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    Dad Is Not Safe

    by , 07-02-2016 at 09:20 PM (317 Views)
    I was working on [something?]My mother wanted me to help some woman clean houses in WA state.
    I could see a field near the ocean, with a series of identical 2 story brick homes facing the beach.
    My right shoulder hurt. Someone suggested selling my shoulder muscles as implants, because people did that apparently. I looked at my hand and my fingers were dirty.

    I woke up sleeping on my right side in a weird position and my shoulder hurt. Fell back to sleep after reading for a while.

    I was traveling with my mom, dad and little brother- my brother was only 5-6 years old and my parents were young. We stopped at a brick apartment/hotel. We were only supposed to be traveling for 1-2 nights so I didnít bring a change of clothes, only a couple of different shirts. We had dropped off our things at the hotel and I was trying to barricade my dog inside so she could see out of the window but not get out or destroy anything. My dad wondered if the lady managing the apartment was trustworthy. She looked like an old boss of mine. I was at the car but decided to go back inside to grab a sweater or something. I encountered the manager opening the door to our room or the house as I was trying to, and I wondered briefly if my dad was right to suspect her, but she seemed nice so I didnít worry too much. I think I decided to grab my dog and bring her with us.

    I briefly remember being in a car with an old schoolmate, someone I havenít thought about much at all in many years. Weird.

    My dad was driving, it was very dark out, and he didnít have the headlights on. I was in the backset with my brother, mom was in the passenger seat. I screamed, ĎI canít see!í and my dad turned on the headlights just in time for us to see he was veering off a bridge/cliff. He almost corrected it, but the back end of the car had fallen off and dangled for a moment before tipping. We were falling but we couldnít see what was below us. I had hope it wouldnít be far, but the longer we fell, I realized we would all probably die. I held my momís hand with my right hand but I could only see the hint of her blonde hair in the darkness, and I held my little brotherís with my left hand, I told them I loved them and tried to stay calm. I woke up.

    Another fragmentó
    I asked my dad where my dog was. Then I saw a car parked in the middle of the road ahead of us.
    It was daylight, sunny. I saw my dog jump out of the car, wearing a red harness-type device. It was mesh and covered much of her abdomen, and one of her hind legs were stuck in it, so she couldnít run or walk properly. I ran to save her, but she kept running from me. I finally grabbed her and my dad intervened and was rough with her, pushing her in the face. She bit in in defense, and it was bad. I felt very angry with my dad for treating my dog so violently. I yelled that she had never bitten anyone before and it was his fault. I worried he would tell and she would be quarantined or taken away from me. My dad looked upset, but stoic too. I eventually asked him he was ok. The bite was on his thumb and it looked deep.

    This all seems pretty straightforward, I didnít feel safe with my dad. He also treated animals rather callously, although he did love them. As far as the first dream of my mom wanting me to clean housesómaybe I feel like my mom wishes I were more conventional and responsible.

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