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    3 dreams.. Aurora, hunted and ex-gf. 19 October 2016

    by , 10-19-2016 at 09:39 PM (260 Views)
    Aurora photography with tourists
    I was at my dads home, my dad was also at home.
    Meanwhile I hosted a female via Couchsurfing, one who I found to use blablacar as well, she were later going to karesuando.
    I had to go school and couldn't hangout with my guest, as well I had no idea what she would do all day and if my dad would be home or not.
    On lunch time at 12:00 we had lunch and I cycled home, our teacher had told us something about we could head home for the rest of the day if we completed some work, I didn't listen careful enough, I thought I will have time to go home anyway for 1 hour at lunch and then I can go back if needed.
    When I came home I checked the mailbox, and I had some packages, books and stuffs from pharmacy in there. I took it all out and carried it, but accidentally dropped it in the snow that was partly melted, like slush. I got pissed that the book would get wet now.
    I went indoors and I met dad, but went out again to get in the rest of the packages. However I didn't find them that easy.
    It started get sudden dark outdoors so I turned on my flashlight on my phone, found some more posts but thought I'd miss something like the box from pharmacy.
    But I went indoors again after a while and found out I do have the box from pharmacy.
    I also see 3 packs of cat food, so assumed it was dad due he got a cat now.
    I went to the kitchen dropped it off to him, and then to my room to drop off my stuffs.

    Then I went outdoors again, and somehow I continued try find something near my mailbox.
    Moments later some travelers walking nearby, she asks me if I can help her take photo of the aurora that was currently on. First I thought I should move out of my way as I was almost blocking her view.
    But then I thought that she wants me to take a photo of her in front of the aurora.
    I walked up to her and asked her if she wants me to take a photo of her. She said no, that she only want photo of the aurora and wants me to help.
    So she gave me her equipment, it was a DSLR camera with a gimbal, it was really weird and heavy. I had no idea how to use it even, it had two buttons in the front and one button in the back.
    I tried it but couldn't even balance it, when I pressed one of the button the whole camera went crazy spinning around superfast.
    I asked them what their idea is, if they're going to film the aurora as they bring this gimbal, if the camera now is that good.
    But they told me that they're going to make a timelapse, I asked them if they wouldn't need a tripod for that. But they seemed not to understand me, it seemed like they wanted make some kind of handheld timelapse moving video.

    And that's end of that dream.

    Hunted by two girls, warzone with AK47
    I was away traveling, I met two girls and they wanted me to come to their place. It was some kind of warzone, they kind of forced me to go with them.
    Suddenly I was in the warzone and I'd some kind of sniper without scope, I killed some people with that weapon until I found an AK47 from an enemy I'd killed. I grabbed it and sprayed down a few people until I had to reload. To reload I just took out the magazine and put it back in - and it worked, it was reloaded.
    I continued fight until the girls captured me again and tried take me further in to their warzone.
    Short after I managed to escape, during my escape I had recall that via my fitbit I shall be able to reset my location and make myself teleport. I thought that would be the best option here to get away. I tried to find in the settings of where I can do that, but I didn't find it.
    I managed to make it out the warzone and when I arrived to the city I went straight into a shop, a shop we had been before we walked into the warzone. I hoped the girls wouldn't go in to search me there. I was hidden beneath a desk.
    Meanwhile I tried find function to teleport or even to reset the fitbit so I can apply new IP adress and maybe make it teleport me. But during my search for it, I saw the two girls coming back to the store.
    One of them stopped in front of the desk, I saw her eyes looking towards me, I looked back.. I was sure that if I see her eyes, she will see mine. True that, they got me, threw me into their trunk in back of their car.
    I thought this is the only chance I have, that now I need to find this function.

    The end

    I was at my dads home. I happened to be on my computer at first. It became evening and my gf came home to me.
    We were making some food together, I made some hamburgers. She said she already had been eating so she wouldn't be eat much. She also said she had been home at my place at 4:30pm, but I hadn't seen her. But she told me she were walking her dog. I thought still it's weird I haven't seen you until now in the later evening (~8pm). She changed her mind and said that yes it's true what I say that she hasn't been here until now.
    I thought whatever you're here now at least.
    We went to my livingroom to watch movie and eat food. I was kinda stiff and wanted to bang, but she didn't want to. I pushed her gently off from the sofa, two times and both times she hit her head in the floor, but she was fine.

    The end

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