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    Some non-lucids

    by , 02-06-2015 at 09:48 AM (291 Views)
    School - fragment

    I recall walking in school. It was cold, winter afternoon. The corridoor was empty. I was walking alone.

    War for the lemonade

    A guy named Phineas made his own lemonade factory in my garden. He produced many brews. People could give him recipe, and he'll produce them their favourite beverages. One old man get there for his receipt, and get "cubbage lemonade". Phineas told I think it might be spoiled! But the man told him Don't worry, it's the taste of 80's!. But soon Phineas's factory couldn't work quicker. One day people started complaining, I was among them only to ensure the conflict would grow. The argue started a great war. Next day everyone was preparing. Suddenly I realised my mistake, but it was too late. Factory workers with Phineas as their leader prepared battlefield. Armies were marching towards the battlegrounds. When armies crossed their ways I shouted I won't fight! I'll treat wounded! The army of people was in worse situation than Phineas, as he made many traps and armor. They wanted to negotiate, so I decided to help them. Suddenly a window popped up, telling that I advanced to "Plumber Devil". Everyone was laughing from me, but I taken my new form. Everyone around turned into devils, lesser demons angels and lesser goodly beings. I was attacked by angel, negotiations brought nothing and battle started. Last glimpses of it I saw from top down perspective.

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