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    26 / 5 / 14 GTA like dream (non-lucid)

    , 05-26-2014 at 07:33 AM (329 Views)
    In a car with mum DC and and random DC not from IWL. Mum is driving on a railway station and accidently turns onto the train tracks. We are trying to get off the tracks but we can't and a train comes and smashes into the car. None of us are injured but apparently the car no longer works. Now with no car one of the DC's I was with breaks into a car that was on the train station but not on the tracks. Sirens go off when the car gets broken into and one star is shown at the top left hand corner of my vision (sort of like GTA) Of course I see some police coming and I have a gun so I start shooting at them not sure if I hit any of them and I see the stars increase and I run I am then sitting on a motorbike in a warehouse sort of building and I have a radar in the bottom left hand side of my visual field with red dots showing me where the policemen are. I see the red dots coming closer to my position so I fire more shots and ride off on my motorbike I then get off it and am still in this warehouse (it was rather large) I start doing a lot of acrobatic jumps and flips while grabbing onto rails and shelves in this warehouse and I get on a very high shelf several metres high and am shooting at the people below me. I then wake up and attempt a DEILD but I was to late. It was a crazy non-lucid

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    Tags: #guns