should call 0-700!", and said "Those bitches are great man!" I asked "What are they so good at?" He replied "Man! You won't believe what those bitches can do!". I decided to leave the phone booth alone, and catched up with rest of classmates.

    Then we talked about conducting an attack on our teacher. We catched up with him when he was looking at the wares at the marketplace. I was getting his attention with another dude, while the rest was just about to attack. Suddenly, he told us "You won't be succesfull."

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