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    World turning upside-down

    by , 01-10-2015 at 09:47 AM (333 Views)
    I was sitting in my room, and coding something in C++ using my laptop. I went to check something on younger sisters PC, which had worse CPU, but better GPU. Suddenly I realised that it's brand new PC. It was full of random stuff, sisters files and games, although it worked worse than my laptop. I tried to check something on it, but then a weird, stupid cartoon about game developers appeared on my laptop. I closed it, but the sounds were still on. I used my flash memory to get some files, but I realise that I've got powerful virus on it. It was named KermitExt, and it was responsible for explosions of random devices. I also realised that I have a micro chip in my jacket, with the same virus. I went out of my home, and police came. Someone had the same trouble. They took him to the police station. A woman working with them come to me, and I told her what's going on. I went to the building where my friend was working. It was a skyscraper of big, global corporation. I entered it, and looked for my friend, a general programmer. I was searching for him. Whole building was new. Looking for my friend I mistakenly went through the wrong corridor. I entered the dining hall. It was full of antique, wooden furniture. I've came back to entrance, and asked where his office is. I went the right corridor, and went a little too far. I cam back, and entered his office. It was dark, the dim light of PC screen the room gave somehow moody feeling to this room. It was more like a house room, than the office. It was bedroom, kitchen and workplace in one. I saw him. Male, close to his thirties, black hair and grey eyes. He was laying in bed with a woman. Blonde, also close to her thirties, but stunningly beautiful. I showed him my jacket and flash memory. He started to work on some code, and told me that it's done, but after a while screen of his PC exploded. Alarm has turned on. We were running towards emergency exit on the rooftop, to wait of a helicopter. As we runned, the world startedd rolling and turning upside down. It was hard but I made it. When we opened the emergency exit doors, the world has already turned to the side. We've fallen and grabbed railings. We were hanging there. We couldn't see anything in the surroundings, just sky. I tried to climb, but after a while the rail I hold broke, and I've fallen into the other side of building. The woman that was with my friend did the same, and we both fallen into the skyscraper that hasn't turned to its side. I don't know what happened to the rest, asa the world was turning all the time. We ran through office areas. Everything was badly damaged, but we ran outside. There were two bikes, just waiting for us. We drove with them through the road in the middle nowhere. It was dark, cold and cloudy night. We were driving, but suddenly car appeared from the other side. I told her to stop, and turn the lamp in bike off. Someone went out of car, and started shooting. After they shot somebody, they drove away.

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