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    Through another realm, lost bag, sunken ship

    by , 11-12-2015 at 10:00 PM (322 Views)
    I was in school. I was entering a classroom, then I took a chair and sat down. I opened my bag and took a notebook. Suddenly I saw a rhombus appearing out of it. It was colourful at the borders and black in the middle. It was a portal to another realm. Pink, red and white were dominating there. First I had to jump on the right tiles to get to another side, then I had to avoid crushers, and next it was a corridor with electric tiles. I finally got near the exit - it was a room with three strange girls, wearing sci-fi like clothes. I had to dance to the rhythm to unlock the door. I did it right, and entered a control room. I had to choose right button to escape, otherwise I'll die a horrible death. I randomly chosen one, and a card appeared at the screen - it showed a jester.

    Suddenly I found myself in a bus, I had my bag with me. I was driving through a city, it was a cold autumn afternoon. I went out of the bus with a classmate - a muscular blond dude. I realised that I left my bag at the bus, and I told him about it. I decided to run after the bus, and quickly reached the bus station. I've spotted that bus, and saw that it's walls transformed into tilt. I made a huge leap, and jumped inside it. The driver - a bald man with dark complexion, wearing white shirt and jeans trousers - was horrified by this. I just took my bag and went out. I decided to skip the way, and used a teleport to the strange realm.

    Another journey through that realm, and I found myself inside a sunken ship. The room had ankle-depth water. There was my family inside. I decided to use the teleport again.

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