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    Started Online DJ :O Lucid #15 WILD

    , 05-15-2014 at 05:52 AM (303 Views)
    Italics = not part of the dream

    Blue= LUCID
    Went to bed 10:30 2 cups of water lead to me waking up and at 4:45 had the urge to piss wbtb finished at 5. I was repeating my mantra and also did some dream incubation (I love the MILD Technique) I was very sleepy and relaxed as time went on and I noticed the feeling of sleep paralysis through my body. I opened up my 'dream eyes' which started the dream

    Dream started me spinning in space I remember having a weird feeling but can't recall why. I was grabbing onto a satelitte I flew around a little bit and I grabbed another satellite there was a planet that looked like earth I wanted to fly to but I couldn't get flying in the direction I wanted, like a force was pushing me to the right when I wanted to go foreward so I grabbed the satelitte thing again (it was very disproportionate I was almost the size of the thing) so I tried teleporting towards the planet, I teleported, but it was to a different place in space and not closer to the planet that looked like earth it was my first experience trying out teleporting and I just tried to imagine myself closer to the planet. This scene changed and I was on the school oval or maybe I forgot the bit inbetween? I see some people and I end up going near some of the buildings the dream is non-lucid after this scene change, come to think of it, that may of been what triggeredme losing lucidity! I saw a dc of my girlfriend and said hi then on closer look it was a boy from my school and I felt embarassed and relieved that he didn't seem to hear me a mirror somehow came in the mix and I had a huge crab on my head and I thought it was my eyebrows hahaha! I was thinking that my eyebrows looked very unusual and ugly.One of my iwl friends took the crab off and killed it somehow. There was a little slimy bug on top of the crab that I had killed then my friend got told off for littering (I think he threw a piece of the crab) but he hid from the teacher and the teacher asked another kid to give her his name. We then sat down at a table and I had an art folio on the table the teacher walked past us and told us to not litter my friend waits a bit then throws a piece of fruit really high in the air when the teacher calls out he ran I was still there looking at the art folio and I did remember holding a plum-like fruit sliced in half. I then woke up

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