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    Joghing in a forest - MILD

    by , 07-18-2015 at 07:58 AM (379 Views)
    It was a warm evening. With my mother we were jogging on a path hidden within bushes. The path took a turn right in front of two lakes, and it was easy to fall into the water. There were mountains to the left, and pine dominated in the forest.

    We were running and talking about helicopter crash in local forest. When running I almost fell into the lake, slipping on mad and ending slide just before water.

    I quickly standed up, and a group of friends appeared. We went away, and went through a sandtrap. I have fallen into the trap with one of friends. We were dragged down, and they wanted to free us somehow.

    Suddenly I realised that It's a dream. I thought that I should use something, and got an idea. I moved my arms, and frozen the trap, and then I broken ice jumping out.

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